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Government to construct modern toilets in schools

General News Government to construct modern toilets in schools

Water and Energy Ministry Permanent Secretary Bishop Edward Chomba
Water and Energy Ministry Permanent Secretary Bishop Edward Chomba

Government has reaffirmed its commitment to improving water supply and sanitation in Primary and Secondary schools countrywide.

Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Permanent Secretary, Ed Choomba said his Ministry has collaborated with the Ministry of General Education in improving water supply and constructing modern toilets in schools.

Dr.Choomba told ZANIS in Lusaka today that his ministry wants to do away with Ventilated pit latrine and establish the modern flushable toilets.

He explained that works of constructing modern toilets in schools have commenced in Western Province using a multi-sectorial approach with the Ministry of General Education.

In Northern Province, Dr.Choomba said his Ministry is undertaking a Lake Tanganyika Project with the Ministry of Education which saw the construction of a modern classroom block and toilets at Kapembwa village.

“We are on course to construct and improve water supply and sanitation in schools. We are now constructing modern toilets so that water and sanitation receive a face lift. Poor sanitation and water supply have an impact on the education performance of pupils,” he stressed.

He further disclosed that his Ministry will construct modern toilets in due course along highways citing the distances from Nakonde to Lusaka and Chavuma to Lusaka so that travelers can have access to proper sanitation.


  1. They want to build nuclear facilities before they construct TOILETS! Stop the nuclear project and concentrate on building toilets!

  2. I am sure they will import everything from China via some single sourced Chink supplier….surely how can this be news…what is Chomba still doing in that position??

    • No, what they will do is that they will ask the “INSIDE TRADING THIEF” and EXPERT OF WHITE COLLAR THEFT Hakainde Mentally-Disabled UPND clueless leader.

  3. We don’t want to be represented by Comba with a fake Degree.

    Which Funny Church does this man go to do? He doesn’t seem like thinking. Wearing T shirts in the office of that nature is shameful! Hopeless pastor

  4. Hallucinations all over! Flushable toilets in all schools when its like digging for water in the desert for govt workers to get their salaries on time? Who hasn’t seen kids learning under a tree as a school shelter while using their laps for desks? Build better schools country wide first before you dream of building toilets, you confused leader.

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