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The United Nations is set to review cannabis prohibition in November this year

Economy The United Nations is set to review cannabis prohibition in November this...

Drug Enforcement Commission(DEC) in Mansa have destroying 2 Tonnes of Cannabis confiscated from various offenders whose court cases have been deposed off in Mansa Magistrate court 

In November, the United Nations will perform a deep review of cannabis’ scheduling status under the 1962 Single Convention treaty, which coordinates international drug laws.

The UN World Health Organization’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence found in a pre-review two months ago that there was sufficient scientific evidence to support a full critical review of cannabis’ status, the first part of a multi-step review process.

The review will consider cannabis from multiple scientific viewpoints with epidemiological and pharmacological analyses.

Thankfully the World Health Organization has accepted the challenge of evaluating the placement of cannabis in the 1962 Single Convention treaty. Cannabis placement in the treaty was done in the absence of scientific evaluation and has provided the basis for a moral campaign against drugs by the USA for many decades.

Since work on medical access to cannabis has been based upon scientific inquiry we know that any rational assessment of the evidence leads the observer to understand cannabis indeed has proven medicinal value and, compared to other medicines, has profoundly fewer negative side effects.

After the full review in November, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will receive the committee’s report and bring the issue to the UN floor. By the way, Guterres was prime minister of Portugal in 2001 when Portugal decriminalized the possession of small amounts of all drugs, including cannabis.

If the UN decides to reschedule cannabis, this would trigger a U.S. Federal review of the plant’s scheduling. For poor countries like Zambia, Federal rescheduling of cannabis would signal lost opportunity to maximize economic benefits from cannabis business.


16 AUGUST, 2018

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  1. Like in everything, the conceptional leaders of the world are now considering breaking crumbs to the poor nations after buying huge shares in the cannabis industry and tucking it nicely on their own trade list. United Nations for who? I wonder, United Nations for what?

    • My point exactly. When Sinkamba talks about this he is insulted day and night and now you will see deligations from our country going to attend these UN deliberations with per diem paid. When it comes from Sinkamba its nonsense, when it comes from the UN its marvelous. What a load of sadists we are are as Africans. We never believe in what is ours.

    • I guess Zambian weed will be treated like Zambian fish on international market. I understand Zambian dobo is too strong for international market??

  2. Marijuana/Hemp Heals, it Feeds, it Clothes, it Houses, it Fuels, it grows peace & love
    Marijuana & Non Narcotic Industrial Hemp were illegally made illegal to oppress people with darker pigment & to allow corporation to sell alternate products of what already was/would be sold.
    Those alternate products poisoned our people & planet in horrible ways that the original product could never come close to doing.
    The United States Government Lied to the World with Reefer Madness Propaganda.

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