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DRC Catholic Bishops in Zambia to seek Audience with President Lungu on DRC elections

Headlines DRC Catholic Bishops in Zambia to seek Audience with President Lungu on...

President Edgar Lungu with President Joseph Kabila during the Closing ceremony of SADC Summit in Namibia
FILE: President Edgar Lungu with President Joseph Kabila during the Closing ceremony of SADC Summit in Namibia
The Congo Conference of Catholic Bishops is in the country to seek audience with the Church and President Edgar Lungu on the forthcoming December general elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

President Lungu is the current Chairperson of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security.

Congo Conference of Catholic Bishops Vice President Archbishop Fridolin Ambongo says the bishops have decided to visit Zambia following the country’s brave intervention in convincing the DRC government to call for elections.

Archbishop Ambongo says Zambia has strong democratic tenets that have enabled the country to maintain peace even after an election.

He told media that the DRC looks up to Zambia as a role model for Peace, security and respect for the rule of law.

Archbishop Ambongo said it was not easy for the African Union to convince the government of the DRC to call for elections but with the help of the Catholic Church in Zambia it was possible.

He also said democracy in Zambia is a reality and that it is the wish of the Catholic Church in Congo to see the same for that country.

Archbishop Ambongo has also called on politicians in Zambia not to disturb the peace the country has enjoyed for many years.


  1. Opportunity for Ba Edgar to show rear wisdom.
    Invite KK, HH, Bishop Tresphor Mpundu, Pastor Maambo and Rev. Sumaili in that meeting with bishops. Let them just be there..
    Just wait when I become president, you will love me!!

      The statement:
      “He told the media that the DRC looks up to Zambia as a role model for Peace, security and respect for the rule of law.”
      speaks volumes and makes me walk with the head high as I continue preaching to and reminding the UPNDEADs about the need to maintain civility in this country.

  2. While foreigners are giving us praise and credit, certain Zambians are hell bent to tarnish the country. My brother in law who’s based in Oxford rang me and told me that someone told him that law has completely broken down in Zambia where even policemen are raping women at roadblocks. I just told him to come and experience what this someone had told him.

    • That is the best answer you would have given, let him come back and he will make a better assessment.
      Some of us we don’t just comment on what is going on down there, but we have been home several times, and one can not just say because we are in the diaspora we are out of touch. Just yesterday, I was on a call with my cousin, complaining about the amount of tax that an ordinary Zambian has to bear. Not all is good for the ordinary Zambian.

  3. “THERE WILL BE ARMAGEDDON IN ZAMBIA IF LOSE 2016 ELECTIONS” says HH. The outside world, as evidenced by these catholic church, know Zambia to be a beacon of peace and tranquility, it is only the tribalist HH and his party UPND who do not see what others are able to see. These bishops they are saying Zambia is actually a model of peace not only in Africa but also across the world, but this egocentric HH wanted to bring Armageddon after losing elections in 2016 which never materialized because Zambians consider him to be a big fool

  4. Really laughable …going to Lazy Lungu to talk about elections like like the people going to the mafia consult with them about setting up a neighborhood watch to prevent crime!

  5. While foreigners look to Zambia as an oasis of peace,tribal creatures camped in UPND consider Zambia to be like Somalia!!!HOW I WISH MR MAZOKA COULD STILL BE THE ONE LEADING UPND UP BECAUSE HIS PARTY COULD BE IN POWER BY NOW!!!So now what will tribal HH say about mother Zambia after this statement from DRC Catholic bishops?AS LONG AS HH CONTINUES TO PAINT ZAMBIA BLACK,HE MUST AS WELL FORGET ABOUT ENTERING STATE HOUSE BECAUSE HE WILL KEEP ON LOSING IN 6.5 PROVINCES!!!to add salt to Kainde’s wounds,now voters in N/Western are slowly loving PF.meaning by 2021, HH may only remain with tongaland!!!
    INDEED OUR DEMOCRACY IS GOOD!!KAINDE SHOULD GO TO LUAPULA AND HEAR HOW DRC REFUGEES VALUE ZAMBIA’S PEACE!!The best we can ever do as Zambians,is to retire HH in 2021 via the ballot!!!

    • Its people like you who continue to sow seeds of hatred. HH did his part on what is expected of him, he condemned the hatred you are bitc.hi.ng about. If you are really a man who stands for peace, and who stands against the tribal divisions in Zambia, why don’t you embrace his call and work on building a One Zambia One Nation?
      Instead, you are one of those who day-in and day-out are out there attacking the Tongas and HH. One doesn’t need to read your pitch and we know what it is all about. One doesn’t need to be UPND to say what I have mentioned here. Please do your homework first, start from the inner you and what you stand for.

    • Tribal creatures are a source of rifts in Zambia that is why no well-meaning Zambian should allow TRIBALISTS in any government position in Zambia.

  6. Of course any democracy is seen better for the DRC…..they would praise even Mugabe’s democracy ……only the brutalized opposition know otherwise…the Congolese and the PF theives think every thing is ok….

  7. #3 Lazy Jay trib.es Gay, so where should they go instead? To go and see your trib.al Hacks? No bosses, the Congolese Bishops are telling us that they know who His Excellency the President of Zambia is …and that compared to DRC, Zambia is a million times more democratic.

  8. The PF didn’t want the Commonwealth to mediate in the dialogue process claiming Zambia is a sovereign state. Is DRC not a sovereign state?

  9. Kabila has already excluded some contenders, he hasn’t the power to decide who takes part in the elections and who shouldn’t. The people of Congo should be allowed to choose whom they wish to lead them. If that’s not done there will always be conflict. So make the necessary interventions before widespread violence befalls the DRC. The coming election has potential to ignite that

    • What he has done is tantamount to rigging. He allows Biemba to enter the country and file for elections knowing very well that the was ineligible due to his criminal convictions. And truly Biemba has been disqualified. He stops Moises Katumbi entry into DRC, imagine the guy whose international arrest warrant he’s issued. Hope his anointed candidate does what Mwanawasa did to FTJ.

  10. “THERE WILL BE ARMAGGEDON IN ZAMBIA IF I LOSE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS” says HH. The outside world, as evidenced by these catholic church bishops, know Zambia to be the beacon of peace and tranquility, it is only tribalist HH and his party who don’t see what others are seeing. These bishops are saying Zambia is a model of peace not only in Africa but also across the entire world, but this egocentric HH wanted to bring Armageddon but the smart Zambians could not heed his calls for it because they consider him to be bitter, tribal and a threat to national peace and security.

  11. Ngulu is a lost guy and he has no capacity……… Dont praise a peace with oppression….. Congo , zim,rwanda, burundi,uganda,tanzania, angola are anxil of evils because of their bad men in authority……
    Africans leaders love to be worshipped

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