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Friday, February 21, 2020

Transparency International commends Lusambo for exposing corruption at road blocks

Headlines Transparency International commends Lusambo for exposing corruption at road blocks

TIZ President Reuben Lifuka
TIZ President Reuben Lifuka

Transparency International Zambia has commended Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo for catching on camera traffic officers who were allegedly involving themselves in corruption.

TIZ President Reuben Lifuka said Mr Lusambo has demonstrated good leadership for exposing the illegal road block that was mounted by the Zambia Police Traffic in Lusaka at Mungwi road. Chapter President

Mr Lifuka said the happenings of yesterday vindicates the findings from the Zambia Bribe Payers’ Index report which revealed that the Zambia Police Traffic Department was the worst culprit in receiving bribes.

He demanded that action should be taken against these offenders and recommended immediate suspension.

And opposition leader Savior Chishimba says Mr. Lusambo must be commended for his approach in dealing with issues of public concern.

Mr Chishimba has since strongly recommended that President Edgar Lungu should elevate Mr Lusambo.

“I have no doubt that if President Edgar Chagwa Lungu elevated him to a full Cabinet Portfolio he would make an impact for the good of all,” Mr Chishimba said in a statement.

Mr Chishimba said Mr Lusambo has distinguished himself to be genuine in not only being loyal to the President, but also practical.

“The President needs Ministers who will go on the ground to listen to and act on the concerns of the people,” he said.

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  1. All these foools, bypass these illegal roadblocks everyday and they do not do anything…this is what I mean when I say Zambians are docile and gullible!!!!

    • But Simon Miti remains a favourite after plundering MOH. Double standards won’t end corruption. you are bandaging a deep wound that needs suturing first

    • The question is why did he not do the same when he was Copperbelt minister ?

      It appears some politicians are only starting to apply themselves now as 2021 approaches.

    • IndigoTyrol – they know that there is no leadership above them just empty tins happy with titles, travel and wear suits!!

    • Why do motorists even have to pay fines, or whatever, for a traffic violation right on spot to traffic cops? Isn’t this just an invitation for corruption?

      Here in the U.S, cops only issue traffic tickets. The ticket has to state the specific traffic code a motorist has violated, the time they have to either pay the ticket or show up at the court to fight the ticket if they feel they didn’t do anything wrong. And traffic tickets are paid at the Courthouse in the TRAFFIC DIVISION/DEPARTMENT. No money is allowed to change hands at any police checkpoint or traffic stop….it is ILLEGAL!

      I think adopting a similar system would go a long way towards reducing such incidents of corruption in the police.

    • First of all which Zambian doesnt know about roadblock police collecting money? We all know. Why has it taken politicians this long? Also instead of firing the 4 officers, ECL should fire Kanganja for not reacting to the problem for so long

    • This is a sad episode, we don’t need minister cops, thus was just for PR. If Hon Lusambo wants to fight corruption, he should fight the root cause which is poor salaries in GRZ plus being over taxed, fight to make people in Government truly accountable. While Ministers get paid more than these police officers, they don’t pay PAYE. The ministers have free almost every thing. Let the one without corruption on their hands be the first to condemn these poor zambian police officers. Corruption is evil, but to only fight the corruption of low level government officials with no Pf connection is hypocrisy. Millions of dollars have stolen from GRZ and some of the culprits are high level ministers but no actions have been taken.

  2. He’ll be moved to Muchinga or Luapula soon or he’ll die in an accident. Corrupt people don’t like to be exosed. Look at what they did to Mwanawasa.

  3. Lusambo has caused the death of the woman involved because of poor judgement and idiocy. Does that make you happy Reuben? There is nothing to commend Lusambo for. There are organizations which can deal with corruption in the country. Those Police officers were just religiously following the ‘ Uwamwibala alaya mwi bala’.Are you surprised ba koswe.
    Did the arrest of the policemen reduce corruption in the country? If Zambia has to win the fight against corruption, the leaders must total commitment and be willing to lead by example. How do you explain the purchase of the fire tenders, the ambulances, the cost of the Ndola- Lusaka highway? Look at the retirement of Gen Chimese!

    • Good riddance …she couldn’t face the world after being caught pants down. Gen Chimese is not going down alone hence his ZAF retirement package will be untouched because we have a very corrupt lazy bone in State House.

    • The sense and perception of injustice, helplessness,frustration and stagnation is all too perverse in the public service.Harphardly catching wrong doers are seen as publicity stunts and only serve to entrench the low morale already in the service.Uprooting corruption will have to take more than occassional feats of “surprise visits” because it’s already part of work culture.
      Bring back the sense of equity and Justice and you will have begun to win the fight against corruption

  4. I’m not a Lusambo fan but On catching any corrupt civil servant I dont care who catches them, whether its another thief or a priest. These corrupt police officers should be stopped!!! Period

  5. The whole system is a malfunction and needs a thorough check over if corruption is to be eradicated from the root. Why should it take a provincial minister to expose daylight robbery of cititzens by the police force? Why were complaints from motorists not enough to stop this before?
    The axe has only chopped off a few branches when it should hit the entire trunk of the tree. Meanwhile in a different department corruption goes on…

  6. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Malarkey, Malabishi… this is not something I would commend him for… he’s just grandstanding and playing to the gallery looking for his 15 minutes of fame! Let him expose his the big fish like himself, his fellow ministers, his president (the #1 corrupt), the judges, etc… his fellow minions who go to bed with the Chinese everyday. then I would give him the benefit of doubt that he means well.

    Embarrassing few maize thieves and ambushing few workers reporting late for work is just uncouth street pomp and schoolyard show off. He’s actually overstepping his duties. If he wants to make a real impact, he needs to do it at a legislative level, introducing real policy and challenging the status quo.

    Sorry I’m not buying it! And it’s a shame a big organisation like TI can fall for…

  7. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Sorry I’m not buying it! And it’s a shame a big organisation like TI can fall for such malarkey, a testament they have lost their mojo!

  8. TIZ is another toothless organization in my opinion. They are more into reactive pronunciations than pro Active. You should have been the ones doing investigative moves and exposing the so called corruption especially in Government wings. Maybe you have equally corrupt elements in your organization, who knows.

  9. Many zambian citizens also commend Lusambo for taking the action he did against the traffic officers in Lusaka. For the benefit of the country and the police department and probably Lusambo himself, this would be the best time to offer him the job of minister of home affairs. Even if its to act in that capacity for a period, that will give him an opportunity to set a standard which the current dormant minister of home affairs sould work to reach. Such opportunities should be exploited to create challenges for sleeping dormant government departments and agencies.

  10. Dustin, that’s a most primitive way of doing things l wouldn’t commend a politician bullying citizens like a police officer. Lusambo and this govt needs to look at the plight of these officers than shaming them in public. Policemen or women are paid peanuts hence they’re forced to resort to such acts just for them to at least live and eat like Bowman himself. Besides that poor woman’s corruption has little effect on the masses than big fish like bowman

  11. Ba stupid corruption is evil regardless at what scale. Bowman the approach is excellent. Good riddance if the thieving woman has truly committed suicide. Bravo Mr. Minister.

  12. And this should not be done in Lusaka alone but also country wide.Let the president and his Ministers prove the public wrong that they want to fight corruption and that they are not corrupt.

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