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  1. Seriously Hecky Hecky No! and his sheeples have mental health issues. Who in their right mind would dare post a rally this poorly attended and by 7 year olds. Is this man as rich as he says he is or it’s a chainama issue? Even if President Lungu didn’t campaign, he would beat this man hands down.


  2. Oh please! Poor malicious graphics! Where is this campaign? Its one thing to campaign in Northwestern Province and another thing to campaign in a particular ward of Northwestern Province? What level is the campaign?


  3. Sadly for HH and his UPND,mighty PF has won 2 out of 3 wards in N/Western despite Kainde & GBM camping in those 3 wards for campaigns while President Edgar Lungu never even went there to campaign!!These are worrying days for UPND because while PF is winning seats or wards in known UPND strongholds,Kainde’s party never wins a single ward or seat in known PF strongholds (6.5 provinces)!!!Hence surely how can HH dream about winning in 2021 with votes from 2 or 3 lowly populated provinces?Since 2006 HH has never won in known PF strongholds(Luapula,Northern,Muchinga,Eastern,part of central,CB&Lusaka urban) and nobody can see that happening in 2021-never!!


  4. “ONLY A TONGA MUST SUCCEED MAZOKA” says Sejani. HH is for sure losing grip on his strongholds in North Western province, he is now pulling children as a crowd kkkkkkkkk. By the way can someone tell us the results of yesterday’s bye-elections?


  5. Njimbu thank you for the update, this a good development for this country, I’m particularly happy to see that my people in North western province have come to realize that HH and his tribal party don’t mean well for this country, by 2021 the entire province will be grabbed by PF from UPND. My people are never tribalists like TONGAS who cant vote for a non TONGA, they are usually happy with anybody who gives them development regardless of the tribe of that person. They have realized that they are just wasting time with HH who only overpromises but under delivers. PF have uplifted the face of this province in particular Solwezi itself. I was shocked to see the kind of development I never saw four years ago in Solwezi. VIVA PF in 2021 and beyond.


    • It is bleeding bad! Thank you Alexander! Zambia needs people who live above tribal insinuations! One Zambia One Nation! God bless the people of North-Western Province, God bless the people of Southern Province and all Zambians. Please do let allow yourselves to be duped by forces of regionalism and tribalism. “The one who never praises is a son of a witch,” goes an adage.


  6. Comment:Let this party go for convention, there is poor leadership in upnd. the problem of upnd this,they think that without HH upnd is died that’s the problem. let me remind you this,people use to say without Sata there is no PF and where is PF now,may his soul rest in peace.

    in upnd too much lia, bitterness and lack of good checks and balance.



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