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Muslim community commended for supplementing government efforts

Rural News Muslim community commended for supplementing government efforts

The Muslim Social Welfare Trust of Zambia and the Hansene International Project of Germany have been commended for supplementing government’s efforts in helping the vulnerable communities in rural areas.

Rufunsa District Commissioner Judith Chama said though Zambia is a Christian nation, it embraces all religions and appreciates the
support rendered by various stakeholders in uplifting the well-being of vulnerable people in the country.

ZANIS reports that Mrs Chama said the donation of food items by the Muslim community to Kulala Bena Action for children Zambia orphanage has come at a right time when people are receiving relief maize from government.

The Rufunsa District Commissioner was speaking when the Muslim Social Welfare Trust of Zambia in partnership with the Hasene International Project of Germany donated pre packed packs of 3Kg beef meat worth thousands of Kwachas to Kulala Bena Action for Children Zambia Orphanage, some elderly people in the community and vulnerable people in Rufunsa district today.

She said government appreciates the support it is receiving from co-operating partners such as the Muslim community in helping the
vulnerable in society.

And receiving the donation on behalf of the Kulela Bena Action for Children Zambia Orphanage Director Carol McBrandy thanked government
and the Muslim Social Welfare Trust with their partners Hasene International for considering them through this gesture.

Ms. McBrandy said the orphanage was grateful for the donation as it will supplement on their diet and urged them to continue helping the vulnerable in society.

Meanwhile, Hansene International Project Coordinator for Zambia, Yakup Gecgel said the organisation was committed to work with different organizations in supplementing Government efforts in uplifting the living standards of people.


  1. Be careful with Muslims in Zambia. All countries that are at war right now in this world are Muslim countries or the majority of that country are Muslims.

    Muslims don’t allow democracy at all. Muslims are now in all democratic countries because they take advantage of “freedom of Religion” which most of democratic countries have in their constitution. However, all Islamic countries have no freedom of Religion in their constitutional.

    The United Nations (UN) must force all member countries of (UN) to include freedom of religion in all their countries constitutions. This would bring about protection of people in the world. Because most of wars that we have now are faith related.

    • Islam is a terrible ideology! They believe that doing good deeds will get them to heaven. You can only get to heaven through our lord and saviour Jesus Christ! Their so called false prophet Muhammad At the age of 53 married a 6 year old. He in fact broke all of God’s 10 commandments. Being charitable is commendable but they have an ulterior motive. Muslims hate Christians and Jews their Koran teaches that. People beware don’t convert to Islam it’ll lead you into HELL.

  2. We are too careless in this country. Islam penetration in this country should worry all of us. They have a target of 2030 to turn this country into an Islamic state and we are all sleeping… Just look at how many mosques have been allowed to open. Wake Up Zambia!

  3. DJ7

    Why dont you set an example and do some charitable work yourself instead of muslim bashing ?

    As far as Im concerned we need to look at the actual work being done instead of concentrating first on WHO is the one doing it

    Also, these muslims did not restrict themselves to giving charity to their muslim brethren, they are giving charity to all, regardless of religion. Why then should we behave like bigots ?

    • Mwape

      I hope u are a Muslim. Answer me please? Why do u think Islam faith is spreading so fast in all democratic Christian countries and Christianity is dying in all Islamic countries?

      Do u seriously believe those work Muslims are doing in zambia are purely humanitarian or is a Muslim faith propaganda?

  4. Christianity as a national philosophy has failed, so leave Muslims alone. Both Amos Chanda and Kambwili are Christians but look at how they’re behaving. Malawi and Mozambique have majority Muslims, are they at war? Little knowledge is dangerous

  5. When is this govt going to provide services always being supplemented in everything whilst the lazy about contracting loans for overpriced projects.

  6. Came on ! why should any reasonable person stand to criticize Islam,Christianity like wise the bible commands every believing person to do good ,help the poor and live according its norms,it is very shameful to say in this country only a handful are living as Christians by action and the majority are engulfed in the proclamation of Christian nation all by word of mouth.Lets all check our standing Muslims and Christians worship the same God why are same people so hateful when they ear about who s doing good works than they do to most of the evil acts which has claimed a lot of youthful life in our land.Never be cheated by the mainstream media Islam is a peaceful religion. I commend the government for its effort in recognizing the little effort from its cooperating partners.To all the…

    • Muslim and Christians do not worship the same God! Allah In the Koran is completely different to our God In the Holy Bible. Besides they say Jesus was just a prophet and not the son of God. The Koran is satanically (allah) inspired where as the Bible is the inspired word of God.

  7. @Non entity ,You are equally miss informed as your name suggests and if you are a believer you need to ask for forgiveness from Allah.Allah is God in Arabic even the Arabic Bible calls him so.

    • It’s embarrassing that the Christian God had a child with a woman that wasn’t his wife, is that what you call inspired?

  8. Judging from some of the comments proves that Zambia’s are very ignorant when it comes to Islam and global affairs.
    Is it any wonder that the Chinese are taking over mother Zambia lock stock & barrel.
    The take over of Zambia by Chinese is something to be more concerned about than some Muslims doing some charity work.
    Politicians wallets are getting thicker while Zambians are getting poorer.

  9. It’s very unfortunate that some individuals are insulting the religion of islam. Islam is the best religion on earth. I would suggest you people read about Islam.

  10. To Ayatollah. I got very concerned on a comment to say the Christian God had a child with a woman. I’m very sure you are not a Christian. What you do not understand, you will criticize. The truth will not be shaken. That is God the Holy Spirit and whoever insults the Holy Spirit shall never be forgiven.

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