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Six bales of underwear confiscated

General NewsSix bales of underwear confiscated

The sale of second hand underwear continues to grow on the streets of
Lusaka in spite of the health concerns which the practice poses to
members of the public. Above are some of the various items of
underwear that are commonly sold on Freedom Way and the Lumumba road
Lumumba road filter lane

The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency has destroyed six bells of second hand underwear and 40 boxes of condoms that were confiscated from illegal traders in Lusaka.

The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency conducted an inspection where the illegal products were confiscated.

Government through the Zambia Compulsory Agency issued a statutory instrument banning the sale of second hand underwears in the country.

Agency Senior Inspector Kasuba Kasengele said his organization is now working with the street vendors association to sensitise traders about the dangers of second hand underwear.

Mr. Kasengele said the organisation has sealed the entry points and inspects wholesales to ensure that second hand underwear are not distributed to retailers.

He regretted that some second hand underwear are smuggled into the country illegally and called on the public to desist from buying such products.

Mr. Kasengele said condoms that have also been destroyed were smuggled into Zambia from Malawi saying the products were meant for the Malawian market.

A check by ZANIS at City Market in Lusaka found some traders dealing in the commodities and people were also found buying the same.


  1. Very very unhealthy and unhygienic to buy used underwear .GRZ should ban this trade forthwith… africans please respect yourselves .

    • All you have to do is wash it with boom before use and dry it out in the sun. Otherwise you might as well ban public toilets if the fear of using second hand underwear is contraction of STD’s.
      When I go to buy underwear in Victoria’s Secret or any other outlet for that matter, your are allowed to try it on but you are given a panty liner for the crotch area. Now you would be naive to think that everyone that has tried on the underwear you are buying used the pantyliner. So even from Victoria’s Secret you are basically buying 2nd hand underwear!

    • Humans, stop buying second underwear. It’s very unhealthy. White folks skip showering daily, you’re better than Zedians.

    • Black.Mamba – Really laughable, most of them dont wash their hands when they use the toilet that’s why they dont shake hands!!

  2. This is life under pf. The majority of zambians cannot afford brand new underwear. Instead of fixing economy the dull ones just ban things

  3. It is not as if you are naked if you do not wear undies under your shorts or skirts. Patiently raise some cash to buy a reasonable brand new pair for FS!!! Sometimes you do not even know what to say! Underwear are not even returnable and just because you fear Trump you continue to drink up all the sewer coming from that direction! I despair, resignedly despair! Awe mwe!

  4. There is nothing wrong using Condoms for the Malawi Market in Zambia? A condom remains a condom and does one things to contain your mujoma!
    So what should a Zambian do when he goes to Malawi – use a condom for the Malawi market (which is banned in Zambia) or condom for the Zambian Market or or a hybrid condom for the Zambian Malawi market.
    Mr. Kasengele’s stupidity is beyond redemption.

    • Take your own condoms to Blantyre …these condoms are sold through back doors are they are not certified by international bodies or MOH.

  5. Rwanda banned all second hand clothes, to save its textile industry..this is big business in developed countries as they collect these clothes for virtually free from street charity deposit bins under the guise of “Donating to Hungry Africans or Clothing Africa” yet its a million dollar business behind it.
    They are killing our textile sector …are you telling us Mulungushi can not make cheap mens and women’s underwear.

  6. What happened to the trader(s) found contravening this piece of legistration?? The article is sielent about it or did I miss it?? “A check by ZANIS at City Market in Lusaka found some traders dealing in the commodities and people were also found buying the same”. is this an issue of enforcement???

  7. We have more responsibilities to tackle in terms of health promotion.
    Those items are machine washed before the packaging. Mind u even a new pant can cause allergies etc depending on the factory or textile.

    Why do we love paying attention to minor issues. Do more research on the causes of pre mature death not inkani ya salaula or iyatu putula..

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