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Boys dropping out of school in search of jobs in Namibia/Angola

General News Boys dropping out of school in search of jobs in Namibia/Angola

THE recent implementation of the revised national education curriculum by Government, which introduced teaching of local language syllabus from Pre-School to Grade four level in Primary Schools, is progressing well in Choma district, Southern Province. Above, Grade One pupils at Kalundu Ka Maria Primary School were found cheerfully learning how to construct sentences in Citonga in their classroom.

Vice President Inonge Wina has bemoaned the rise in school dropouts at Mwanambao Primary School in Sioma district in Western Province.

The school has recorded an increase in drop outs especially for the boy child in search of employment in neighbouring Namibia and Angola.

Speaking when she paid a courtesy call on the School Head Teacher ahead of the flagging off of the
Village Television Prgramme.

Mrs. Wina stated that it is unusual for the boy child to drop out of school as compared to the girl child.

The Vice President has since called on the teachers and parents to sensitive the communities on the importance of education.

She urged the school management to introduce the feeding programme in order to maintain the pupils in schools.

And Mwanambao School Headteacher,Masiliso Sikwibele has attributed the drop out of boys at the
institution to lack of adequate learning infrastructure at the school.Mr. Sikwibele has appealed for the expansion of learning facilities at the school.

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    • The VP is disappointing she thinks the problem can easily be patched up with school feeding programs etc. The problem is larger and it is a systemic economic problem which your party is failing to address. You have “invested” so much in roads which in itself is actually a chinese strategy more than your own … which you have fallen for head over heels. Real development and long term economic improvement will not happen if you have a poorly educated population even if you tarred every single road in this country. There is a simplistic view to development under the PF which is worrying .. though politically it benefits them well

    • But the head teacher just told the old hen what the problem is. Lack of infrastructure and learning facilities. What can the government do about this?

      Buy more old fire trucks and dodgy ambulances?

      Buy more SUVs for ministers?

      Or build more mansions abroad?

      Or misuse borrowed money ear marked to improve these institutions?

      Or maybe, just maybe, fund Lungu and cronies to go globe trotting?

    • Clueless Lungu has no interest in promoting education in Zambia. Without an educated populace, national development and democracy are virtually impossible. All the money being wasted on Lungu’s tourism trips could help fund education in Zambia. At least KK made education a priority when he was in office, not withstanding his dictatorship. Clueless Lungu is only interested in one thing–Travel, travel, travel and enjoy himself at the expense of poor suffering Zambians, whose taxpayer money he is squandering. He’s more like one of these prosperity gospel preachers who live lavish lifestyles at the expense of their poor church members. What a shame.

    • Larry Mweetwa is beyond your reach academically. So, stop farting hate. Your mother basically made a huge loss on you. Can you believe your hate is worse than your monthly period. It waits for a month. Your hate is everyday. You need help.

  1. Having AA degree in social work from Santa Monica Community College is not enough to understand or solve school drop out problem. This clueless old fart does not know that people are suffering under PF failures. What do you expect from a government of 12th graders only. Moreover critical thinking is not a Zambian thing.

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