The Police department in Solwezi district in North-western Province has intensified traffic patrols along the main road due to increased traffic accidents.

North-western Province Commissioner of Police, Hudson Namachila says his office has received reports that drivers are ignoring the road signage, resulting to an increase in road traffic accidents in the district.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS yesterday, Mr. Namachila said with the two recent accidents that happened along Solwezi River Bridge, was due to poor visibility of the road signage by the motorists.

Mr. Namachila said drivers are not paying particular attention to road signs on the main road, thus the intensified patrols by his officers.

The Commissioner has since cautioned road users to follow traffic regulations, in order to avoid any loss of lives.

Mr Namachila added that the police service has also began conducting sensitization sessions for motorists, on the need to exercise patience on the road, because they are not the only road users.

He said cyclists and the pedestrians have not been left out in the sensitization outreach, adding that they equally have contributed to the traffic accidents.

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  1. Zambian drivers think driving fast shows that one knows how to drive but this results in carelessness on the road. ZP and RTSA should continue sensitizing drivers about safe ways of driving a motor vehicle, otherwise we will continue reading about more deaths on our roads.



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