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Government to go ahead with the publication of the Constitution Amendment Bill

General News Government to go ahead with the publication of the Constitution Amendment Bill

Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Government has said that it will go ahead with the publication of the Constitution Amendment Bill should the national dialogue process continue to delay.

Justice Minister Given Lubinda said that government is concerned by how long it is taking to hold the national dialogue.

Speaking when he held a meeting on human rights with British High Commissioner to Zambia Fergus Cochrane Dyet and the European Union (EU) delegation at his office, Mr. Lubinda said government will in this case give the process only a few weeks.

And Mr. Lubinda said that it was surprising that no other political party other than the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has made submissions towards the review of the Public Order Act.

He has wondered why an issue that seems to be affecting political parties in the Country has not received attention from those it affects.

Meanwhile British High Commissioner to Zambia Fergus Cochrane Dyet said that the UK shared the same concerns the Zambian government has over the delays in holding the national dialogue.

Mr. Dyet said that the British Embassy was also surprised that the process that was started by the Commonwealth last year has not yielded any positive results to date.

He has also noted the need for Zambia to consider making electoral reforms in view of how the Country’s 2016 general elections proved to be antagonistic.

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  1. The so called National Dialogue is unconstitutional and should be ignored by all who believe in democracy.
    The only national dialogue allowed by the consititutional is the national assembly. People choose who should speak on their behalf in the national assembly. Any other so called National Dialogue is a waste of time!!

    • The PF must focus on developing the country. Ignore the losers. If they want dialogue….they must go to the people to ask for votes. This will be in 2021!

  2. We should not allow losers of elections to try to come and influence governance through the back door!! Forget this nonsense of National dialogue. Those who want to be heard …let them go and canvass for election to the National Assemly!!

    • During all the recent bye elections the people rejected UPND and all other parties and chose PF. Now the losers wand dialogue…….for WHAT?????

  3. Ignorant!! You don’t know what you are saying. You have children, women and many other disadvantaged, if this country goes on fire innocent sours will suffer. Only stupid people would not see sense in national dialogue.

    • What national dialogue nonsense! Use your elected people to talk for you. MPs, Councillor etc. That is why we vote. It is called represenataive democracy. If you do not vote do not complain. If your choice has not won do not complain. It is called democracy. Majority wins. We should allow loser to start sneaking through the back doors in the name of dialogue. Otherwise we will be having dialogue everytime one loses an election. This nonsense must stop.!!!

  4. If there is violence and hate in the country, the church is the main culprit. 90% of Zambians go to church on sundays and saturdays. Has the church failed to instill a sense of peace in these people?? Is their message falling on deaf ears? Simply put the church has failed to preach peace!!! Close the churches!!

  5. But what is dialogue?Simply put it is discussing,So PF does not want dialogue?What a useless lot ,they cant even see tomorrow,so what happens when they lose?They will still will not want to talk?But iyi e party yafipuba not even tomoro can they see,their friends see hundreds of years ahead,bena nika motoka,aka nganda na deal ifi kopo fyeka fyeka.

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