Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) President Wright Musoma says the suspension of Martha Mushipe must be a lesson for the public not to abuse or make unwarranted attacks against Judges.

The Law Association of Zambia has suspended the practicing license of Martha Mushipe and has ordered the closure of the law firm, Mushipe and Associates which is solely run by her.

Martha Mushipe

Mr Musoma says the decision by LAZ has come at a time when the public is engrossed in discussions of whether the Constitutional Court must cite Martha Mushipe’s client in that petition, Hakainde Hichilema, for contempt of Court.

He says the party is also concerned that the inertia by the Constitutional Court and the Director of Public Prosecutions to cite Mr. Hichilema for contempt of Court maybe sending wrong signals to the public.

This is according to a statement made available to media by Mr Musona.

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  1. Suspending Mushipe will not take away the sour taste in peoples mouths about our Judiciary. That taste will only go away by them expediting important cases of public interest, which the judiciary should know. Her suspension proves her point that cases only show up in a strangw order.

    And LAZ is now a total disaster now anyway. So no comment


  2. It’s very unfortunate for a lawyer to accuse someone and fail to provide proof. A lawyers job is about evidence. This is the best laz could do to all cheating lawyers.

    I had respect for this young lady but her conduct is pathetic and unethical


    • Lack of proof does not mean something is not true. Somethings are not certifiable but they are true.

      For example no one can prove Gods existence in a court of law. But does that mean God is not there??. Do you Mr Hachi Hama believe there is no God?? And if you believe there is can you prove it in a court of law??


  3. And Wright Musina is also not advancing the public interest as an opposition member

    Vuvuzela come to mind!!


  4. Missing Linda Kasonde.She tried to give LAZ some life and dignity.
    Now the PF are the puppet masters of the new toothless LAZ.



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