Miles Sampa threatens to shoot illegal plot sellers


Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has caused a stir when he posed with a pistol on Facebook and threatened to deal with those he called illegal plot sellers.

On Monday, Mr Sampa was almost roughed up by a group of mostly PF youths when he went to inspect some illegally sold plots across the city.

The youths demanded that Mr Sampa stops interfering in their operations saying they did not vote for him as Mayor in order for him to come and cause confusion.

But in a bizarre move, Mr Sampa posted on his Facebook page photos of him holding a pistol and striking a James Bond pose.

The post which was later deleted had the accompanying message.

“To the illegal plots sellers who abushed me yesterday, I know you and know those that sent you. This is how I will be reporting for field and office work. In case the Police delay in protecting me, I am equal to the task. See you when you come again,” Mr Sampa wrote.


  1. The boy Sampa is back to his old tricks …his head has already inflated…remember when he offered $5000 for the information of the whereabouts of owners of ZWD.

    • So the whole time they were jeering him his thoughts were just about blowing their brains out? Kwena PF leadership..other think HIV positive people are dogs, and Lusaka’s elected problem solver thinks the gun is the way to go. Awe chashupa

    • That is PF and Edgar for you. Violence and guns. Kaizer Zulu is the same. What example is the Sampa as Mayor sending to his cadres?

    • What the fuuuuck??? Is Lusaka Mexico City now? Arrest that son of a b, Miles.
      Amazing that people can start playing with guns like this. From Kaizer to Miles.
      Where is the President of a Christian Nation?

    • Am so pissed off, Zambians screwed yet again.
      What was wrong with Pastor Kabanana as Mayor. What was wrong with Saboi?

    • There is the ignorant boy Sampa now giving an interview to BBC and he is showing it live ..”Live interview with BBC Radio on my kidnapping incident that happened yesterday”….the boy doesn’t know that he is scoring an own goal against his own govt about the lawlessness in the country. BBC are laughing at them

    • @Nostradamus, i never seen you draw out a gun even since I started drinking with tequila, it’s over ten years now, I only saw once when you slapped one kaponya pa kangwe. Those days when we were in Zambia when mulenga sata used to sell….. You know what I mean,,,
      Where is your cousin getting these manners?? ,, you are peaceful, and so is your family.

    • Really laughable ….Fossil Chikwanda’s daughter Mwamba, Sampa’s nemesis is going to have a field day with this performance!!

    • @Ndobo, boyi you know me well, I can’t touch such stuff like pistol. You got memories, the guy I slapped looks like Lusambo, I always have feeling it could be him kaa.
      Worse Kaizer and Miles are always there shaking hands with Ba Edgar, it is scary.



      The caliber of PF00Lish leaders never ceases to amaze me. This was one PF00L who wanted to be republican president. Everyone from Kaizer zulu, Munir zulu now kilometers sampa.

      He would have been brandishing military tanks & jets agains his own Panga family boyz.

  2. No one can brandish a weapon in public threatening….
    Take this guy to task…
    He seems to have grown too big for his boots….

    • Imagine if all politicians and every Joe Public paraded their concealed guns on social media..the Police would go crazy…anyway Lusaka you voted for him especially those who did not vote you contributed as well

    • Really laughable ..are you requesting lazy lungu to do what? He can not control Amos who is in his office spewing profanity you think he can control a Mayor…you people don’t know how powerful an elected Mayor is.

    • Just post one comnent and fucoff. Busy trailing every post of other people. Umungulu. You remind me of a guy back in the days who used to follow people anyhow without bothering where they’re going. He would start with one and end up with 20 to and fro on the same route. Dont you have anything better to do in life than busy commenting on fake stories.

    • No one is forcing you to read them….really laughable…I told you to go to Night School and brush up on your metrics

  3. If you show your would be attackers that you are armed …do you honestly think they will come with fists next are putting the security of your staff and your council guard at risk you silly boy Sampa. You are a Mayor not a playboy mafia you moron…Lusaka you vote for silly boys this is what you get!!

    • The Mayor has forgotten that thanks to his useless uncle ‘s leadership even party cadres have guns in PF.As someone commented this Sampa is a f00l for even showing them that he is armed.

  4. That is what lungu likes to see from his inner circle… indispline , even Mexican drug gangs would find it hard to compete with the circus from state house….

    • He know thinks he is a Mafia mob boss give him a year in the job and he will confiscating docile Lusaka resident’s daughters for fun!!

  5. Abushed? Yakwisa word iyi? A mayor who cannot spell but since he is PF no surprises kaili it is a party led by the dull for the dull.

  6. Who is supposed to fire this Mayorless before he kills innocent citizens?
    Ba PF, sort out your mess since he is your prodigal son! Mulenga Sata would have represented you better!
    Those who live by the Sword will perish by the Sword!

    • Mulenga Sata!!!!!!!!!!!!
      This is what i say when I say some people are gullible and ignorant….do you not remember that Sata was once Mayor of Lusaka?

  7. kkkkkk yaba and this is the leadership they were bragging about? This chap is nothing but a wannabe whose ego is over inflated and soon will cause mayhem if is he is not checked. Of all the distinguished people of Lusaka, this is the best you can come up with? Professor Amata has prophesied something concerning this villain and turn coat, do not say you were not warned.

    • Watch the video of ” the group of angry and hungry PF cadres mob Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa over money and plots” on Zambian Landscape – Facebook page. The country has turned into a lawless country controlled by Kaponyas.

    • Christians do not need a prophet to know a clown. Sampa has always been one. The problem is, all the candidates in this years mayoral race were clowns too.

  8. One minute you are kneeling in church the next moment you are threatening people with a gun. Abena Centimeters baliko bad

  9. The message Miles is communicating is let there be sanity in plot allocation. Cadres alone didn’t usher in Miles into office but ordinary people of Lusaka voted and are looking for equity in plots allocation. Please control the thugs and shouldn’t take you on guilt trip thinking 91 thousand votes came from them alone. These cadres have acquired plots and in turn sell to unsuspecting people at highly inflated prices.

  10. This aint news, next. Sampa please lets be civil naimwe, you can see now that the little life left in UPND start gasping over your photos. Remember, you got work and better things to do, to bring Sanity to Lusaka. For instance, tell the RTSA that the signage they are putting for the Speed Cameras are below standards and done in haste. We the residents and motorists of Lusaka need proper, visible from 200m, world standards Signages not the crap the RTSA has put up, please. And also lrets go and ask our colleagues in UK the type of paints they use for their road markings not these fake paints which fade after a day of painting.
    Lets emulate other cities and what they do for their residents.

  11. A cadre is never your friend ,don’t know why politicians think highly of these cadres. They will beat you ,when you not in power and when you don’t give them what they want.

    • That is actually the language that these cadres will understand. There is just too much lawlessness perpetrated by these so-called cadres. They do not even understand the meaning of the term “cadre”. They think that is means “being above the law”, unfortunately so do the Police.


    • But the President is busy dancing on campaign platforms in EP talking about tribalism between Chewas and Nsengas…when there are serious issues in the capital. Both President and Veep are out of town …no wonder the juniors are stepping up as there is no leadership

  13. LOL, this country has just been down graded from a Banana Republic to a Comic republic. The rule of laws seem outdated. PF is determined to achieve the worst country in Africa award. Going by these indicator ie. corruption, Cholera, electoral violence, debt, we are doing fine.

  14. Topic is beneath me really, I will leave that to underlings, Lazy Jay Gay and his god Hacks included.

  15. One topic of interest for me was the gracing of traditional ceremonies by paramount chiefs from different tribes. Chitimukulu among Luvales, Gawa Undi in Lealui, The esteemed most high Litunga among Chewas in Mkaika etc. In contrast, Lwiindi ceremony graced by a triba.l politician, of the same tribe for that matter. Southern continues to score low marks in triba.l harmony. That tribe risks extinction like the dinosaurs, because they are unable to change.

  16. At least kitwe has a great mayor,who does not need guns or the police but dialogue, we thank God for him.As for this man let us pray for him.

    • How many times should he be prayed for?
      A few weeks ago Miles invoked the hand of South African prophet Brian Sovi to cast any spells from his way as he leads the greater city of Lusaka.
      The prophet prayed for Sampa‘s office and official car in a ritual reminiscent of seeking spiritual cover.

  17. People are saying ‘cadres this and cadres that’. Who facilitated the growth of the cadre culture? The same PF officials and government leaders including Sampa. What is taking place now is an off shoot of the kind of politics and underlying social economic situation. It’s akin to a pack of wolves that previously hunted together and shared the spoils. But you then later watch them tearing into each other at a time of scarcity or excessive individual greed within the pack.
    More often, robbers who worked together to pillage and loot, invariably differ during the sharing process.

  18. Just legalise those plots because they where sold by cadres representing ruling parties from mmd under ftj chiluba,lpm,rb,up to the pf under mcs and now under ecl.these cadres are directed by some senior ruling party officials and proceeds are shared as such.grbbing them wil bring misery to the owners who are the very electorate that ushered the mayor into office.legalise them so that the council can start collecting land that no one looses completely.

  19. The pf is a pro poor government ,so legalise those plots to help the poor electorates who voted for you into office so that a 50 50 situation where poor man wl feel empowerd and the council increases its revenue base through collection of rates.legalising them is the best way to help comon man .

  20. Believe me, if this was a UPND official, he or she would be with the police. Lungu would be farting all day about violence. He supports stup!d stuff from his cadres like this Deputy Finance Minister turned into Mayor.

  21. Is lawful to carry a firearm in public in Zambia? To make matters worse, the mayor displaying a gun for the media. What message are we sending to the public? Now all the illegal guns will come out. Where is the leader of this sh!t hole?

  22. Barbaric son of a bi… To him violence is good. Others have bigger guns not that toy you are holding boss. You cant shoot everyone you quarrel with thats barbaric and for a mayor for that matter.
    This guy is a mental case!!!!

  23. the pose he playing the pistol shows he’s never played a gun. the holster shd be at right side not left since his strong hand is the right one. then he shd not put any other finger right behind the slide, coz if you shoot with this pose your figure will be cut by the slide immediately after firing. then the last he should never let his figure go into the trigher guard unless he is ready to shoot some target. So Mr.Sampa should keep distance with any firearms coz the way he playing it may finally lead him to kill his friend or family member by mistake or just injure himself.

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