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HH and GBM expected in Court tomorrow for their Right to be heard 2016 Elections case

Headlines HH and GBM expected in Court tomorrow for their Right to be...

HH and GBM smiling to supporters at the UPND Card Renewal exercise
HH and GBM smiling to supporters at the UPND Card Renewal exercise

The Lusaka High Court has set Monday as a date for hearing in a matter where UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema alleged that his right to be heard was violated when the constitutional court threw away his presidential election petition.

High Court Judge Mwila Chitabo set the date when lawyers representing Mr Hichilema and his Vice-President Geoffrey Mwamba and the State appeared before him in his chambers last week.

In this matter Mr. Hichilema is represented by Simeza Sangwa and Associates while the State is represented by principal State advocate Francis Mwale.

Last week the Supreme Court dismissed with costs an appeal by Mr Hichilema and Mwamba in a case where they wanted Judge Chitabo to recuse himself from handling this matter.

In doing so, the Judges observed that the two should have gone to the court of appeal and not supreme court.

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  1. This Malema dressing has really affected these oppositions, look at Chamisa too, pathetic. Good lucky

      Right to be heard my cracked foot. He lives a textbook life. How I wish his rights could be given so we could see what he is up to.
      Suddenly the same judges you been verbally abusing should now sit your a.s.s down to hear why your case was thrown out. Stop wasting professionals’ valuable time and concentrate on mobilizing and organising your club.

    • The days of the mugabes and lungu type of leaders leading Africa are numbered. It is just a matter of time

  2. HH just drop these cases they just waste ur time to make money and organize the party for 2021, after all u know the outcome already cooked by the regime

  3. For jurisdiprudence’s sake. Let the matter be pursued to its logical conclusion. Will follow it keenly. Every way it goes, lessons learnt will as much valuable to the litigants as posterity……

  4. HH and GBM should just focus on mobilising there party for 2021and see to it that there members are not defecting to the ruling party…

    • That is my job as strategist and we have a very strong structure with people employed to do as you have stated. The leader is justa figure head mune

  5. HH should not be allowed to contest any elections in Zambia. If he be allowed to contest 2021, there will be civil war in Zambia for the 1st time and many people would die.

    I seriously doubt his mental capacity??? The same applies to all his followers. One day is going to court the other day press briefing at his home! This is not a good sign seriously.

    But what I know HH will never rule Zambia come what may. Reason being he is not a politician but an imposter on UPND party and on Tongas, Lizis and Kaondes. And These are the people who would die come 2021.

  6. We are busy right now with our counsel preparing for this matter. I m currently at hh residence where everyone seems to be in high moods. It looks like it will be a late one with our counsel and lawyers. We ask you for your support tomorrow. We thank you.
    Upnd chief strategist

  7. Its our constitutional right to be heard, whether we win or lose, tho*****s should know and follow the constitution. I doubt if Francis am wale can stand with HH lawyers Simazi and company, they will grill him. Why did chagwa handle over the instrument of power to the Speaker Matibini? It is just to remind them

  8. Correction, why didn’t chagwa handover instrument of power to Matibini, while the petition was in the process?

    • Read and understand the constitution dont paste what your under5s illuminates. The law which made kenyata and mnangagwa not to step down is exactly the same which made ecl to maintain the status quo.

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