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ECZ should allow the UPND to file in or call off Kasenengwa election

Headlines ECZ should allow the UPND to file in or call off Kasenengwa...

A young politician from the party that pioneered Multipartism in the country the Movement for Multiparty Democracy has described the culture which has started to slowly creep into the country’s democracy were candidates are disappearing on nomination day as an elaborate strategy by enemies of democracy to derail the nation’s democratic growth.

Prince Ndoyi who is also former ZANASU Vice President has called for an emergency meeting by the electoral body’ commissioners to ensure that the opposition UPND find a candidate and file in nominations after their candidate allegedly disappeared with money and materials meant for nomination.

Commenting on the UPND candidate who bolted at the eleventh hour, the outspoken youth leader said no well meaning Zambian should celebrate the cancer which is slowly eating away the country’s democracy fought for by its fore fathers and now being destroyed by suspected elements with intentions to prolong their stay in power.

He explained that his comments should not be misconstrued to be targeted at any individual political party but that it was about the country’s democracy and the little democratic gains the country has made over the years which are about to be wiped out by those with “money bags.”

He added that with insinuations that the UPND candidate was bought the nation should not be shocked to hear that the UPND had pulled out of the dialogue process and the peace accords they have signed with the PF.

“…We may not be surprised if UPND today dismiss calls for national dialogue, I think we have underestimated the Opposition and laying too much stock in our own infallibility, we may soon realise that we have boxed ourselves into a tight corner.

“We have a danger of “democratic wildfires” today, which is precisely what led our Founding Fathers of our democracy to establish checks and balances in the form of tightly circumscribed voting rights, where the voter is allowed the right to choose even from weaker candidates. It is our God given duty to guard our democracy from the tyranny of the majority and the passions of the mob. The Founders constructed large, hefty barriers between the popular will and the exercise of power.

“This should not be misunderstood for anything, this is not about UPND nor is it about PF. This is about democracy, and the little democratic gains we have made over the years. PF and UPND are nothing but tiny little dots on the map of Zambia, and therefore we are all tasked to protect our future,” Ndoyi said.

He adds “As an infant democracy, we cannot all fold our hands and sleep peacefully at night while celebrating that finally UPND is disintegrating. As a young person who prides in the hopes of our democracy I refuse to remain silent and be party to this. This is a cancer that should be amputated forthwith. And its only fair that Dr Banda must be summoned to the police to answer the difficult questions.”

And Ndoyi urged the opposition UPND to formally complain to Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) about the incident with their candidate so that the electoral body can envoke its powers and allow them to find another candidate who can file in nominations.

“Therefore, we call upon the UPND to formally complain to ECZ that a candidate ran away with a certificate, material and money purported for use in the election. And the ECZ commissioners must quickly convene to hear out the UPND and allow them to file in or else call off this election till further notice.

“ECZ cannot afford not to sanitise this corruption at this juncture or else we may not be having elections in future because candidates will be pulling out. They must protect their role.

He has since called on the ECZ to take this opportunity to revive and salvage their dwindling fortunes as a credible electoral body with teeth to bite.

“This “elections integrity” is now left for the commission(ECZ) to suck out the venom from unprincipled style of politics being exhibited by the immoral lot as a way to retain its image, independence, strength, credibility and intergrity. Its there duty to secure the nation’s voting system and safeguarding the voter’s right to a fair choice in a health democracy,” he said.

Meanwhile Ndoyi has called for the immediate arrest of Faustin Banda for obtaining money by false pretence.

He said individuals should not be allowed to hold the country’s entire electoral system at ransom thereby jeopardising the country’s democracy.

The young politician has been incensed by the recent behaviour of politicians whom he said are using the bellies to think at the expense of providing credible checks and balances as well as the development of the country.

The opposition UPND on Thursday suffered an embrassment after their candidate disappeared a few hours before nominations for the forth coming Kasenengwa parliamentary by election. The opposition has further accused the ruling party of going on rampage buying opposition councillors and causing deliberate local government by elections at the expense of taking development to the people.

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  1. Idio.t boy this one. Whose fault is it if upnd has no loyal candidates? The whole country should suffer because of one candidate who has no faith in a tribal grouping? There is no leadership in this party & thats why even followers have no faith & they can’t see where they are going. They know they can’t win. So if bapyamo its not the electral commisions problem. Bye election will proceed

    • Why call he ECZ?
      Call police to hunt for UPND candidate Banda, he might not be safe. Or he should take back cash he got for campaign.

  2. “Meanwhile Ndoyi has called for the immediate arrest of Faustin Banda for obtaining money by false pretence”. Totally agree with you

  3. Even the candidates picked have no morals, why then should one be bought at the eleventh hour.? Its very shameful for the said candidate to do such stup1dy thing, especially from the so called educated person. these are the same people that made Mr Sata say and i quote..the most stupidy people are those who thing they are educated, end of quote. Dr Banda forms that body of the most fool1sh Mr Sata meant, HIS SAUL REST IN PEACE ! I don’t want to imagine what he teaches at the highest learning institution, i hear he is a lecturer…mmmmmm this one should also be fired from his current employment…my thinking!

  4. Nonsensical really from this boy. I have a feeling that directionless upnd knoqlw what happened, tyey probably did not have a candidate in the first place. In fact what I know is that upnd does NOT fund their candidates, all aspiring candidates must find their own money for nomination, campaigns etc.

  5. Some people such as Ndoyi just enjoy opening their mouths anyhow!!!
    Does this young guy Ndoyi think that ECZ can call off the by elections just for the sake of UPND?..KKKKKKKKKK…..MAWE…ULABEJA MUSANKWA!!!Nomatter what you shall say here or tears of blood come out of your eyes,ECZ will 100% go ahead with Kasenengwa by election minus UPND as it is none of ECZ’s business to ensure that Dr.Banda or anybody else succeeds on filling in his papers on time!!!in 2016 Dr Ngosa Simbyakula and Dr.Phiri, both from PF missed nomination time but still ECZ went on with those elections without PF candidates.SO WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT A UPND CANDIDATE?UPND SHOULD JUST BLAME ITS LEADERSHIP!!Moreover,UPND stands no chance of winning in Kasenengwa.Do you think Dr.Banda could have disappeared if…

  6. Continue…..
    Do you think that Dr.Banda could have disappeared if Kasenengwa was in Tongaland?BIG NO!!He ran away because he knows 100% that any UPND candidate cannot win in Kasenengwa even if HH&GBM camp there for 30 or 365 days!!!……”WANYEKA MUNZI”……UPND IS IN TOTAL MESS BADAALA!!!

  7. Bane, let us be serious on this matter. Banda made a TERRIBLE mistake by accepting to stand on the UPND ticket when deep in his heart, he knew that he was not ready. Very selfish educated fella.He should have asked them look for someone else who knows maybe the party was going to adopt me! It reminds me of another fella who chickened out from marrying a beautiful lady on the wedding day just because he realised that he is in the habit of bedwetting!

  8. When your bride make off with another man on the wedding day, you have not lost a wife but a crook.

    So dry your tears UPND.

    As for this MMD boy, send him to Chainama.

  9. Rubbish Rantings… for sure you are a young ignorant person. Can you give me a good reason why ECZ should call off the bye-election in Kasenengwa? Just because UPND has failed to file in papers? Mmm you must be joking young man. Consider the following:
    1) It is not a responsibility of ECZ to ensure that a selected person files in papers, ECZ just receives papers from political parties.
    2) ECZ does not force political parties to file papers….. they can or they can not at their free will
    3) ECZ sets a day and time on which a particular party should file in papers….out side this horizon, a party cant file in.
    4) Tayali was denied filing in because he went late and ECZ did not give him any chance neither did ECZ call off the Bye Election. The bye-Election went on without Tayali…

    • Now answer me…. should ECZ call off the Bye-Election just coz UPND has failed to file in papers? Oh what the joke of the day. Who is UPND man?? Please sometimes its better to shut-up that spilling rubbish.

  10. I didn’t know we can have such intelligent and wise young men like this one. Well articulated. It is not about these two rival political parties. It is about what we are teaching our children. We are really sending wrong signals going by the behaviour of the so called Dr. Banda. What signals are we sending to our children? Surely the so called Dr. Banda an Engineer at the highest institution of learning and Head of Department could behave like that. His behaviour if it is deliberate is so much of a Kaponya than anything else. Noble people should have just declined to stand on that party. What is his motive? Was to humiliate the opposition political party? A similar thing happened in Kafue for the NDC. Can we stop this madness.

    • he is not an engineer he just mare SURVEYOR who could not make it to be a proper engineer .Mr Banda is not an intelligent man but a fool full of idiocy in his mind .

  11. Dr Phiri and Simbiyakula failed to file their papers in time in 2016 elections, this boy did mot ask for ECZ to postphone elections. Dr Phiri cried and pleaded but ECZ stood their guns. Where was this boy?

  12. Tayali was late to file mayoral papers, where was this Ndoyi? UPND are ridiculous simple as that. As brutish as the PF are, they at least show up. Kikikikiki.

  13. very interesting reading , and very shallow comments from bloggers. NDOYI HAS WRITTEN THE ARTICLE VERY WELL THAT he means upholding DEMOCRACY. This is what we need , so ECZ needs to consider UPND To file in a candidate. UPND has a strong case where all was organized ontime but FAUSTIN AWOL, ECZ though not controlling political parties but are privy to activities going on each party, is it not the same ECZ that wanted to ban MMD for not paying dues to registrar of societies. Aslo this BANDA MAN why is he QUITE , WE NEED TO HEAR FROM HIM

  14. Can I conclude for all of you. The elections will go on with or without upnd. If tayali who even tried to crash was denied, how abt the Banda who has disappeared?

  15. Mr Ndoyi must have gone back to electoral code of conduct and the law that guides elections in Zambia. There is no dialogue that can take place on the topic of discussion. In this case ECZ is just a referee who has no part to play in party politics. Just like in the game of football, if a team does not show up on the stated time, the referee will ask the team present and be in position to play, thus points are always awarded to that team on the pitch. Therefore, Mr Ndoyi was using emotions instead of law. And this is problem have today in Zambia.

  16. Rules are rules and no one political party is above them. In Chilanga it happen to NDC, where was Ndoyi? Tayali was busy sleeping in his car and tried to crush, where was Ndoyi? DR Phiri John tried in 2016 it never worked. Instead the man was mocked like no man’s business. Please before you open your mouth think and embarrass your selves before all. UPND is like any other party like Peoples Party by Mulongoti no difference. By the way there is no such a thing like abig opposition party. Opposition part status is the same to all in opposition and so the rules apply to even to PF.

  17. UPND is a large enough party to have SECOND choice candidates.
    They did it in Livingstone and Kalomo general elections. What happened for Kasenegwa by-elections!!??
    ECZ let us move on.

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