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Oppressive taxes kill hope of economic development in Africa

Videos and Audios Oppressive taxes kill hope of economic development in Africa


  1. We pay high PAYE,VAT and on top of that government keeps on piling up other taxes -I hope people in leadership listen to this clip. Government is perpetuating the cycle of poverty and we shall be eternally locked in it if we choose this high tax route.

    • Time to wake up Zambia. Nothing is free, when you understand that and stop expecting handouts at every turn, true development will start.

    • Maharaji
      Is that all that worries you?What about the fact that the President commanded his cadres “ukulya mwibala”?
      What about the fact that when the smell of corruption stinks PF keeps quiet or arrests those asking for answers like they did to Pilato and Laura?
      Even if this tax was justified and we all know that it is not,we are talking about people who fail to account for government revenues.They should just admit that there is nothing in the pot to share among themselves.If they are broke let them begin with paying back the monies that the Concourt ordered them to pay.

  2. Our tax situation is not friendly. What does the government do for us to deserve tax left, right and centre… Just remember that we change governments. People vote for hope. Get money from other sources (eg trim cabinet, change travelling arrangements, be nice to tourists to maximise revenues, host AFCON, etc), tax GBM….

    • One Zambian
      Did you just say they should be nice to tourists?That cant work with this Lot.When they send there cadres out on the streets with pangas they think that what they are doing is not being seen worldwide.If you were a tourist and you had a choice of going either to Botswana or Zambia where cadres are a law unto themselves surely you would have to be a complete 1diot to come to Zambia.

  3. We keep telling you people….lungu and his gang have no vision…..after the debt we are in we should be have some of the highest employment rates in the world….but instead we are back begging for a bailout.

    The PF kaponya rats on LT will dance dunnuna and sonta until the end.
    Lungu and pf are just in it to enrich themselves and live the good life….how do you explain , after spent $17 billion , 8 miles away from statehouse people are drinking water from shallow contaminated wells next to pit latrines ?

    Lungu and the PF have lost the ball….pretend game over for Zambia. There are no investores flooding in as they claimed they would be.

    All your unemployed are educated but untrained. Investores worth note want to find trained ready workforce.

    Say if an investment was to…

    • Say if an investment was to be made for textile manufatucture , where are the trained machinists ?

      PF now looking for any tax they can dunnuna on you….just keep dancing..

    • Jason
      Stop preaching to the converted.To PF public revenue emwibala,and you heared what the great leader advised his members to be doing in short they are free to chew so long as they do not chew the seeds as well.

  4. Don’t believe anything a white person says and assume it’s gospel truth only UPND sycophants and zealots believe in what ever trash said by a white man without asking questions. The western world would not like Africa and Zambia to develop as they know that this will be a threat to them the way Asian countries are.

    • So you would rather beg for aid and bailouts ……the whites have left you for 53 years yet you still are ravaged by cholera and can not survive without the white man’s aid…

    • So what questions are you proposing to ask? How you have allowed your economy to be run by the Chinese? It may not be gospel truth but its not too far off. There are other African countries that are doing very well mind you.

  5. The One Zambia One Nation was a deception built on inter-tribal Se.x – KK’s bullsh1t! We were all deceived to think we are one but are not! To make matters worse, we have allowed the less hardworking thieving tribes to rule over the hard working ones who earn their living through honest means! This is the reason why Zambia is a failed experiment! We are too divided across tribes to be able to speak with one voice! We must now go our separate ways! Each province must determine their destiny! This will not just happen through wishful thinking! The kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force! Have no fear for atomic energy! Enough of this shame!

    • Only the corrupt lazy theives who know nothing but stealing and sucking the blood from hard working Zambia other tribes will oppose a more federal state…

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