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Harry Kalaba appears for questioning before Zambia Police for holding illegal meetings

Headlines Harry Kalaba appears for questioning before Zambia Police for holding illegal meetings

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba has appeared at the Copperbelt division police headquarters in Ndola for questioning.

The Bahati Lawmaker who was accompanied by slogan chanting cadres arrived for questioning at exactly 10:05 hours this morning.

This was after he was summoned by police in Ndola to appear for questioning today.

Mr. Kalaba and his entourage were quickly whisked inside the division headquarters.

He is being questioned for allegedly holding illegal meetings on the Copperbelt.

Copperbelt Deputy Commissioner of Police Wamunyima Wamunyima later chased all journalists and directed police officers to lock up any media personnel camped outside the division headquarters.

Police have also sealed and cordoned off Buteko avenue at the division Headquarters.


  1. I dont like the man, but for heavens sake leave him alone.

    There is pressing issue the Police should divert their resources to than this minute (small) event.

    Roll up your sleeves and rearrange your priorities for heavens sake.

    Had a massage yesterday from Nic and I am feeling refreshed at work.

    Thank you Zambia for hosing us last week.



    • Mushota is right…surely the Police can make better use of their limited resources than chasing every Jim and Jack who is anti-Lungu. This political persecution does not serve Zambia’s democracy well at all. If we were this vigorous with maintaining our bad roads or cleaning our enviroment Zambia would be a very different place.

    • Can somebody please call the Secretary-General Patricia Scotland to come and help us restore democracy. Egos have started fly high again at the expense of freedom of expression and assembly…

  2. The Public Order Act at work. Aren’t all tired of this law? Fyakuifwaila, him, Kambwili and Musenge should have worked on amending the POA.

    • Jay Jay
      Correct me if am wrong but isnt good governance one of the things rating agencies consider when determining a country’s economic grading,am not an accountant but i thought that is one of the things they take into account and in turn a poor governance record lowers our grading.So PF has a begging bowl in one hand and their so called “..long stick”,in the other.Their actions are at cross purposes with what they tell us.Taxes are going higher because the interest rates on our bonds is choking government revenue,they have no capacity of paying their debt their option after abusing power with the result that our debt spirals out of control is to tax the citizens more.What a government.

  3. This pint size maghoti is making too much noise. Who can again vote for a short president with short legged priorities?…………. Fack your assy.

  4. I don’t care about scarface holding meetings but my is why hasn’t he resigned from the PF and recontest the Bahati seat under a different party. This pure theft. PF and Upnd MPs do meet as a party to discuss issues so who does Kalaba meet with

  5. Harry Kalaba is not suited for the rough kind of politics, please leave that to the likes of Kambwili. Resigning from your cabinet position was not the best idea, you should have stayed in the cabinet and fought from inside, you just have to look at your friend Magufuli, he stayed in the corrupt party until he became President and now he is changing things.

    • Even corrupt HH stayed in his corrupt party and is still fighting from within his corrupt h-organisation in the middle of nowhere going nowhere.
      Sorry reposted on the right place!

  6. leave Kalaba ba police.Nowonder u are used like clothes.Last time the minster publicly ashamed u for corruption. Stealing money from drivers.Are u not ashamed for being unprofessional imwe fi police?Mulekwatako amano don’t be used kwati fipuba.Ala imwe fikapokola.wake up and save Zambians!.Behave like pipo who can feed themselves.Imwe ngamwalyamofye ninshi ni bwana bwana tuzamugwila.That female officer was mentally torturted by PF minister but u’re busy helping them.We are all PF but we don’t support the arrest of kalaba.ba police u should change n save the country.i feel so sad seeing u being used by politicians.Tamwakwata nensoni nowonder some of u are thieves!!!

  7. Please give me a break, how many times has any credible opposition party granted permission to hold a public meeting. Just the other week CK cried foul that he is not even allowed to visit his constituency despite following the necessary procedures. The recent recruitment of 1000 Police officers, come 2021, you will learn the primary objective behind this strategy.

  8. Why should Kalaba resign like these foolish councilors and cost as tax payers money? There is no law that prohibits anyone from holding rally and meno meno chapona panshi knows this.

  9. Kalaba you are wasting your money and time. It is not every politician who can be presidents. Yes, some never thought that they would be president but they found themselves in the state house. You should have invested that money somewhere else. You can have that bunch of followers but not enough to take you to plot one. We used to have billionaires, people would lift them like kings assured them that they would win. They ended up dying failures. Others were well qualified, they failed too. History can repeat itself.

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