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Village TV Preparations set for launch


LUAPULA Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa
LUAPULA Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa

Preparations for the flagging off of the installation of the village satellite television for Luapula Province which is expected to take place tomorrow has stepped up.

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, Dora Siliya together with Luapula Province Minister, Nickson Chilangwa are expected to grace the occasion which will take place at Kasoma Bangweulu in Samfya.

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Principle Planner, Ruth Mulenga said government has come up with a project dubbed ‘access to television by 10 000 African villages’ where they will connect villages to satellite television.

She notes that Zambia in particular, has 500 villages and Luapula Province has 50 villages which are all expected to receive television sets.

Dr. Mulenga explained that the province will receive 50 television sets, 100 projectors and 1000 star-times decoders with accessories which will be distributed across all the 11 districts including schools which are beneficiaries of projectors.

She said 50 schools will benefit from this project and each school will receive two projectors and one television set.

And Luapula Province Provincial Education Officer, Ngosa Kotati said the kits that the schools are going to receive will enhance learning skills among pupils especially in Information Communication and Technology (ICT).

He observed that the decoders will contain some education channels which will be an added advantage to the teachers as they will utilise them in providing teaching aids to the pupils.

Mr. Kotati notes that teachers will no longer have to use chalk when teaching pupils all the time but rather, use projectors for some work.

Meanwhile, Mansa District Commissioner, James Nyenjele has cautioned would be beneficiaries against abuse of the equipment.

He explained that beneficiaries should always make sure that the equipment is maintained in a good manner to avoid being damaged and ensure that they consult experts when they feel they don’t know how to operate some of the equipment.


  1. Great initiative by govt! TV in villages has never been amongst the realistic achievables, has always been a far fetched dream, but now the new dawn is here.

  2. This is a bad idea. What people wants is TV signal throughout the country and people will buy tv sets by themselves and watch tv like those in Lusaka.

    Poor t.v. signal and radio is a major problem. Why u politicians play with people like This? Give people good T.V. and radio signal and their will buy their own T.V. and radios

    • Even the name is derogatory “village satellite”. Which means there is “town satellite”. U are luck u politicians I’m not staying in Zambia but still I will tell my family not to vote especially those in rural areas. Those who have “town satellites ” would vote for u.

  3. Don’t cheat us that this government plan , this is part of china propaganda for africa they have donated 10,000 kits across africa countries and zambia being one of the poorest on the continent was chosen alongside malawi , mauritania, mozambique etc

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