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Zambia’s Obesity Cases rise from 19 to 23%, but data is questionable

Headlines Zambia's Obesity Cases rise from 19 to 23%, but data is questionable

The National Food and Nutrition Commission (NFNC) says it will embark on a Food and Nutrition survey to collect nationally representative data that will help in the design of appropriate nutrition programmes.

Commission Senior Nutritionist, Belinda Tembo said the food consumption survey will help government collect information that will help promote consumption of healthier foods.

Mrs. Tembo said with rising cases of diseases in the country such as obesity, there is need for the country to have data that is trustworthy and nationally representative.

She said presently, the country has no conclusive data on the number of obesity cases though, the Zambia Demographic Health Survey indicates that incidences of obesity have risen from 19 to 23 per cent among women of child bearing age.

Mrs. Tembo said the survey will seek to look at food and dietary patterns in the country that will be used to design programmes that will promote better food and nutrition practices.

She urged Zambians to desist from junk foods and eat lots of greens and traditional foods as well as change food preparation methods.

Mrs. Tembo said the commission expects the survey results to be ready by the end of the year and results will be disseminated next year.

She further affirmed that the commission will embark on a campaign to promote the good food logo on locally produced foods to guide the general public on which foods to buy on the local market.

She said the World Food Programme has since come on board to support the roll out of the good food logo campaign.

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  1. Misconception in Zambia is that if you’re obese then you live well. This is all wrong. Let’s be fit and ready for 2021 elections. Politicians are number one culprits in this!!

    • People need to watch what they eat. Sometimes people who have choice and can afford will eat nshima breakfast lunch and super if they don’t eat nshima it means they didn’t eat. Both men and women drink and eat heavily just look at the bellies of some men you will be forgiven for thinking that they are pregnant. As for the women this misconception of thinking you are eating for two people when you are pregnant leaves you with weight you cannot shed after birth!

    • @Dontcare
      It is partly true that if a lot of people are becoming obese, then it is a sign of good living, good economy and indeed availability of food for people. So PF is doing well on economy, don’t you think so?

    • Obesity has a correlation of people failing to live beyond 60.

      Eat when you are hungry not because it’s time to eat.

      That’s what I was told at school.



    • Nomba Aya Amatako pa picture?

      Obesity is rising in Zambia because people have strayed from traditional healthier foods to Mall Foodcourt Fast Foods. Additionally, an increasing number of people drive and not walk as before.

      Whereas in the West, well to do people maintain a good weight it is the opposite in the 3rd world.

      Sadly, Zambia has no healthcare to counter Obesity related diseases.

    • Nomba Aya Ama.tako pa picture?

      Obesity is rising in Zambia because people have strayed from traditional healthier foods to Mall Foodcourt Fast Foods. Additionally, an increasing number of people drive and not walk as before.

      Whereas in the West, well to do people maintain a good weight it is the opposite in the 3rd world.

      Sadly, Zambia has no healthcare to counter Obesity related diseases.

  2. Even Childish’ childishness has risen from 19 to 23% but data is questionable too. But stoolpidity among UPND online supporters has grown by the same margin and Central Statistics has confirmed the increase as well as Childish himself.

  3. Zambia naemwe, obesity is an issue in zambia. The issue in Zambia is hunger. People are hungry & malnorished. This thing of just affording akabunga in the house without nothing to eat akabwali with is malnutrition, protein food is not affordable to many people. Things like bondwe is the order of the day. And now you want to make false data collection so you can make allowances. People need to be educated to redefine farming, not only as maize, but to include livestock (villafe chickens, ducks, enkhanga, goats etc). Soya should also be encouraged as a protein source. So lets get serious

  4. With Zambian women simply go to their Facebook pages and look at their pictures from 7 years ago you will see how they have ballooned and top it off they are wearing a hideous weave nowadays!!

    • I concur, those weaves are just outrageous! Whoever told our women that they look great in fake hair did a massive disservice to the womenfolk. If only they knew how men long for original unadulterated beauty of an African woman! And skin lightening is the worse curse!!

    • Son of the soil – The Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana issued a ban on the importation of all products which contain the skin-lightening chemical hydroquinone in them but in Zambia just like Bank charges they wait till its too late that’s when they ban it. As for weaves its just a turn off speaking to a black woman wearing one imagine if we men wore wigs like those Zambian Judges that’s how ludicrous its looks!!

  5. That picture is not from the streets of Lusaka. We are copying everything from the West.
    How can obesity be controlled when we are copying their junk food lifestyle habits?
    Don’t copy. Ask GBM how he lost his tanker business and slid into poverty he’s now a slim mothar futher due to poverty in UPND

  6. You see in the news this month there is not alot of govt news about ministers saying this and that…..because all the foooooolish ministers and the lazy President are in China begging and being bribed!!

    • This UPND cadre thinks all the fake news gossip perpetuated by Akainde’s nephew at Zambian Witch Doctor is gospel truth. What bribes are you talking about?
      You are indoctrinated ka galu
      Dull quack

    • @Jay Jay,
      Don’t worry about Kudos, he has no brain…as you can see. Remember a skeleton head is a symbol of danger. Brainless creatures like Kudos are really dangerous even in real life. For a guy to pick a skeleton for his image shows how “dead” he is.

  7. Doesn’t surprise me.Hungry Lion is always jam packed and people don’t know that too much fried chicken and too little physical activity is bad.

  8. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    In Zambia being obese is ‘sexy’ a sign of being wealthy! Unbelievable!

    Where I live, it’s the opposite, being obese is a sign of poverty and being a ‘junkie’ who doesn’t step out of their couch and unable to afford healthy vegetable infused meals.

    Same concept as being pale (white) and darker! In Zambia if you are light skinned (pale) you are wealthy while again it is the opposite where I live.

  9. Is Obesity a disease?
    Time to get Obese is now!
    When China completes its take over of Zambia, the only thing we’ll be left with to feed on will be our bodies! Just wondering what Methodology will bring credible picture as Obesity should not bother us now.

  10. Yangu bane! Starving Zambia! Awe natalika. It’s Lungu and his PF influencing this research so in 2021 he can come and say he has reduced malnutrition and poverty

  11. If I want I can have a very big belly and a big face but I watch what I eat.This body shape is desired by most Zambians because to them it is a status (balalya bwino).They hide their shapeless structures in jackets and if those jackets are removed you will see cartoons with small legs and arms

  12. I was in Zambia in April. All my friends now have pot bellies! And they seem to enjoy rubbing their bulging midriffs!

    The most obvious courses I saw are imichopo when drinking, fast foods, eating too much. And obviously genetics at play; black people are predisposed to pile on weight!

    In the UK, poor people tend to be overweight because they spend their money on fast foods, microwavable processed foods and general laziness. In Zambia, its the opposite: it’s those with a bit of money who now thinking walking is not for them and fast foods are a sign of good milile!

    My two cents ladies and gentlemen!

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