Bishop Imakando confers with HH
FILE: Bishop Imakando confers with HH

Bread of Life Presiding Bishop Joe Imakando has commended government for striving to improve the lives of the people of Zambia.

Bishop Imakando said government through leaders such as Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has demonstrated commitment to serve the people.

Bishop Imakando said Mr Lusambo has led a strong example of commitment and servant leadership in the execution of his duties since he was transferred to Lusaka as Provincial Minister.

Bishop Imakando made the remarks during the second Church service at Blessings Centre in Lusaka on Sunday after Mr Lusambo attended the first service.

Mr Lusambo walked in and sat in the audience as he wanted to fellowship as an ordinary member of the congregation but the Senior Ushers insisted that he be moved to the front row after which Bishop Imakando acknowledged him towards the end of the first service.

Later in the second service, Bishop Imakando told the congregation that the PF Government through Mr Lusambo is working hard and needs everyone’s support as the government of the day.

Bishop Imakando said it is always pleasing when leaders of the nation found time to be in the House of the Lord to worship and praise God.

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    • Is LT trying to bring PF and UPND cadres into conflict?
      How is HH related to this story? Why this picture even appears here, making him vulnerable to PF unnecessary attacks.
      Wait for the Empty Skull, it will not resist.


    • One thief commending another…. these stealing preacher men eiiish! Now he is commending the most corrupt and inept government we have ever had


    • I am amazed at how people make such statements.

      Anyone that thinks that has a full belly guaranteed until 2021 by this government.

      And they are very selfish. We all have relatives in Zambia. And most of them are suffering. So it is selfish for people to make such statements just coz they are benefiting from Lungu’s corruption.


    • That one must not have been in this photo. Anyway, he is a human being too. We love him. Only he should stop trying to ruin our nation.


  1. We always appreciate when our men of God commend governerment for doing well. Yes we agree that we need to give credit where it is due. But of late we observed a trend where our men of God are praise singers only. We would like to see you come out very strongly where you see evils and wrongs being committed in the Country. Speak to our leaders on corruption, nepotism, awarding of contracts in a corrupt manner and mostly to the Chinese.
    Talk to our leaders on the stalled process of dialogue and the need for reconcilliation in the Country. There is too much hatred being peddled towards one politician and i am not ashamed to mention H H. People are calling for his neck over an issue which happened just after the Country held the last general elections. All of a sudden people have…


  2. All of a sudden people have bocome experts on legal matters. How i wish we could mobilize ourselves with the same zeal and vigor to confront the many challenges facing the Country. What has happened to the stalled process of dialogue. Nailing H H will not solve our many changes we face as a Country. What has happened to the ministry of reconcilliation the Binle talks about. Let’s learn to forgive each other we all error one way or the other. We need more healling in the Contry rather than persuing individual politicians. Let’s evert our energies to issues that are going to improve the lot of our economy. Let’s live my our declaratioin as a Christian Nation. Kaunda forgave even the likes of Mwamba Luchembe. People we need to practice love in our Nation.



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