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Zambia ready to export goats to Saudi Arabia-Mulenga

Economy Zambia ready to export goats to Saudi Arabia-Mulenga

chief government spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga.
chief government spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga.

Government says Zambia is ready to finalise talks with Saudi Arabia to commence the exportation of goats and sheep.

Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Kampamba Mulenga, said talks with the Saudi Arabian Government for Zambia to start exporting goats and sheep have reached advanced stage.

Ms. Mulenga told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today, that her Ministry is waiting for a delegation from Saudi Arabia to arrive in the country and conclude the negotiations.

“Talks on goat and sheep export with our Saudis counterpart have not yet been finalized,” the Minister said.

She emphasized that her Ministry remains resolute to smoothly implement the exportation of livestock to the Middle East because the Saudis Government is very much interested in the quality of livestock in Zambian.

Ms. Mulenga further stated that the goat and sheep value chain will help create employment opportunities for the Zambian people.

Zambia signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2016, for her to export a million goats to Saudi Arabia on an annual basis.

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  1. Dangit! There goes my business idea.

    But wait, Government sucks at doing business. So maybe i still have a shot.

    • We have wrong people at the helm of the country’s leadership, how can a serious Minister say Zambia is ready to export one million goats annually when according to the latest central statistics data, the country only has 3.4 million goats. it will only take two years and there will be no goats left in Zambia. Lets first increase production of the goats before we export.


    • My thoughts too. There’s need to do some ground work. How many goats are available. do some animal count. Who is eligible to supply. What type (local breed or exotic). what’s the market strategy. do we have a central market like FRA (GRA) to buy from the farmer. What is the price/Kg (live or dead weight). Disease screening who pays for it.
      Can we do this?

    • I was going to ask the same question. In addition to that do we have a processing facility for the goats and the sheep? What’s the consumption of these animals in the country. In essence we could be talking about slaughtering more two million animals per annum. The spokesperson probably wants to send live animals to Saudi Arabia.

  3. What kind of jobs is government going to create when sending goats and sheeps? Any thing is job creation mwebanthu mwee mulekulako

    • What makes you think it is Govt who will be selling goats and sheep to Saudi Arabia? Govt is simply negotiating an EXPORT DEAL FOR ZAMBIANS like you and me. It means that if a deal is completed, Zambian exports of goats and sheep to Saudi Arabia will attract little to no tariffs at all. In the process creating more jobs and income for Zambians who want to get into goat or sheep raising for export.

      If this sort of deals does not create jobs, how come HH employs many Zambians by raising cattle for sale? Govt is simply creating a foreign market for Zambian goat/sheep farmers. So get off your @ss and grab the economic opportunities Govt is working hard to open up for you. Don’t wait for foreigners to come and snatch up the opportunities and then complain about it later.

      It doesn’t…

    • Continue….

      have to always be Govt to do things you as citizens can perfectly do….THINGS LIKE ENGAGING IN EXPORT/IMPORT BUSINESSES. Govt is already trying to do its part by opening up markets for you….so TAKE ADVANTAGE before South African or Chinese farmers come in to exploit the opportunity!

    • What does MoU mean to you, you dumb, dumb? If it is not “negotiating” then what the h3ll are all the talks about?

      You think selling “meat” to another Country is as easy as selling Vinkubala at Soweto market? Their are certain standards that have to be met in order to avoid things like disease transfer to another Country or region. And who certifies those standards, e.t.c, are all issues that have to be settled/negotiated before a deal like this is completed and finally implemented.


    • @ Yambayamba
      And you arse licking parasitic Imbecile do not know difference between “selling meat” and “selling live bovine”, and yet have courage, driven by experience in suck!ng gonorrhea infected sausage, to crap on the issues beyond understanding of your pea size brain.
      PF has proven beyond any reasonable dubit that is incapable to negotiate.
      Just look the state of economy you dumb jerk.

  4. Good idea . What mode of transport are you going to use? What will be the revenue?Do we have enough farmers or you will convince peasants with one or two sheep to sell.Livestock need care or else there will be carcasses.I hope countries near Saudi Arabia will not supply cheaply.

    • If Countries around Saudi Arabia can already supply this commodity cheaply, why is Saudi Arabia crossing oceans to come and look for goats/sheep in Zambia to import? And what makes you think Zambian farmers can’t step up the game to meet the challenge if the market calls for it? Especially if the price is right?! Why all this persimism all the time for no good reason whatsoever?

      Jump in the game and be the next HH of sheep or goats. The Govt is doing its part to open up markets for you. What else do you want Govt to do? Grab you by the hand and raise goats or sheep for you to export?

      Lord, Lord, Lord… talk about the “dependency syndrome!”

    • Yambayamba

      People have asked , what is the mode of transport and costs ? They need to know before they committ

    • @Spaka…., what is this obsession some of you people have for off-topic details that adds no value whatsoever to the discussion at hand. Why would you want to know transportation details at this stage of a trade deal? How is that even relevant or complicated at this time and era in human development?

      Are you telling me that Saudi Arabia doesn’t know how to transport staff they import/order from outside their borders? Why do you want to pretend you don’t know how import/export business works? Are you telling me that after ordering whatever number of goats/sheep from Zambia, Saudi Arabia would fail to pay for transportation, or fail to come up with means of transporting those goats and sheep to Saudi Arabia? Is that your question here?

      How the h3ll do you transport your second…

    • Continue….

      hand cars you order from say Japan back to Zambia? And who pays for shipping and handling of that car? You or the person who sold that car to you in Japan? What season are we in….the silly season?

      Saudi Arabia has one of the largest and most sophisticated Airline on earth. Are you saying that they don’t own one or two cargo planes they can use/hire to transport the goats or sheep from Zambia?

      Come on now, why are we trying to act like !d!ots here!

  5. I get your point,how many goats and sheep do we have in Zambia?How many commercial farmers?Why don’t we have goat and lamb meat in our supermarkets?planning and proper execution is the key.

    • Lucky you. For you info, 1kg of lamb chops goes for USD 13.00 (K 129.99) in supermarkets in Lusaka whilst New Zealand lamb carcasses are selling at USD 3.68 per kg.
      Do you think that Saudi’s are going to buy Zambian sheep?

  6. Kulibe….boza yeka yeka….

    We are still waiting for the k5/l of saudi fuel , solar farms and dams that lungu negotiated for in Saudi

    how will you transport those goat and sheep ?
    Who will pay for transportation costs ?

  7. The price of live goats in Saudi Arabia always shoots up around Eid al-Adha – the Festival of Sacrifice which immediately follows the Hajj – the Pilgrimage to Mukkha. This will present us will two issues to address: 1. how to transport live goats so that they arrive in Saudi Arabia in a healthy condition; and 2. when to send them – every year, the Hijri calendar jumps another ten days ahead of the Gregorian calendar, so the best time for export will change every year.

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