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Not all that glitters is gold-HH warns Councillors defecting to PF

HeadlinesNot all that glitters is gold-HH warns Councillors defecting to PF
A happy HH gesturing the party symbol as he enters Kasempa

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has warned Councillors defecting to the ruling PF that “not all that glitters is gold.”

A number of UPND Councillors have dumped their party and joined the PF causing by elections in the process.

Mr Hichilema was speaking in Kasempa last evening when he arrived in the area to drum up support for the UPND local government by-election candidate Chipaila Matolokoshi, on Thursday this week.

He urged party officials to remain loyal to the party ideals and to the people of Zambia.

Mr Hichilema addressed the Councillors to also realise that the bribes from those failing the Nation will not last long.

“Not all that glitters is gold and so is corruption and this we told our elected leaders,” he said.

“We also used the opportunity to indicate that instead of waiting for any elected leader from our party or indeed party official to resign after receiving bribes, we will be taking action by asking those not ready to serve the people and faint hearted to go in peace and join the other team.”

“We also extended this to our party officials that no amount of bribes they receive will improve their lives and most importantly food for all,” he added.

“Like we have always stated; it’s darker before dawn and it’s now time for People power! Our power! Let’s exercise it by voting UPND at any level of election.”

HH’s convoy entering Kasempa last night
HH’s convoy entering Kasempa last night
HH interacts with party officials in Kasempa
HH’s convoy entering Kasempa last night


    • If the other way round, PF receives grants from Chinese guys and Katumbi. They think of distributing the cash-gifts to some Kasempa UPND, then you complain??
      Steal from the rich, give to the poor.

    • Allow people to have a say in the running of your party sir. What’s happening is just a small iceberg most MPs are royal simply because they don’t want to lose their gratuity. Chiluba was loved by so many people but at the end of the day people started to run away from him that’s how Anderson Mazoka, Christon Tembo, Nawakwi and other left MMD.

    • Hazaluza Hagain! He will go into retirement in 2021. I hope he will go quietly without fires and arson – Mapatizya Formula. Red.

  1. This dawn is taking long to go and people have realized that now. How do you expect the councilors to be in opposition and worship one and only for a long period of time?

  2. HH has been saying same things since 2006!!!Only a f0ol cant get tired hearing same fake hopes since 1998!!!
    2021 will be hard for Kainde as PF is now very strong than never before and with chinese money-KAYA BO KAINDE!!

  3. Why arrive at night? We will continue to Pray. No witchcraft in Zambian politics. The scepter of the Wicked shall not rest on the Land allotted to the Righteous.

  4. He can’t show up during day time, because of his own shadow that keep on chasing him. Bribessss, what bribes? You’re just stingy young man. Helping the poor does not mean you are corrupt, yet you claim to be the richest crook.


  6. Ninshi apf is very rich to bribe all those councillors!!!! When ever he opens his mouth, he vomits hate!! It is even strange to hear him talking about not promoting tribalism, and yet he has been championing it since he took the upAndOWN leadership.He has created the tripartite bantustans based on tribes!Just imagine,there was not acting president when he was in self inflicted detention.look also at the leadership of opposition in parlament,both leader and his deputy are his blood people.Then one says he want to fight tribalism.He wanted to use it to gain support.Please UNIP wake up we want to come!!!!!

  7. Councillors are not being bribed, they have more guts than your MPs that is why. Gary Nkombo should be UPND president. We would have had a great opposition had that young man been leading them.

  8. “ONLY A TONGA WILL SUCCEED MAZOKA” says sejani. HH you are correct to say that not all that glitters is gold. Bear also in mind that no one that steals from mismanaged privatization becomes president of this great nation. Can you return the money you stole from the Zambian people, then we shall take you seriously. And why have you reduced yourself like this? campaigning at ward level the whole lot of you? You mean the area MP in Kasempa can not do the Job? And where is your madunkunya vice president GBM? It appears GBM has realized he is not achieving anything with UPND, it is a united party for nincompoops and dunderheads who are tribalists and very bitter mishuman beings.

  9. Good morning people of God. Let us keep keep our country in unity as it is a Christian Nation. It is written that ” what ever you say, eat and do, all to be done in God’s Grace. Let’s Check ourselves. We are candidates of heaven lest you remain. Store your riches in heaven and not on earth. God chooses leaders.

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