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ZEMA takes Lusaka City Council to Court over Uncollected Garbage

General News ZEMA takes Lusaka City Council to Court over Uncollected Garbage

Uncollected garbage in Lusaka
Uncollected garbage in Lusaka

Lusaka City Council has been charged for failing to remove waste and restore garbage dumping areas in some parts of Kanyama and Misisi compounds. The council has been slapped with two counts for managing garbage in a manner which creates significant risk of an adverse effect and other two counts of failure to restore sites, where garbage had been illegally dumped.

The charges are in accordance with Section 54 and Section 60 of the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) Act. ZEMA has also charged Lusaka Town Clerk, Alex Mwansa and Council Director of Public Health, Edgar Mulwanda, in their official capacities in the local authority.

ZEMA Corporate Affairs Manager, Irene Chipili says the council will be prosecuted for the four counts, and this relates to a Site Restoration Order, issued on August 1, 2018.

Below is the full statement




For Immediate Release


The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) has charged Lusaka City Council (LCC) for failure to fully comply with Site Restoration Orders issued on 1st August, 2018. Pursuant to Section 60 of the Environmental Management Act No. 12 of 2011 (“EMA”), LCC was ordered to remove waste in parts of Garden, Kanyama and Misisi townships and the Town Centre and restore the sites to a condition satisfactory to ZEMA. The Council was also ordered to take action that would prevent the continuation of disposal of waste at the stated sites.

The Agency carried out compliance inspections of the stated sites and found that LCC did not fully comply with the Orders. In view of the above, LCC will be prosecuted on four counts for:

  1. Two counts for the offence of Managing waste in a manner that results in an adverse effect or creates a significant risk of an adverse effect occurring in respect of the two sites in Misisi and Kanyama respectively contrary to Section 54 of the EMA; and

  2. Two counts for the offence of failure to comply with Site Restoration Orders issued in respect of Misisi and Kanyama sites respectively contrary to Section 60 subsections (3) and (4) of the EMA.

In addition, pursuant to Section 126 of the EMA, Mr. Alex Mwansa and Mr. Edgar Mulwanda have been charged in their official capacities as Town Clerk and Director of Public Health at the LCC respectively. To this end, the two stand charged together with LCC with four counts as above.

The offences were committed on dates unknown but between 1st day of January, 2018 and 11th August, 2018 in Lusaka District. The matter will come up for allocation and possible plea before the Lusaka Magistrate court on 30th August, 2018.

ZEMA is committed to ensuring that Local Authorities play their role in managing waste in their jurisdictions and subsequently, protecting our environment.

Issued by: Irene Lungu Chipili

Manager – Corporate Affairs

Zambia Environmental Management Agency

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    • As long as there are no systems, garbage will pile up, soweto market stinky-black-mud will come in rainy season & then cholera will strike again.
      Even if you bring in Lungu in overalls & gumboots & shovels & banyamazai soldiers again, Lusaka will always be a garbage city.
      Solid waste management system is the only solution.

    • This is the city where clueless Lungu lives. He was all waked up after that deadly cholera outbreak a few months ago. He started singing about Keep Zambia green, clean and healthy. But some of us knew that he didn’t really mean it. There’s no proper functioning system of garbage collection in Zambia, because clueless Lungu either doesn’t know what to do, or he just doesn’t care. His singing Keep Zambia clean was just all talk but no action. This is a shame. Why can’t this guy learn from Paul Kagame? He travels to very clean countries abroad. Can’t he learn anything about cleanliness? How can you attract tourists keeping the country filthy like this? These images of piles of garbage are what comes up if you search for Lusaka even on YouTube. Clueless lazy Lungu will be…

    • (continued)… remembered as the guy who oversaw Zambia’s achieving the dirtiest country in Africa status. What a shame.

    • Let them sale their luxury SUVs and then they’ll be able to pay these fines. A council that doesn’t even put up drainage and fails to put dustbins where they are needed. Lusaka, Ndola and Kitwe are swamped with the latest and most expensive luxury SUVs yet these towns are proper underdeveloped sh!tholes. Development mist start with all of us I don’t blame only govt but the private sector for being part of this problem.

    • Zambia is waking up! It’s now happening..:

      The s is what we call institutional led democracy… not the president asking residents to flush their toilets!

      This is good news but early days!

      Well done Zambia!

  1. ……you will also see the corrupt theives posing for photo opportunities pretending to be cleaning when cholera strikes….

    Where is ka miles Sampa ?

  2. This is the only way these incompetent foools will collect rubbish ….they have trucks but the Directors are using them to ferry blocks and cement to their illegally acquired plots dotted all over the city.

  3. Meanwhile miles sampa is busy harassing council workers with dismal,striping a council police inspector of his Ranks, at kulimatower just because the council police answered the mayor that it was Not his job to enforce carbage collection, taking Gold tv crew to spy on council police and embarrasing them that they shouldnt be forcefull in aprehending street vendors, but the same day in the morning he had a meeting with council police telling them at the president said No street vendors. Why side with pf cadres instead of council workers if u want to achieve your goals

  4. Elo these P.F, Munkhwele’s want to establish an Airline, YET CANNOT cope with the simple task of cleanliness, & Garbage collection?
    I really despair @ the thought of Rats, Cockroaches, & Ma2uvi, strewn all over “Zambia Scareways”, as filth is now the norm in Zed, including passengers risking their lives jumping on a plane partly managed by Kaponya n’gwangwazi P.F. Cadres.

  5. These guys don’t care. It’s not them paying out of their pockets but the council and that is public funds. It’s just another way of fundraising.

  6. Elo these Plunderers Federation, Munkh.wele’z want to establish an Airline, YET CANNOT cope with the simple task of cleanliness, & Garbage collection?
    I really despair @ the thought of Makh.oswe, Cock-roaches, & M.a-2uvi, strewn all over “Zambia Scareways”, as filth is now the norm in P.F. Zed.
    The thought of passengers risking their lives, jumping on a plane partly managed by Ka.ponya n’gwangwazi P.F. Cadrez, is enough to give one sleepless nights.

  7. Good job ZEMA ,now take Lungu & Co , my own cousins ,the small time roadside vendors and even me to court if we litter.There should be ABSOLUTELY no sacred cows when it comes to a clean Zambia.

  8. Come to the Copperbelt solid waste management where workers have gone for 10months without pay.The ministery has given us assurances to help but four months down the line nothing.Come rain season they will need us….what a shame,monies

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