Chienge Council Chairperson expresses worry at stalled road works

CHINA-Geo Company workers resume their Kasama Township road rehabilitations works which had stalled for over two weeks due to Government not having paid the contractor

Chienge Council Chairperson Mpundu Mwape has expressed worry at the stalling of works on Kaputa-Lunchinda road in Luapula Province.

Mr. Mwape said the stalling of the road construction has greatly affected businesses for the local people as the road has now become impassable for almost a year now.

The Council Chairperson said this in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.

He explained that the road is under the 8000 link Zambia road project and connects Chienge district to the Democratic Republic of Congo through Mpweto district in Katanga Province.

Mr. Mwape revealed that China Henan was awarded the contract to construct the road of which mobilization was conducted but no progress has been recorded.

He said the contractor has been on site for about three years but has not commenced works.

Mr. Mpundu has since appealed to the Road Development Agency (RDA), to ensure that the contractor commences work on the construction of the road in order for the road to be completed in good time.

He explained that the road is of great importance to the area as it services a huge number of people.


  1. people in this country expect too little from the government and from life in general. that is why we continue to tolerate substandard behaviours

  2. B4 u appeal 2 RDA,ask the contractor(sino hydro) if he has been given down payment.& if he has been given,y hasn’t he started working?

  3. Three years and you are only noticing NOW!!! Kwena pa Zed elo ya kaba! Umungulu no bupuba peka. So you sat ndwiii waiting for what!? That should be a below 80% project that must be canceled in fact. The only luck you might have is that the Link 8000 has been ongoing and so might still be on. NOMBA THREE YEARS!!!

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