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I own several guns, will start boxing lessons for self-protection-Miles Sampa

General News I own several guns, will start boxing lessons for self-protection-Miles Sampa

Miles Sampa at the PF media Forum
Miles Sampa at the PF media Forum

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has claimed that thugs involved in illegal land allocation almost kidnapped him on Monday when he went to inspect a plot that they wanted to sell illegally in Lusaka.

And Mr Sampa says he has resolved to start going to the gym in order to improve his boxing skills for self-protection.

In an interview following wide condemnation after he posted a photo a photo in which he was brandishing a gun, Mr Sampa said he owns several guns which are licensed.

He said has been owning guns for a long time as part of self-protection measures since he entered politics and that all his guns are licensed.

Mr Sampa said he has very young children whom he would not want to grow up fatherless.

He said he will do anything possible to protect himself from thugs who are threatening his life.

Explaining why he deleted the post on his Facebook page, Mr Sampa said some senior PF members spoke to him and advised him to delete the post.

He said initially, he had stood his ground to have the post remain when his media team advised him to have it deleted but that that the senior PF members made him change his mind.

Mr Sampa said his resolve to be mobbing with guns and taking up boxing lessons does not mean that the City of Lusaka is unsafe.

He said the incident on Monday when he was roughed up by some PF youths was an isolated one but that he will not leave anything to chance

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  1. it is Lungu who is testing you if you are strong? ka Lungu nika mambala sana, that is why he is called Koswe
    ahahahahahahahaha,, I am following this episode

    Sampa ukose

    • Does it mean if you are a boxer you cannot be beaten or if you have a gun you cannot be killed? No, it depends on who is faster between two or more people trying to box or fire at each other. Who thought Sony Liston, Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson would ever be beaten in the prime of their boxing careers. And who thought a notorious criminal like Nevers Kapenda who was good at handling a gun would himself be gunned down. As I have always said, Miloshi Sampa is immature for public office.

    • Boxing alone will not suffice.

      Try kick-boxing together with some form of Kung Fu, and weapons training.

      That pot belly has to go as well, in case you have to run for your life.

      I commend you for defending yourself, and your family.

      My advice to you is that keep your weapons and skill secret, because now your enemies know what you are capable of. Now that they know you will carry guns, they will bring cannons and tanks.

      Or they might just resort to witchcraft.

  2. Sampa add diginity to the the office & the party. Your new office is supported by council police & going to fight over one plot does not sound mayoral. There is alot of illegal land activity in lusaka but your one plot strategy is suspicious.

  3. Mr. Sampa!! this is not the way as a leader, you need to be the first one to demonstrate that you have confidence in the govt wings that are in place for protection of every single Zambian. I totally disagree with your perception and approach in regard with this matter as it sending a wrong message to the public.

    • imagine the mayor of a capital city saying ” I was kidnapped for one hour” was he kidnapped as a mayor or as Miles Sampa?If he can be kidnapped in both capacities, what more iwe na ine? Just asking. This guy is really a letdown.

    • @Mukaya Simubali, I think by posting what he did, Miles Sampa is telling us the opposite of what you want him to demonstrate. Sampa has demonstrated to us that the Govt wings cannot fully protect you against cadres. This behaviour of Sampa is sending an accurate message to the public, that when you step on the illegal dealings of cadres, you will not be protected, because the police fear the cadres as well.

    • @Emmanuel, How can Miles Sampa be a letdown when he narrates how the cadres manhandled him and kept him hostage in an office until police rescued him 50 minutes later? I just thank him for making us all aware of the brutality of cadres when you challenge their illegal dealings. The cadres have no regard for who you are.

    • This cadre lawlessness is a reflection of Lungu’s ineffective governance. These thugs wouldn’t be behaving like this, unless they know that either corrupt Lungu tolerates them, or he’s just incapable of doing anything about it. And if this trend continues, gangs, including international crime syndicates, will take over the running of affairs in Zambia, while Lungu and his corrupt administration will just be another gang on the block. If Lungu wants to prove that he is in charge, he needs to step out there and assure the Zambians that he’ll not tolerate lawlessness from anybody, including his party cadres. Then he’ll need to demonstrate that he means business by clamping down hard on these hooligans. But we all know that he’s incapable of doing that. What a shame.

  4. I always tell you,these cadres you create to beat up people will always turn back on yourselves no matter how big the postion you’ll hold. They are not human. Ask yourselves how many votes do they bring to the table and how may votes do they make you lose out with there insults and violence?

  5. He is using the same guns he killed that lady Mbangu in Matero. Why playing with guns? This childish and dangerous behavior is bad. I am going to f.u.c.k your cousin Beatrice Mukuka in the UK by wearing four condoms because she is HIV positive.

    • You are a coward Sir.

      You should be ashamed of yourself naming people in public, and threatening them.

      What if someone said that about your mother or daughter?

      Please let us show maturity when dealing with real life scenarios.

      Have a blessed day my brother.

  6. He is not fit to be a civic leader. He is obviously in it for personal agendas. If he feels unsafe,what about the ordinary Lusaka resident? He is supposed to be the father of the city. How can our father be such a chicken?

  7. This bemba is one of the biggest theives as they come…..hopless. as late to MP instead of improving lives the theif went about bribing youth with stolen funds to start taxi and bus businesses.

    Never trust a bemba…..he will subconsciously steal from his own wallet and think that he is being sharp….

  8. Miles you should have just kept kool than coming out in public. there are many pipo with guns but you cannot know and they never tell anyone. you need to apologise because you are a city father but not behaving like one ba cousin.

  9. Wrong approach to issues ba Mayor. You have now disclosed to every body including bandits that you have guns! So whenever they will plan to attack you they will make sure they prepare adequately to ensure that they over power you. The way it is now bandits may come with AK 47 even much more advanced weapon to ensure that you are challenged. Owning a fire arm is something that should be kept to one self. The compulsory Form five military training I did taught me something “Keep what you know to your self and careless talk is dangerous.” So ba Mayor you have gone on a rough route to resolve issues!

  10. “Those whom the gods wish to destroy first they make mad.” This wise quip attributed to Euripides is as true today as when it was coined. Need I say more?

  11. Comment:Sampa u are ignorant and naive, u can’t be a leader now wonder u hve divorced. calm your anger and get to offfice work. Is that what u learnt from the University. Where is your ethics Man? Don’t bring your marriage anger into public affairs

  12. Yaaa this guy called mayor… I hope is was joking about going to gym to train boxing to do street fighting!! Gym is for fitness and sport. I wonder how he can over power even one single hard core thug when the latter means business!! SAMPA, PLEASE GET TO WORK, YOU ALREADY FORMED COMMITTEES TO SOLVE PROBLEMS, NOW TELL US A COMPREHENSIVE PLAN OF HOW YOU ARE GOING TO ADDRESS OUR PROBLEMS, WITH A CLEAR TIME FRAME FOR EACH! Why running around to solve an issue of one plot which your Officials accompanied by Council and Zambia Police were going to address?? YOU SEEM TO BEHAVE LIKE A TYPICAL CHIMBWI NO PLAN??

  13. Dear Mayor, Sampa. Please when will you learn? As Deputy Minister Finance you led the ‘over borrowing’ on the Euro despite advise from Ministry Officials to match the borrowing against projects. When your uncle died you thought you could challenge using ‘fya ba yama!”. You formed a party the rest is history. After being reduced to ‘aka bunga ndakwata!’ you went begging for a job. We hope you have settled your bills for the ‘coffee sachets’ you were getting from we all know were but to jostle your mind near the burial grounds….the plot in question did you need to go with the press and council police in tow? Couldn’t you have called your party cadres and quietly settled the issue? BL has his style develop your own.

  14. Moving around with guns is a bad idea. There are too many temptations out there on our streets. Just pointing a gun at someone, let alone shooting, will bring you trouble. I believe there are certain people who are allowed to move around with guns, but if you are not one of them, leave it before you regret having carried it around.

  15. Where is the Minister of National guidance and Religious Affairs to give guidance to these PF thugs fighting each other?She is just heard when Zodwa is around.Madam there is lawlessness in your house.Put it in order please.And you want to continue ruling with this kind of behaviour,god help us.

  16. Sampa,
    I hope you are reading the comments here. This is either a bad start to the noble post of Mayor of the great City of Lusaka or you have personally hammered the final nail in coffin of your political career.

    Rather than these silly comments you are giving the nation, you MUST apologise mwaice wandi. Apologise to the people of Zambia, and never ever do anything without giving it serious thought and make sure you consult wise men and women in Zambia.

  17. Sampa is really not worthy the position of even a kanyangu and the civic center. Is this really what UNZA can produce? This low life thinking? Sampa is not what people thought he was. This is the guy who wanted to be president? Are we so stranded of leadership in Zambia?

  18. This guy is so childish. A lesson to voters to really analyse candidates before voting them into office. He does not add value to lusaka.

  19. Sampa grow up young chap never announce the weapon you have be smart mwana people target as you published that you will be going round with gun do you know the fight of gun ?the one who start pointing is the winner you can’t put your hand in your pocket to pull out your gun when you are on gun point mean you are dead you won’t know who is hunting you be careful my boy

  20. I also hope sampa is reading the comments. If you are, comment No. 3 from Mukaya and No. 19 grundixy ,are apt.
    I can relate with how you probably felt at the hands of the cadres, but your reaction was simply amazing because it came after you should have had time to reflect and calculate a response.
    You know what, a spontaneous response like a counter-punch ( as former British Prime Minister Brown once did when physically attacked) are humanly understandable. But hours after the attack and you respond like that?

  21. Sir, you are proving to be an over aged teenager. By the way, the people in Lusaka are anxiously waiting for your fulfillment of campaign promises you made to the letter. Time is ticking. Let that spiritual mentor guide you on pledges/ promises and the biblical implications.

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