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Development has eluded some areas in the Zambia because of always voting for opposition-Wina

Headlines Development has eluded some areas in the Zambia because of always...

FILE: Vice President Inonge Wina waves at the people upon arrival in Kabwe for the official opening of the fertilizer plant

Vice President Inonge Wina says development has eluded some areas in the country because of always voting for opposition representatives.

Ms. Wina says because of voting for the opposition, representatives in the affected areas often times shun interacting with government structures so as to share ideas on how to address challenges affecting the electorate they represent in parliament.

ZANIS reports that the Vice President said this last evening when she addressed a public meeting at Kyafukuma primary school to drum up support for Patriotic Front ( PF) candidate, Patson Kyaba for the forthcoming Kamalamba ward local government by-elections slated for September 6, 2018.

The Kamalamba ward seat which fell vacant following the defection the incumbent, Edward Samwata from United Party for National Development (UPND) to PF is contested by Mr Kyaba of PF and Benjamin Nkanka from UPND, respectively.

The Vice President has therefore, urged people of Kyafukuma in Solwezi to vote a PF candidate who will always be in daily interaction with government structures from the district to the Presidency level.

“ President Lungu does not segregate any area in the country with regards development as can be evidenced with massive developments in Northwestern province such as the construction of most expensive roads like the Solwezi-Chingola road, “ she stated.

Speaking at the same meeting, Gender minister, Elizabeth Phiri advised the PF candidate to serve the people of the ward as their servant and not their boss when he is voted into office.

Ms Phiri assured people of Kamalamba ward that as a party they will ensure that development is delivered to the area through their servant.

And Mr. Kyaba appealed to the electorates in the area to vote for him so that he can facilitate addressing their challenges which he is conversant with as he is a local person of the area.

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    • Give example of 2 “progressive” women in Zambia. I am sure you are thinking of Dora and Mumbi Phiri.
      I know 2: Laura Miti and Victoria Kalima ( hooo she died!!)

    • H*****. Gerrout of my country.

      So they are paying heavy taxes to develop other areas? They should immediately stop and you should resign on moral grounds.

    • Clearly a stup1d and carelesa statement to come from a stup1d and f00lish PF VP.

      For sure this is clear evidence that PF government is for PF supporters only and not for all the Zambians

      PF must be removed by any means possible.

    • Are the residents and natives of these areas exempted from paying tax? Why should you take their taxes and then deny them development? True as it may be this is a very an unfortunate statement.

    • Pilato was talking sense tonite on Ask Muvi TV …I hope our dull resident cadres tuned if they had enough talktime

    • Clueless Lungu said the same thing when he was campaigning for Lusaka city mayor. If you vote for opposition instead of PF, he’ll not get any funding from PF for development. That’s what this old lady is saying too. And that’s a shame. We’re all Zambians and all parts of Zambia must be developed equally, regardless of what party the representative of the province, or district belongs to. Tribal politics should not be entertained in Zambia. Shame on you old lady and shame on clueless Lungu.

    • Kenya’s Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu has been arrested by police investigating allegations of corruption….in Zambia this can never happen its whistle-blowers who are arrested…next time you see World leaders visiting Kenya and ask why there is your answer.

    • Was she given that statement by kaiser to paint her black so she could be fired? There is more to this than meets the eyes.
      Lungu wants to appoint some one from the north to be VP. Names being floated include Kambwili and others who have left the PF party.

      My thinking but I have rarely got it wrong.

    • Kutumpa uku please also exempt the people that don’t vote for you from paying taxes and your #nonsensical speech or statement will be justified. So u are happy that women in these areas do not even have decent facilities to deliver babies??? This shouldn’t be coming from a woman 🙁

  1. Its you ill fitting Vitenge hindering progress madam, Resign and pave way for progressive younger people! Twanaka.

  2. Look at HER. How can help these PF to think?
    People slept on cold sands of Kalabo after the fire burnt their village. Can’t you leave that campaign to go and see disaster?

  3. That is the imorality of lungus GRZ , from guns brandishing mayors to political advisers wrecking GRZ cars to state house aids insulting recklessly to VPs openly saying if you don’t vote PF you won’t get development……..

    What a cesspit of immorality led by lungu….Zambia has been drawn 10 years backwards bane…

  4. So she has finally admitted though indirectly that development will only be taken to areas where their votes come from. This is akin to bribing the electorate.

  5. Shallow political campaign strategies has been the primary cause, PF has always been on the quest to establish their mandate and popularity at an expense of punishing people who have a different political view. Talk of the distribution of CDF, it is highly selective and road construction projects just to mention a few.

  6. Why do we cheat ourselves that we are a Multiparty Democracy where it’s supposed to be a competition of ideas and not parties and tribes?
    The VP has just confirmed that Development will only go to PF represented areas which in effect amounts to Economic Apartheid and a mockery of our One Zambia One Nation motto! It is therefore proper to address the president and his vice as President / Vice Presidents of PF and NOT Zambia! It shows clearly that we are back to one party participatory democracy!

    • We all pay tax but if you vote for another party other than PF you will not get an equal share of the cake…where is dull media chief Sunday Chanda? Please take your bosses for civic tutorials

  7. This is where Zambia’s multi-party democracy has been reduced to…cheap politicking …listen to what Old Hen Bo Inonge is saying …surely how can you even give such senior people respect spewing this nonsense. When it comes to paying tax you are not selective..its really sad..I bet you she wouldn’t say the same thing if she was in Western Province.

  8. Bo Gogo Inonge, is the PF using party money to develope the country or is it money from every opposition and your party s monies that is keeping you guys flying around the country campaigning? Madame I gave you more credit than what you are exposing. Enjoy whilst it lasts, your day will come to answer charges.

  9. Sad that this is coming from the old lady. Some of us held her in high esteem until she dribbled Guy Scott and team. That was the first indication that she’s very slippery. Development should be evenly taken to the whole country, regardless of political preferences of people in some places.

  10. Boma Wina?
    You know that that is ignorant talk.

    It is criminal for any government anywhere to deny its citizens development for any reasons at all.

  11. What a lame statement. Perhaps Zambia isn’t ready for democracy. How can such a high ranking ruling party member display such poor political maturity?

  12. Ms Wina that means its an indictment and a guilty verdict on your misguided PF leadership for playing politics with development.

  13. Imwe akapolo instead of listening to the wisdom of a mother, you want to castigate her. Mapolo yako imwe tonse. Buruya we. Ask GBM what he has done for Northen province. Ask Hakainde Hichelema what he has done for southern province since he became UPND president? I miss late president Anderson Mazoka with my heart. Mulabeja imwe aa ng’ombe ilede and I am in between. Stupid *****s making noise. Do you even know her late husband Arthur Wina was one of our freedom fighters? You children of vipers. Reasoning helps that hatred imwe amambala akapolo.

  14. We are living in well informed Age, Showing aggression (Pumping up fist from President Lungu, and PF leaders) to innocent people as no room because of our well we are in formed.

  15. Very disappointing words from Agogo Inonge Wina.So in those opposition strongholds there are no tax payers? Why should people be punished for electing leaders of their choice? No wonder why they are buying off some people to defect to their party to make it seem as if their party is still popular.No wonder this PF has killed democracy in this country.

  16. I lost respect for Inonge when she kept quiet over Mapenzi’s death; what progress do you expect from such a woman whose concern is just for her own belly; doesn’t GRZ collect taxes from all Zambians? which provinces bring in more income in Zambia?

  17. I thought the Budget is compiled by Minister of Finance and projects are supervised by Executive Branch. So, it id MP’s who allocate?

  18. Here we GO! Bo Inonge are you telling us that if people vote for the opposition they cease to be Zambians and the Govt of the day should only take development to areas which voted for them. No madam this is not the way to go, remember these people continue paying taxes, working for the same people they did not vote for etc

  19. Distribution of wealth in the Country should be even.Regardless of the volting pattern.
    Besides,we dont want Zambia to go back to one party state.
    North western Province brings in a lot of Tax revenue from Copper mines.They deserve a fair share of Zambia’s wealth.
    What about Western Province mama.

  20. I think most of the negative comments above are just misguided and twisted because what Mrs. Wina is saying is that opposition MPs and Councillors refuse to work with the govt and as such the govt cannot dream that the people of Kamalamba are lagging behind in terms of development because their representatives both in parliament and councils refuse to work with govt. She is not saying if you vote for opposition you will not see development but that the opposition that you always vote for refuse to interact with govt as far development is concerned . She has qualified her statement and for sure upand down has told its mps and councilors not to work with PF govt, and who suffers? the electorate and not #hungryhyena.

    • @Shadreck, I dont agree with you. The national budget gets inputs from the provincial administration and this covers all wide ranging projects regardless of the political divide the representatives come from. What she was communicating in a subtle way is the funding of the projects. Remember any plan (Budget) requires funding and the person with the purse is the one who has power to determine which project to fund. In this case PF has the purse and as said by Old Inonge, they will determine which areas to fund. How sad!

  21. This article or report (call it anything) doesn’t make sense. How does voting for an opposition candidate prevent development? Is it that the MPs resist development efforts? Is it that there are skirmishes between different interests that render such areas ungovernable? Could the reporter please tell us exactly what this report means? Other than that it is a waste of space. It is like a one-party era propaganda report about things that do not exist.

  22. Sounded like PF SG!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you noticed HE ECL’s reaction to the people & leadership. He’s becoming incensed or irritated by people begging for assistance. He resorted to telling them to work hard and stop being lazy. Not only look to government. You know. Its politics of appeasement like her honour the VP. Reality, will dawn on everyone, hunger, disease & poverty befalls. including those who voted for you. Soon they will start booing you. Go ask Rupiya. Already, you cant distribute farming inputs, No salaries for civil servants. Not withstanding the gun totting Mayor.

  23. Such talk shouldn’t be coming from a senior figure like her. The same way taxes are collected from every Zambian should be the way development goes or stop collecting taxes in opposition dominated areas such as North western and see what will happen to the already constrained economy of ours. Tell people what you will do for them not what you wont

  24. Zambian its finished, i dont recall KK,MWANAWASA going to campaign for a WARD COUNCILLOR. Thats suppose to be pa local level, without provincial leadership, only funding from provincial. Waste of tax payers.

  25. I was looking for the comment of Mumba Sr since he agrees with everything PF says and spits on anything UPND says or does

  26. She actually said that? So this whole government is just saving it’s politics and not out to develop the country. No wonder they are being punished with massive debt and a dwindling economy.

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