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President Edgar Lungu is not shielding Dr. Miti from prosecution-Amos Chanda

General News President Edgar Lungu is not shielding Dr. Miti from prosecution-Amos Chanda

Special Assistant to the President (Press and Public Relations) Mr Amos Chanda addresses journalists at a Press Briefing on the impeachment motion by UPND, at State House on Friday, 23rd March, 2018. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/State House
Special Assistant to the President (Press and Public Relations) Mr Amos Chanda addresses journalists at a Press Briefing on the impeachment motion by UPND, at State House on Friday, 23rd March, 2018. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/State House

State House says it is not aware of any charge against the President’s Principal Private Secretary Simon Miti for which he should be sent on forced leave to face trial.

The President’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says there is therefore nothing that Dr. Miti should be shielded from.

Mr. Chanda has wondered what sense there can be in assertions that President Edgar Lungu is shielding Dr. Miti from prosecution when there is no charge against him.

In an interview with QTV News by telephone Mr. Chanda has challenged those suggesting that Dr. Muti be sent on leave in order to face trial to provide State House with the charge of his offense.

Mr. Chanda does not think it can make any sense for Dr. Miti or any other person that is not facing a charge before any Court of law to be punished.

He says those suggesting that Dr. Miti be punished regardless of whether he has been charged or not should also state what he should be punished for.

Mr. Chanda says what State House is aware of is that Dr. Miti was summoned as a witness in the case relating to the K6.8 million that was stolen from Ministry of Health whose trial began 9 years ago.

He says if Dr. Miti was therefore being shielded in this Court case, he is left to wonder from what is President Lungu doing this which other Republican Presidents did not do in the last 9 years.

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  1. When did you ever tell the truth Mr. I am PF but a truthful member. We have made blunder after blunder. Atleast suspend him

    • But Tandai Biti was given away to answer charges, even though Zambian court said keep him safe.
      Then Zambian court call Simon Miti to go answer just few questions, State House say no we will keep him safe.
      Someone is not respecting courts.

  2. Chanda you are missing the point here. Yes the trial may have began nine years ago when Lungu was not president but the judgement against Kapoko and others, in which Miti was a state witness has just been delivered during Lungu’s presidency. What magistrate Zulu alluded to was the fact that even if Miti was a state witness his hands seem not to be very clean as all the criminal activities happened while he was permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health. Common sense demands that even Lungu should take a second look at Miti given the valid observations of magistrate Zulu. Even in marriage if you discover that the previous husband of your current wife died of food poisoning, you must be a fool not to worry about the food she is preparing for you.

  3. Amos Chanda, when PF leaves power , you will be the first person to be prosecuted for your lies and taking Zambians for fools, 6 billion keacha disappeared from MOH while Miti was in charge , he manipulated his was way, those of us who know him from medical sch can give witness of how sly Miti is, wait you will see he will take over Lungu’s presidency the guy is evil and ruthless , nothing lasts for ever, you even defended Lungu over property in Swaziland God is watching you will cry one day mark my words

    • Same thing was said about George Chela. Now that he no longer works at State House, he is a darling of the opposition and armchair critics.

  4. The PS has no immunuty from probing, plz go ahead. If any issues will be discovered then the president will send him on leave but without that forget.

  5. Can someone please define for me who a state witness is? What happens fro one to become a state witness? Maybe from there we can start talking and arguing about it!

  6. The question is: Who was approving such huge payments, circumventing the controlling officer, Dr. Miti? Something was terribly wrong at Ministry of Health if such payments were being approved by someone else other than Dr. Miti, the controlling officer. But, the other question is: What does the law say about a state witness? Can someone who takes part in committing murder, and then presents himself/herself as state witness, be left scott free? If this is the case, then I believe this particular law needs to be revisited.

    An interesting case of Manafort in the USA may set as an example. In this case, Mr. Gates is called star witness, but he was involved in some financial crimes committed by Manafort. From what I gather,if convicted, Manafort is likely to serve a 305 years jail term,…

  7. If Dr.Simon Miti has been in the Ministry of Health as a Permanent Secretary according to what I know he was by the time Kapoko committed the crime then he should also be investigated to clear the air.That’s simple logic, There is nothing sinister to do so and there is no witch-hunting. That’s just what is suppose to be done.

  8. umulandu taubola, 9 yrs is not 100 years! people have been convicted even 20 yrs after they committed a crime there is evidence. this PF is a corrupt regime, just look at the characters in govt today, they have no shame or morals , they lie between their teeth.

  9. Don’t let Dr Miti sweet talk you Mr . Chanda. Those who want equity should come with clean hands. Are Dr Miti’s clean hands? Don’t fool us innocent Zambians.

  10. Those who want equity must come with clean hands. So does it mean Dr. Miti’s hands are clean? Show us doubting Thomas ‘ s that Miti’s hands are clean. Convince us. Remember what goes round comes round.

  11. Miti was the controlling officer at the time Kapoko and team were stealing from MOH. He must have been the one signing off the monies they stole and was definitely pocketing some of it. Let the law visit him too.

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