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I.G suspends the four “corrupt” cops

Headlines I.G suspends the four “corrupt” cops

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja

The four traffic officers who were found collecting bribes from motorists by Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo have been suspended.

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja in a statement said the four officers have been immediately suspended and are now under probe.

Mr Kanganja described the actions of the four officers as shameful and an embarrassment.

“I wish to state that what happened yesterday on Mungwi Road where four traffic Police officers from Matero Police who had mounted a checkpoint failed to account for money which was found on them by the Lusaka Province Minister Hon. Bowman Lusambo is shameful and an embarrassment to the institution,” Mr Kanganja said.

He said the four officers involved in the corruption allegation were immediately suspended yesterday and further investigations into the alleged corrupt practices have been instituted.

The I.G said this should serve as a warning to all other officers in the system that his command will not support any corrupt activities among police officers.

“Any misconduct involving police officers will not be taken lightly but will ensure that all those involved are dealt with in accordance with the law,” he said.

“Being a law enforcement agency, Police Officers are expected to be above board and are mandated to enforce the law with dignity.
I will ensure that punitive action is taken against the officers involved and any other officer that will be found wanting.”

He added, “In order to address Corruption allegations against Police Officers, my command has introduced a Direct Deposit System where fees and fines on all contraventions are to be directly deposited in Bank accounts. This system has been rolled out to Lusaka, Central and Copperbelt Provinces and will soon be rolled out to other parts of the country.”

“This was with a view of reducing the tendency of money exchanging hands at the point of duty. I therefore appeal to all erring motorists in all areas where the system has been rolled out to ensure that they avoid paying money to police officers but deposit directly in the bank.
For this system to be effective, it will require the cooperation from members of the public.”

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    • A random pick of officers at a road block will not solve anything! Ba IG those are ‘small fish’. During investigations, offer the poor fellows conditional amnesty so they spill as many beans as possible in terms of how this and other rots happen in law enforcement …

    • The Police Inspector General (PIG) is a little late at this statement. It should go Further to announce that no payment are to be made on the spot (either to the bank or by receipt book), but that citizens have 7 days to make payments, if the appeal on the charge is not successful.

    • How I wish it was ECL suspending his corrupt ministers and subsequently suspending himself from performing GRZ duties in the best interest of the nation.

      God bless Zambia.

    • It’s important for corruption to be routed out of public institutions, but I remain astonished at Lusambo’s ignorance. What exactly is the Job Deacriotion of a Provincial Minister. Remember, we are not a federal state where the governor of a state has jurisdiction over all provincial/state government ministries. Ours is a unitary state and Lusambo should know his limits. Was he trying to prove to be more effective that the Home Affairs Minister under who the police fall? Does he know that in the hierarchy of ministers Home Affairs Minister is senior to him? This sort of grandstanding out of ignorance should not be allowed coz it surely has no place in modern Zambia.

    • Listen ba IG for the system to be successful you will have to REDUCE the fees because when you charge a driver K300 per tyre for worn out tyres plus other charges then it becomes common sense that the driver will intact ask to bribe the officer. So what is needed are reasonable charges instead of K300 make the charge k30 for example more drivers will pay when they offend and the nation as whole will benefit from less corruption and even revenue collection will be higher. Common sense!

    • Ba kanganja it only becomes “shameful and an embarrassment to the institution,” if Lusambo catches them. Ordinary citizens have been reporting these corrupt officers for ages and it was not shameful. Just read social media reports- Zambians have been complaining about our corrupt police force to deaf ears from the entire Police force and govt. You are now acting because the press turned up at this one incident. There are numerous police roadblocks right now where police are collecting mwibala lyabo

    • They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Corruption is all the way to the top (state house) they just cover there tracks better. Ministers etc all have their fingers in the till.

  1. Well done IG. Now what about extending the 7 days period in which to pay fines to the month end in which the sms is received. You know that money is hard to come by these days. Partying away with a K300 during ‘injury time’ of the month is not easy. What would one day when faced with a K300 fine and has no food at home, wouldn’t it be fair to pay the fine at the month end? Please look into this issue with RTSA.

    • Why should Police Officers be issuing receipts and handling money in the first place?

      How can you tell him job well done when officers have been mounting illegal roadblocks for three years now after he made that announcement…are you telling me he uses a helicopter to get to his officer in the morning? He should be the first one out of the door….Bowman and his camera crew may have been trying to deflect the Whatapp tariff debates but what he has done is expose the weakness and incompetence of this govt especially the Minister of Home Affairs who is more interested in wearing track suits and issuing orders to cadres.

    • And the amount of fees should drastically drop down and should not exceed K120 is all incidences. The exorbitant fees and too much inconveniences by our hardcore corrupt state traffic officers is what is prompting motorist to go for bribes instead. Least I would say is; 99.9% of all state traffic officers are corrupt to the core. And this includes their command bosses. Similarly, can we abolish traffic officers and instead empower RTSA to deal with this matter..!

    • HHakainde – the whole point of fines is to encourage you to keep a roadworthy vehicle and obey traffic rules simple as that…stop your pathetic silly excuses in other countries you get points deducted from your license or worse…everytime I am in Lusaka and get my vehicle from the garage first thing I do is make sure that my vehicle is update with tax and road worthy.

    • Yes why should police officers be handling money? They should just issue tickets and let the driver pay somewhere else like to a bank account or to a police cashier. That way you kill off their corruption conduit pipe. I doubt whether lusambo and manganese would understand matters of crime fighting strategy like this one

  2. What does Kakoma do in his office everyday? This man is busy buying riot vehicles instead of equipping his officers with radio scanners and other equipment …half the time you don’t know where your officers are in the field. This is what is wrong with this govt of Lazy Lungu, they are a reactive govt suspending the officers will not sort the issue just like Lazy Lungu cleaning once a month the streets does not keep the streets clean. You need policy creation and reforms even a commission of inquiry ..in the case of Police you need to just disband the Traffic Police wing and start afresh with new training and fresh recruits and senior officers. Retire all trainers at Lilayi and Kamfinsa seek technical assistance from abroad…Kakoma should not even be in the job he is too incompetent…

    • only there because of favours he has done for that lazy thing in State House. Minister of Home Affairs as well is a useless kaponya complicating issues with his checkered background.

    • Jj why not travel to zambia and initiate a violence so that your tribal leader can be ushered in state house. He is now banking on you as online hardcore supporters to help him wage a war to see him becoming president as 2021 is very far. Help your tribesmen

    • OVAL HEAD – when you learn the difference between hectares and acres..then go to night school? You dingbats are so pathetic even the collapse of the Turkish economy you will blame your busy foooool HH…really laughable

  3. That is unfair!!!
    How many people reported guys at State House?
    What about the $42 million firetrucks?
    All animals should be equal. The headman said “ulya mwibala alya mwibala”. Where do you think traffic officers and RTSA.

    • Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala kiki. But where else is your income supposed to come from if not from the same field. Only you cretins with a thieving mind think you need to steal from your own company while expecting a salary at the same time.

  4. How about the Police having their own internal systems of curbing such vices instead of waiting for someone else to do it for them, then they just come in to start suspending…

  5. Kakoma ‘s sending the wrong signal – you just can’t suspend corruption ,you instead use a panga and cut it by firing and jailing the involved parties.The corrupt former governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich wasn’t suspended …he was tried convicted and sent to prison for 14yrs.

  6. Would also be a good idea for the Police to reduce the fines – the current situation is that the fees are so high that the corruption by the Police seems to provide “relief” to offenders.

    • Why are you fined in the first place?? you reduce fines so you can just commit as many traffic offenses as possible..when are you going to wake up from your docility..go and see how other countries operate in Zambia you are even fined for drink driving…really laughable..in other countries you have your license suspended for 2 years then forced to take a Road safety test and resit your driving tests both theory and practical.

  7. The direct deposit system is not the solution, IG. As long ad fines remain so high lower ” parallel fines” will be irresistable.

  8. The direct deposit system is not the solution in itself, IG. As long ad fines remain so high lower ” parallel fines” will be irresistable.

  9. The lG should be FIRED instantly. Zambia Police should undergo another Lilayi Training and even change their cheap useless uniforms to become a new FORCE to reckon with. Minister of Home affairs should be sacked as well, mwatusebanya pafula

  10. flag Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    As someone pointed out on another thread, Lusambo playing to the gallery by ambushing a few cops with cameras in tow and subsequent suspension of the same culprits won’t eliminate deep rooted systematic corruption which has permeated every fibre of society. Yes embarrassing a few is good for feel good entertainment but it won’t resolve anything.

    You need to put together systems starting with the appointment of the IG; ACC boss; Supreme court and constitutional court judges; ECZ boss; spineless and rubber stamp parliament; etc. Then put together proper procurement processes and procedures with watertight controls devoid of kickbacks. Then ensure the economy is good and politicians are answerable to the electorates.

    These knee jerk reactions and impulsive actions won’t help…

    • flag Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans


      These knee jerk reactions and impulsive actions won’t help anybody. Above all, these are small fish, the big grand scale corruption is at State House being perpetrated by your boss Lusambo.

  11. Congratulations IG for providing strong leadership. I propose further that the surveillance cameras that have been mounted along the main roads should also be put at each and every point where police have mounted a road block. This will provide very good evidence for any act of corruption. Without the camera, the police should not go on the road period! I am sure this is an investment Zambians would not complain paying for.

    • jocyline – Really laughable …I dont think you would know strong leadership if it was standing on your lap!!

  12. Zambia its shame that we slay the small corruption agents and elect the big ones into public office.This misguided suspension is a band aid not a surgery.

  13. This IG is using the 4 poor officers as scapegoats! The IG and the entire Police command must be fired for presiding over this rot! As for the IG, he is long overdue for firing. He should have been fired the time he recruited Chinese nationals to spy on us! If the appointing authorities don’t take action, patriotic citizens will do the job! We did it with KK, Chiluba and RB! We’ll do it with ECL and his MMD-PF! Fish starts rotting from the head and so we must start by dealing with the head – in this case Chagwa and his lame IG!

  14. How can any system work when, instead of your police officers giving out a ticket, they instead now say they have arrested you & your vehicle & you need to go to the police station. At the police station your car is impounded, keys & drivers licence taken, until you pay. So if you are on your journey your whole journey ends there & you now head to the police station. Pathetic. Other countries you are issued a ticket which you should pay within two weeks or you challange the matter in court if you feel you are not guilty.

  15. Am a non partisan political consultant

    The system is corrupt and catching cops red handed is not solution

    You need to create a system that plugs in loop holes

    Am available to provide guidelines at a fee

    Lusambo is a clueless boy

  16. Whatever monies collected at road blocks they share. Even the big bosses are aware of what goes on pa ma road blocks. These traffic officers live very expensive life style beyond their income. What we saw yesterday is just a tip of the ice burg.

  17. The traffic fines are too expensive, its cheaper to bribe police officers… first look at the high fines before you encourage the bank diposit system!!

  18. This IG is bum needs to be fired,it took a minister to expose his corrupt institution shame, Sitting on his bum waiting for the officers to bring the spoils to him. ******* ****

  19. What a laughable decision the PIG has made. This action will not go anywhere as it cannot be proved that corruption did take place. My position is founded on the following questions:

    1. Who is the complainant in this matter?
    2. Was the road block illegal?
    3. Did Lusambo witness the collection of the said bribe?
    4. Was the defence by the Woman Cop of having no receipts rebutted?
    5. What evidence is there that the money collected is state funds?

    I look forward to above cited questions being answered at the “honourable cops’ disciplinary hearing.

  20. Institutions like police,immigration should have internal investigation wings to curb such vices’.

  21. @17 I am in consent with you. Look at the first issue of civil servants being sent away, Lusambo has not given us a report what has happened to these people and whether late coming has been averted.

    On this matter, my thoughts are that if he was from position of knowing how institutions work he may have asked the officers the following:

    1. Who is your station Officer In-Charge?
    2. Has your officer In-Charger authorised you to mount a road block?
    3. If he had, why are you using your personal (unmarked vehicle) to mount this road block?
    4. Where are the charge sheets for the collected money?
    4. Why haven’t you asked for a receipt book after your claim that its filled up?

  22. Continued…
    Sorry second “4” to have been “5”

    I can assure you that if he had asked even one of the above questions, he would have found that those officers use there own resources to go for work. Police stations do not have funds for any petty expenses such as pens, paper, fuel and dont mention transport. I would advise Lusambo not to humiliate people without first understanding the system and the challenges being faced.

    On my second thought, those police officers especially woman officer are honest to the extent of declaring the unreceipted money to be state funds, otherwise one would have told Lusambo that it was her proceedings from her business/whatever and it had just been delivered. Who says money cant be carried in a plastic bag! Moreso a black one!

  23. Mr. Lusambo ought to be commended for what he did. And if he shows that much strength on corruption and for him to not lose the zeal he had yesterday, it would show a lot of concern against corruption if he was asked to run the ministry of home affairs which to me is second to none when it comes to corruption.

  24. Firstly pardon those cops for they are just a tip of an iceberg! Secondly lower those fines by 75% to encourage the motorists do it right,. Thirdly sensitize the motorists on which offences attracts fines instantly eg expired road tax ….

  25. Bullying and intimidation are very rife in Zambia Police. Most pirate taxis and Noahs on the Copperbelt are owned by ba Buju. It’s common for unregistered drivers to stand aside and call the boss when impounded at checkpoints. Then the driver will give the Buju the phone whom you’ll see shivering when releasing the vehicle. Sometimes when you ask these junior officers why they mount these checkpoints they usually say nimwambo, the boss wants us to raise 5 pin before 10hrs. After that they start raising their own money. They even do ichilimba, they take turns in sharing the proceeds. Boma ni Boma

  26. What a pathetic shame of an IG!! Lusambo a mere ranting noisy party cadre exposes your corrupt officers instead of you the “professional” police officer!! Where were you all the years that we have been complaining about this common place shameful corruption on our roads? What was wrong with you changing into civilian cloth and drive incognito through the hundreds of check points mounted by your “officers” everyday?? Or send some incognito proxies since your face is peculiar and unforgettable and you can be recognised miles away? Ati ba IG!

  27. #3.3 Jay j: “You dingbats are so pathetic even the collapse of the Turkish economy you will blame your busy foooool HH…really laughable”.

    Foooool HH today? Whom are you trying to fool mr Lazy Jay j? Same old tricks from the h.h mould. Bwana we all know that is your tri.bal god, and I have proved it many times. Need I say more, Lazy jj??

  28. #3.3 Jay j: “You dingbats are so path.etic even the collapse of the Turkish economy you will blame your busy foooool HH…really laughable”.

    Foooool h.h today? Whom are you trying to fo.ol mr Lazy Jay j? Same old tricks from the h.h mould. Bwana we all know that is your tri.bal god, and I have proved it many times. Need I say more, Lazy jj??

  29. Excuse me Mr WANU Ngwee. Don’t you think it was right for Bowman if he daw that his senior minister is dozing in his office without on his officers activities. The police traffic department was placed on the highest index on corruption in Zambia. What did the minister of home affairs do or say about it? NOTHING. What are our ministers doing about the rot going on in their ministries? ZERO. At list we are seeing a minister acting on the rot around government departments where ministers are sleeping. Keep it up Lusambo don’t be discouraged.

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