Fire has swept through the whole of Namanda village in Chief Imbwae’s chiedfdom, in Libonda ward, gutting 13 houses to ashes.

Kalabo District Commissioner Fridah Luhila confirmed the incident during a Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) emergency meeting held in her office on Friday.

Mrs. Luhila who is also DMMU Kalabo Chairperson said the incident happened yesterday, adding that the cause of fire is unknown.

She said an estimated 80 people have been affected including a woman who sustained burns, adding that an emergency response team evacuated her to hospital for medical attention.

She said the victim sustained the burns during her attempt to salvage household goods.

Mrs. Luhila said the affected families were in urgent need of relief aid in terms of food, tents and cooking utensils.

By press time, a technical team had rushed to the affected village to carry out a comprehensive assessment of demographic, health status, value of gutted property as well as short-term and long-term intervention measure to address the disaster.

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    • If I were president I could postpone by-elections and go to help poor people in Kalabo.
      It’s sad sad sad situation. I am just imagining if it was my village in Luapula, we have 26 houses there.


    • Patriotic Fires again.

      I just wonder what minerals are in this area.

      I even wonder which Chinese firm has been contracted to explore these minerals.

      We have a clear pattern of fires on prime land in Zambia.

      These are coincidences comrades.

      The devil is working overtime.


    • @Ndanje, yes thatched, only 2 with tin roofs. I am worried to belong to a government who don’t help us the poor.


  1. The work of PF theives , you can almost see that there will soon be a proposal form the PF theives in GRZ to sell fire warning systems to villages…..


    • It’s nice you’re living in England so that you don’t have too much pressure from your hatred against fellow human beings.



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