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Calls boys urged to stop stripping allegedly indecently dressed women, Zambia has no dress code


Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo
Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo

The Zambia Police Service has urged calls boys in the Central Business Districts (CBDs) around the country against stripping innocent ladies and women for what has been termed as ‘indecent dressing’

Zambia Police Service Spokesperson, Mwata Katongo said call boys are not supposed to undress girls and women

Ms. Katongo noted that the vice of call boys undressing girls and women in public places is not only harassment but also inhuman.

Speaking in a telephone interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, the Police Spokeswoman said there is no dress code in Zambia.

“No-person is allowed to treat another person inhumane manner by undressing a girl or woman. That’s harassment! Therefore, call boys immediately must stop this nonsense,” Ms. Katongo vividly said.

She wondered why no-one undresses boys or men who opt to wear trousers below their thighs.

Ms. Katongo has further appealed to the victims to report the perpetrators usually call boys to the police.

She further appealed to members of the public to assist by arresting the culprits and surrender them to the police or other law enforcement agencies.

The Police public relation officer said call boys should be counseled on their ‘bad behavior’ as opposed to taking the law into their own hands.

Sadly and in most instances in the country, a number of girls and women have been stripped naked by a horde of youths who accuse them of impolite dressing.


  1. The police in Zambia have no powers……….KAPONYAS ARE IN CONTROL. What can a simple Zambia female do if these guys even abuse the MAYOR OF LUSAKA??

    • against stripping innocent ladies and women….

      I dress provocatively because I want to show people Nick made the right choice on me.

      Those women are not innocent at all, they do it to get attention.

      I do it for pride, because Nick’s body is mine alone and my body is his alone, that’s how we cement our love life.



    • So called call boys are just primitive savages who takes pleasure in undressing women publicly. Sometimes market women are the first to attract attention. Especially if the victim appears to look different than them. Shame!!!
      In my eyes, that is sexual assault in broad-day light. It is sickening!

  2. You know them and this has been going on for a long time. Do we really need them in town centres. Why are you waiting for them to out number you. Please fish them out.

  3. What those boys do is immoral, inhuman, insulting, degrading and criminal. They should be arrested and rule of law should prevail. Ms. Katongo is right that we do not have a law on dress codes. But if society is aggrieved that the girls are dressed indecently, they could counselled instead of humiliating them.

  4. They shouldn’t just be “Urged” they should be caged!! They are no different from the Petauke guy…exposing women’s katundu’s like that! Let us admire those curves in tight skirts, the rest is up to our imagination!

  5. Yea – those fundamentalist pricks must desist from imposing their moral code on others! We are neither a theocracy nor are we a homogeneous collective that has agreed to the same things outside of legal precepts. Na fulwa sana! Well done mama Katongo.

  6. Mmmmm look at de term itself #indecent …..and you say those who dress indecently are innocent?????
    They deserve to be undressed so dat they can learn wat de Constitution requires of them

  7. These savages shouldn’t be URGED. They should be ORDERED! And threatened with arrest. Who appointed them as our moral police? Where is that hopeless minister of religion when her party cadres are harassing women?

  8. The call boys have a right defending themselves against ending up in hell fire because Jesus said when you look at a women lustfully you have already sinned and you re on your way to hell these girls are devil agents sent by the devil himself believe or not that is true.There are busy sending people to hell silently through imaginations how many people one girl dressed half naked will cause to sin in a day i thought that’s one of the reasons they formed the ministry of religious i think that ministry is not doing it’s job just wasting tax payer’s money this is the job of that ministry educate people about good conduct.
    Make public meetings to educate girls and boys teach people what it means to be a Christian nation this women so called markfrahda should be fired she is not doing…

    • Why did Jesus talk only about men looking at women like you say? Why not women looking lustfully at men? Is this a gender based sin?

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