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Zambia to observe weapons amnesty for people to surrender illegal weapons this month


Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Susan Sikaneta speaks during the Zambian’s meet the President dinner at the Ambassador’s residence in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Monday, January 29,2017 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

Zambia Ambassador to Ethiopia, Her Excellency Ms Susan Sikaneta says Zambia is committed to observing September as Africa Month for the surrender of illegal weapons.

The African Union -AU- declared September, of each year till 2020, as “Africa Amnesty Month” for the surrender of illegally owned weapons/arms, in line with the African and international best practices.

The decision was made during the 29th Heads of States and Government Summit, 2017 where Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu presented a Master Roadmap to summit on Practical Steps to Silencing the Guns in Africa by 2020.

The Master Roadmap on Silencing the Guns in Africa by 2020 that was presented by President Edgar Lungu during the summit was crafted in November 2016, during a retreat of the Peace and Security Council that was held in Lusaka.

Ambassador Sikaneta who is also Zambia’s Permanent Representative to the AU

emphasised the need for all countries to support the stance taken by the AU in order to end conflicts in Africa.

’’ The decision of the AU on the surrender of weapons states that persons who surrender their illegally owned weapons shall not be subjected to disclosure, humiliation, arrest or prosecution, so it’s important that relevant authorities sensitize the citizenry on this important matter,’’ She said

Ms. Sikaneta also emphasized the need for massive publicity on the Amnesty month by the media. She disclosed that the African Union will sponsor two workshops for the media and military personnel in Zambia so that they can be enlightened about the importance of the amnesty month and help in creating awareness.

She urged Civil Society Organizations, faith based organisations and other stakeholders to publicise through media networks the Africa Amnesty Month within their territories and regions in order to raise awareness.

The Ambassador further called for peaceful resolution of disputes on the continent.

“The honor is therefore upon us to ensure that while eliminating the scourge of illegal weapons in the continent, we address these challenges for a conducive environment, and then the people will have no reason to seek illegal weapons, “she said.

Ms .Sikaneta noted with concern that illicit weapons are sourced, first, outside the continent, through illegal trade facilitated by networks of corruption, illicit financing, clandestine transit and delivery to end users in Africa.

The African Union envisages that the Amnesty month can be successful if member states work at strengthening the criminal justice response to illicit arms trade ,strengthen the capacities of police and security institutions and heighten border security .

President Lungu during the 29th Heads of States and Government Summit states that Zambia had put in place a firearms amnesty, which has a monetary value attached to it, as a means to detect and recover illicit firearms from ordinary citizens. Zambia is one of the countries that have ratified the Arms Trade Treaty.


  1. Well well well, is the all the thing going to start with the Chinese first? The got some weapons and my family got non.

    • The most effective way to have people turn in their illegal arms is by providing some monetary incentive. Tell people that they’ll receive a certain amount of money, no questions asked if they turn in their illegal guns, such as AK 47s, Automatic and Semi-Automatic weapons, and other mass casualty weapons. With no incentive being given, it will be hard for many people to turn in their weapons. Secondly, the African Union will need to create a security wing (something similar to the FBI or CIA in America). This security wing should be responsible for investigating subversive elements on the continent. They should be responsible for investigating gun runners, drug traffickers, human traffickers, natural resource looters, international crime syndicates, and many more high profile…

    • (Continued)… crimes throughout the continent of Africa. This AU security wing should be given special permission to enter any African country and investigate high profile international crimes. Without that, criminal elements will continue to flood our continent and commit crimes with impunity.

  2. Munir & dying Kaizer Zulu, for the sake of peace & sanity in the nation, please hand in vigogodela, na vipolopolo you illegally use to intimidate poor Zedian Citizens, Achule imwe!

  3. Munir & dying Kaizer Zulu, for the sake of peace & sanity in the nation, please hand in vigogodela, na vipolopolo you illegally use to intimidate poor Zedian Citizens, Achu.le imwe!

  4. First Lungu must surrender his loot from government. They have a right to protect themselves. But it is not a right for Lungu to keep the stolen money.

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