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Amos Chanda must go-Laura Miti

Headlines Amos Chanda must go-Laura Miti

Local government and Housing Minister Vincent Mwale, Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya, President Special assistant Amos Chanda , Water and Energy ministry PS Bishop Edward Chomba and Health Minister PS -administration Dr Kennedy Malama during a joint press conference at the Ndeke House boardroom
Local government and Housing Minister Vincent Mwale, Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya, President Special assistant Amos Chanda , Water and Energy ministry PS Bishop Edward Chomba and Health Minister PS -administration Dr Kennedy Malama during a joint press conference at the Ndeke House boardroom

Civil rights activist Laura Miti has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to fire State House Spokesman Amos Chanda.

And Former State House Principal Private Secretary Jack Kalala says Mr Chanda is embarrassing President Edgar Lungu with his uncouth behavior.

Reacting to revelations that Mr Chanda used some unpalatable and disparaging words against NDC Consult Chishimba Kambwili, Ms. Miti said President Lungu should fire Mr Chanda immediately.

“I finally heard the Amos Chanda and Chishimba Kambwili audio. I hope the President realises that, if he keeps Amos in that job, he will send a message to the nation that the very top of our country is rotten,” Ms. Miti said.

She added, “In one audio, Amos rolled back many years of the fight against HIV/AIDS stigma. He also poked holes into a presidency that presents itself as God-fearing. He essentially made it impossible for him to pronounce on so many matters without listeners raising their collective eyebrows.”

Ms. Miti stated that Mr Chanda if the presidency would like for citizens to believe they are respected.

“At the very least, he should be transfered to other responsibilities in government.”

“How can someone whose job is top level diplomacy and decorum string so many foul words together? I honestly think Amos should go for therapy. That outburst is worrying,”Ms Miti said.

And Mr Jack Kalala who served as Principal Private Secretary to late President Levy Mwanawasa said the coarse and vulgar language is unbecoming of a person holding the office Amos Chanda holds.

Mr Kalala said such language and reaction from a State House serving officer is unprecedented.

“It’s intolerable, unacceptable and unforgivable,” Mr Kalala said.

“My advice to the young man, Amos Chanda, is that he shouldn’t use such coarse language. He is embarrassing the President and the Government. In addition the matter of Tedai Biti was for Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs, certainly not State House, to comment on,” Mr Kalala said.

In an audio message circulating on social media, Mr Chanda phoned Mr. Kambwili lash insults at him in retaliation to the constant theft accusation Mr Kambwili has been unleashing on the State House officials.

Over the weekend, Mr Chanda had described Mr. Kambwili as a stupid stinky rabid dog, whose illness was affecting the big but empty head; prompting the member of parliament to respond through an article published by News Diggers, saying he would forgive the Press Aide whom he also described as a confused boy who was looking frail, dehydrated and grey as a result of whatever he was suffering from.

This response apparently angered Mr. Chanda further, who yesterday called Mr. Kambwili to spit out more ‘unprintables’.


  1. Finally we have a test for the president . Lets see how he dodges this one. Sorry Amos he cant help you on thisone unless he really supports what you said

    • You’ll be disappointed. The president has adopted and promoted Dora who raised the middle finger in Parliament to the PF and its leadership, what is a few insults to CK?

    • As usual he will cower down in his filthy hole until the storm passes ..he did it with FIC Report, $1.2 billion road project, Biti deportation, Black mountain saga etc….Lazy Lungu is not a leader but a mere figurehead or a tool.

    • @JayJay; what does the president have to do with 2 bit$hing school girls. This conversation was private between two petty grown men. Amos didn’t call Kambwili in his capacity as state House spokesman. Whatever beef these 2 mean girls have with each other should be sorted out by themselves.

    • If Lungu surrounds himself with people of such low emotional intelligence it means he tolerates vice of the worst kind. Laura Miti is very right. Chanda is contradicting all kinds of government policy. Apart from that Any African knows that no kid is allowed to insult someone older than him. It is taboo but Lungu wants to look the other way? No ways? “******we” is one of the worst Bemba insults one can hurl at someone agemate or not. Chanda must go!
      It’s intolerable, unacceptable and unforgivable,

    • The Real Olivia Pope – you are truly docile as they come …you think Amos Chanda’s job stops immediately he leaves the State House premises ..who do you think appointed Amos? why do you think people are fired immediately they are seen by their employers swearing or making racist remarks on camera or publicly or social media like that chap in RSA. Amos is a civil servant and a mouth piece for the president…he is always on the job hence he is always on job even though he is talking to BUFFOON CK.
      You think a policeman’s job ends immediately he takes off his uniform…if he is caught in a bar fight he can be disciplined by the Police.

    • Amos Chanda ni Pushi nomuchila. I thought the boy had 3 senses now I believe he only has 2 senses.Is he raelly president spokesperson? Nowonder there is total mess at state house!!

    • @JayJay(1.9); The examples you have given in your post are redundant. Kambwili is jealous of Amos because he (Amos) has the presidents’ ear. What Kambwili did was childish. Kambwili’s mission was to push Amos to the edge, have him recorded and then fired.
      Thank God President Lungu is mature enough to recognize a vindictive skank in Kambwili and does not act through emotions like most people here.
      My advice to Amos is to watch his mouth next time.

    • The Real Olivia Pope – If Amos can not control his emotions how can he calm his boss down when BUFFOON CK gets under Lazy Lungu’s skin…Lungu is not mature he is weak and impotent coward…that’s why Amos can come out like that defending Lungu and his daughter…do you really think George Chellah would insult anyone like that on the phone with Sata as President? He insulted people using fake accounts on FB and proxy pages but never did it publicly.

    • No need of firing him. Perhaps start by firing yourself from your organisation because your language is uncouth. I wonder what kind of board members you have.

  2. Twalisebana kale, we’re a laughing stock. We no longer get shocked or surprised with these perennial embarrassing episodes coming from State House

    • But you are the first to shout Christian nation blah blah and declaring holidays for prayers yet your leaders are insulting each other like Kaponyas…even making fun of people with AIDs only in Zambia…anywhere else this is instant dismissal.

  3. If spineless Lungu fired Amos over this then Hippos would recite the alphabet backwards. It will never happen because Lungu is as brain damaged as this kama clown.

  4. “And Former State House Principal Private Secretary Jack Kalala says Mr Chanda is embarrassing President Edgar Lungu with his uncouth behavior.”

    Lazy Lungu is too spineless and impotent to fire Chanda…the boy knows too much for him to get fired and he knows it, that’s the problem with corruption. I am sure he is patting him on the back for his performance, your dog does not continue to bark at your visitors if you tell it stop…if it does it knows it has your blessing.
    Chanda is a civil servant not a PF spokesman or Govt spokesman for him to be trading insults with a politician and taxpayer even if its BUFFOON CK.

  5. Amos apologises over brawl with Kambwili
    By Mukosha Funga
    Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says he regrets the manner in which he responded to unwarranted attacks from NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili.
    In a statement issued in his personal capacity, Thursday, Chanda insulting Kambwili was a lapse in judgement.
    “In an unguarded moment, I responded harshly to incessant unprovoked and malicious personal attacks from Mr. Chishimba Kambwili who repeatedly abused me publicly, but has also been invading my private space as he did in a recent phone call he made to me using a third party phone line,” Chanda stated.
    “Upon reflection, I regret that I should not have responded in the manner I did, despite the deep personal injury that his unwarranted…

    • Apologises and resign, period. This country is yearning for leadership and direction.
      Gentlemen you have brought same to the presidency in short space of time. Not too long ago Kaizer Zulu, Amos Chanda, Stephen Kampyongo and Lucky Mulusa celebrated the arrest of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema in style at a pub on 8 Reedbuck road in Kabulonga.
      The four senior PF officials took turns boasting how they had made sure they had fixed the opposition leader and how they were controlling state institution.

  6. Mr. Kambwili usually is the one steps on peoples toes. I think he deserves such response from young people. If l remember, he called His worship Nathan Chanda as Kakubiti and Hon Chungu as former motor vehicle thief. He insults everyone who seems to be a threat to him. He derseves that.

  7. The political advisor, Kaizer, has done more alleged embarassing things and his job is still intact. I don’t makes think Amos wi be fired over what seems to be a personal matter. Yes, the language is bad and he may be advised to use better judgement but I won’t be suprised if he’s on the flight heading to the UN meetings.

    • KZ was driving a govt vehicle on autopilot in a wall fence as he was drinking his fav wine behind the wheel …he has been rewarded with a brand new Hilux.

  8. at 3:52 pm
    The political advisor, Kaizer, has done more alleged embarassing things and his job is still intact. I don’t think Amos will be fired over what seems to be a personal matter. Yes, the language is bad and he may be advised to use better judgement but I won’t be suprised if he’s on the flight heading to the UN meetings.

  9. Laura, go and ask Trump to apologize to call African countries as Sh1thole countries. What was reaction to Trump because you are an African too.

  10. I will be very disappointed if the president listens to people like Laura Miti who has never said anything positive about his excellence.

    • Please tell Luara here what positive things one can say about Lazy Lungu..really laughable….I mean this is a lazy man who was publicly begging from another country’ President to pay off his govt’s recklessness.

  11. No, amos is ok. The president should not even listern to this useless word from stu.pid laura. Yes, Amos has sunk to kabwili’s low level. This is the level kabwili is at. He lives at that level. Amos was forced to come from his high level to thing low kabwili calibre. The only advice any reasonable person can give Amos to not be pulled down by low esteem people like kabwili. Fly high Amos. Uli che!!!

  12. Why didn’t Laura ask HH to fire GBM when the later showered Tayali with unprintables? This smacks of double standards.

    As I see it, an altercation between citizens in the privacy of their spaces is no business of other nosy citizens. The guilty party must be the one who takes the private conversation to the public arena, in this case Kambwili.

    If Laura means what she says, let her demand for the resignation of Kambwili from the political platform so that sanity can for once permeate the political landscape.

    [email protected] kabwili simply got a mere taste of his poisonous tongue. Amos simply reacted.

  13. Mr. Kambwili usually is the one steps on peoples toes. I think he deserves such response from young people. If l remember, he called His worship Nathan Chanda as Kakubiti and Hon Chungu as former motor vehicle thief. He insults everyone who seems to be a threat to him. He derseves that. Iwe miti ask Kambwili to resign from his NDC party for showering insults to government officials always


  15. I thought we are almost winning the war against stigma, I was mistaken. Not too long ago the President launched an aggressive campaign to have all who attend health facilities be tested and be put on treatment, a move that was commendable. Hearing what Mr. Chanda said, he is undoing the efforts that are being put in place to win the fight against HIV. I never knew that diabetes is an illness one can be stigmatized over until I heard the audio. Ba Chanda, this is not good.

  16. I don’t think we are being fair to the president. Much as I’m aware that Amos is a public worker who should have high level of judgment and restraint, the two seem to endure a cat and dog relationship. CK is highly provocative and after litsening to exchange of unpalatables, CK said “now this is the evidence I’ve waited for and just know I’ve recorded the conversation.” Both are childish. The president must just rebuke Amos to guard his foul mouth.

    • One of them-the one with a job in State House- should have restrained himself. Its called emotional intelligence. He has an office to protect. Kambwili has nothing to lose so before you answer him you weigh these things. If you dont you have done exactly what Kambwili wanted you to do: sink in the trash of insults

  17. Jay Jay
    He is sorry cause he got caught,or he is sorry cause CK outsmarted him.
    In normal countries Mr Chanda people resign after being caught…. resign
    I always say that when people like Amos are finally put in the dock you dont even need a prosecuter,just let the dull little twerp open his mouth and he is a gooner

    • Amos Chanda does lie for Lazy Lungu publicly he is very comfortable and his job is safe…the only crime in PF one can commit is challenge Lazy Lungu for 2021 or have aspiration for that seat.

  18. Chishimba Kambwili has finally met his match; personally am fed up with this man thinking he owns the northern half of Zambia. Again as alleged by Amos that Chishimba was complicit in the murder and injury of people over scrap metal, these suspected criminal acts should be investigated by the NPA. Laura has said nothing on those suspected to have been murdered and injured by Chishimba.

  19. A top state house official calling a citizen a dog and an aids patient. And the man being insulted is even older. Christian nation at its best. We are waiting for a statement from the church, the chief government spokeswoman and the President. Total moral decay, even if one is provoked are those the words one can use against a fellow human being created in Gods image.

  20. Well I feel that by retracting his statement, he has shown some measure of remorse and maturity, on this score i salute him, though I do not support the utterances in the first place.

    • Any want can retract their insults once they are caught red handed…only a docile gullible fooool would fall for it!!

  21. The filthy den of theives that is statehouse showing the world how low the presidents office of the republic of Zambia can sink…..sinking to levels lower than those of chawama pit latrines

  22. The position of Special Assistant for Press should be abolished, let the President speak for himself or through other senior civil servants at State House or the Chief Government Spokesperson. Or let the President appoint mature elderly people like Aka. When there was John Musukuma nothing of this sort happened. Most of the people that have held that portfolio have behaved like they had been bewitched, including Richard Sakala, they think they share the Presidency

  23. Pictures like that one on top of the story are what makes Chanda big headed. Rubbing shoulders with ministers he starts thinking he has the same rank as these elected office bearers who are not civil servants. He thinks because these ministers who are desperate to bootlick Lungu are bowing to him, he must be very important. No its Lungu they are bowing to. Chanda you are a civil servant. Behave

  24. It is wishful thinking to think ba Chagwa can fire anybody for misconduct. He only fires those who have presidential ambitions both within PF and opposition! It is up to those who have been stigmatized against to fight this one! People who look chipuba chipuba pamenso can be very uncouth and disappointing!


    • Laura can select who she can criticize..you dont pay her ..in fact she pays Amos Chanda’s salary do you know what a civil servant is??

  26. CK day in day out he insults President Lungu who is very old compared to him. Ck is just below 52 years and Ba ECL he insults is way above 60years. HH calls ECL/ MCS chimbwe no plan. Iwe Miti you did not tell HH to resign. So you should be fair in your judgement.

  27. You all insulting and castigating young Amos Chanda are stupid fools. Where were you when Kambwili was insulting the republican president. You children of vipers. Someone had to take on Kambwili and who better than a fellow bemba? You are just misers imwe akapolo supporting Kambwili. You want to talk about vulgar language, ask US presodent Donald Trump? Stop putting your heads in sand. Kambwili ni galu kwasila. His hatred for Edgar Lungu and those around him, defies common sense. Muli bakapoli bonse supporting Kambwili because he has been insulting our president as Zambians even in his sleep. Kambwili ajula maji eve and someone had to stand up to him. Kuja mwaja oonse akapolo asapota ka Kambwili. Aziletelela eve.

  28. If anyone insults or slaps a normal citizen, politician or someone else, it is wrong. If anyone does the same to that fat, uncouth twit called Kambwili, well done!! He deserves everything that comes his way. Laura should get a life. How does she stand up for such a clown?? Shuwa, is this the calibre of opposition or CSO Zambia deserves?? Abomination!!!

    • But that uncouth, man was appointed by Lazy Lungu as Govt spokesman and Minister of Information…what has changed

    • What changed is Kambwili is corrupt. He registered fake companies to give himself contracts and siphon money from grz. That’s why he’s in court and faking sickness and exposing his ugly, fat belly in public!!

  29. Mutobe ilibwe!!!!
    Why should Amos go? Why?
    Kambwili is playing that game. Provoking everyone trying to get to Eagle one.
    In the end Amos is human however diplomatic he may be. Kambwili is very lucky. But one of these days……! akalumba fye.

  30. My pray to the former Minister Hon Kambwili is to forgive Amos Chanda to all what he told you. Ba Hon God loves you so much forgive Amos to all what he told you find heart to forgive him. I know people will come to you and say a lot of things. Atibamudala umwaiche teti amituke filya mule muloleshafye do something eshibe that you are bigger than him, forget the same people when you take CHANDA to court and is locked up, again the same people they will start telling other people ati chimundala chalibipa umutima chalikakisha umwaiche wesu. Please forgive him if you do give him you may end up closing your blessings from God. Boss aya mesho God what’s you to have a heart which can be forgiving people. May God protect you and your family.

  31. Pick your battles carefully. Very carefully. Dununa Reverse was picked without knowing the consequences. Ni zanu izo! Let’s see how the war progresses.

  32. They say, “You are as good as the company you keep”. Clearly Amos’s arrogance speaks volumes. This is really going down low from the quality we had during KK’s era who had the likes of Mr Mapoma and Mr Mubita Lishomwa as advisors among others, very humble and dignified to where we are now.

  33. Hey ba Laura, Amos should not be reassigned…are you serious?? Amos should be gotten rid of asap because he has proved to be unprofessional and very insolent. I do agree that Amos’ uncouth behaviour has not nudged most of the general public or raised eye brows here and there but I must confirm that most people in diaspora are left wondering what type of leadership is being exhibited by those manning corridors of power…in any case Laura, we in diaspora are absolutely mortified!!!!

  34. #12.1 Lazy Jay Jay, I see that in your unguarded moment you have yet again confirmed what I have always said that trib.al h.h is indeed your tri.bal god. You even defend GBM because your tri.bal god’s name is mentioned? So far you have not condemned h.h for being annointed to succeed Mazoka on account of being a tonga have you? Nothing wrong with tongas but everything wrong with being a tribalist.
    Here is one for you to comment.: At a campaign rally in Chilililabombwe in 2016 h.h told the miners’ wives to deny their husbands se.x because they don’t support him. Now h.h was SEEKING THE HIGHEST OFFICE not the job of press assistant. Mr Lazy Tribal Jay Jay, what do you make of that? Also comment: tri.bal h.h chose GBM as running mate, we all know that GBM/GBV has far more vulgar language…

  35. #12.1 contd…..Also comment: tri.bal h.h chose GBM as running mate, we all know that GBM/GBV has far more vulgar language than 10 Amos Chandas + 10 Kambwilis combined. And yet due to trib.alist considerations h.h wanted him to be the second highest person in the land! Hs is still no. 2 but only to h.h thanks to us smart Zambian voters. Okay I hear that in certain tri.bes foul language is a norm, please confirm.
    Your thoughts please Mr Lazy Jay j? Yes even your tri.bal thoughts are welcome as an answer.

  36. Lazy Jay j…even Laura Miti, you support her simply because she seems to support tri.bal h.h. and makes good fodder for the ***** bulls. The moment she comes to her senses you will be the first one to call her a rat eating nsenga bitc.h. Well, if you and Katuka and tri.bal h.h must know, as a Miti she is no different from any Banda or Chulu!! Jusf as GBM will revert to monkey eater once he comes to his senses….very sunu!

  37. Pushed to the corner.
    i am surprised Amos fell for it. Once he realised that it was Ck was using another phone , he should have realised it was a set up , just told him to Fu! off and hang up the phone.
    CK is definitely not leadership material.

  38. ba mayo aba nabo ,katwishi, ck insults everyday and you support him,shame on you ka laura,viva amos,you should have punched him

    • Her actions just prove that she’s Upnd. She has never chastised opposition members including Kambwili who insult the president. Remember at one time Kambwili told the nation that he used to buy toilet paper for Mumbi Phiri and Laura didn’t stand with a fellow woman simply because she’s PF. Chanda could be wrong but people should be fair. Her fellow clown socalled Bishop Mambo just admitted that he had no proof of his accusations against Zambian judges.

  39. Am not Bemba but I have always wondered! What does Kabolala, Pompwe, Mwibile nsala etc mean? These words are usually said by CK against the president and Amos Chanda. Are they insults. If I could get answers to the above, then I would partly contribute to the Amos-CK duet.

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