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Non-violent election cardinal for economic development-Lungu

General News Non-violent election cardinal for economic development-Lungu

President Edgar Lungu at State House
President Edgar Lungu at State House
President Edgar Lungu says a collective desire for peace, security and development is a common vision for the Southern African Community (SADC.

President Lungu who praised Zimbabwe for conducting a peaceful transition where President Emmerson Munangagwa was declared winner, said it is possible for any country to hold free and non-violent elections provided all political players respected the rule of law.

In an interview with ZANIS in Zimbabwe, where he attended the inauguration ceremony of President Munangagwa, the head of state said Zambia must learn a lesson from Zimbabwe on how that country managed to conduct a free and non-violent election.

“We must not feel shy to learn from one another, in fact Zimbabwe is a student of Zambia on how to conduct a peaceful election,” President Lungu said.

“We really need to praise Zimbabwe for the strides it has made in bringing peace in the country,” he added.

The Zimbabwean constitutional court dismissed the electoral petition filed by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa.

Notable African Leaders who attended the ceremony included, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, South African Head of state Cyril Ramaphosa, Congo’s Joseph Kabila and President Lungu among others.

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  1. While violence seems to be receeding in Zambia, its place is being taken up by taxes. We are chocked. Please remove for lower taxes on your political slogan – PF. I am PF but wont pretend, I am a realist. I can manage all these taxes, how can PAYE be 37.5% for some people, that is taking half of somebody’s pay if you add the other taxes VAT,borehole,30 ngwee, WHT,Road,Tolls, and the many others. That cant be right, whether the government is broke or not.

    • Elections seem non-violent for the simple reason that there is a very discriminate application of POA. The opposition are very rarely allowed to have public addresses outside an election campaign period. This does not help new partys that are looking to grow their base. There is this stup1d notion that rallies should only be during election while the sitting party in government is constantly having public addresses and strengthening their hold on power. Shame fake democracy!!!!

  2. “The Zimbabwean constitutional court dismissed the electoral petition filed by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa.“

    If it was the other way I don’t think will be praising the Constitution court, there’s nothing to learn from Zimbabwe.

    The military ushered in Emmerson Mnangagwa, I don’t think the ready to relinquish power yet.

  3. it is a shame that we have to learn from Zimbabwe on free elections; meanwhile Mapenzi and others are gone because Lungu could not say no violent ideas from Kaizer, Mumbi, Mumbi and Kamba et al;

  4. Lungus is a total fraud…..during our elections he encouraged PF thugs to hack opponents and throw tribal tirades on national broadcast…

    This man from chawama who lost his licence because of defrauding a client is a real theif….lier and hypocrite. I for one have no respect for theives…

    Let him have a free for all press conference and let’s see how he will answer…

  5. Pangas at Mulungushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe during PF inter elections where Edgar was elected is not violent. Thank sir.

    • It is your wishful thinking. Unfortunately, your Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation is a driving force of political violence.

  6. What peaceful transition? Lives were lost and there has been a backlash on opposition leaders since. This man (ECL) is a shame to values and principles designed to protect free existence of humanity. 6 persons shot dead is peaceful transition? (not to mention the witch-hunt that followed) How many need to be killed for it to be determined as non-peaceful? Why is this pretence allowed?

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