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Chinese Ambassador to Zambia dismisses concerns about Zambia’s deepening relations with China


Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie
Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie

Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie has described as redundant concerns that Zambia’s strengthening practical cooperation with China will increase its debt burden.

Addressing the media in Lusaka, Mr. Li said his country insists on putting the interest of its people and Zambians in the first place while boosting cooperation for the people’s well being.

Mr. Li said that the Chinese government will deliver financial support to projects that are more sustainable and can promote economic growth.

Mr. Li stated that this is in addition to increasing people’s well being for good job creation and economic efficiency.

Mr. Li said further said that that Zambia stands a better chance of synergizing with the construction of the BRI owing to its abundant mineral and agricultural resources.

Mr Li also said that colonisation of other sovereign states has never been part of Chinese Foreign Policy and that China has never colonized any country in its history, adding that Zambia and China country share a common history as they were both colonized.

Mr. Li says development challenges facing most African countries originate from their colonial past. The Chinese Ambassador said that it is therefore unnecessary to worry about bilateral cooperation between Zambia and China.

Mr Li said that China continues to follow 3-principles in its cooperation with Zambia, which include no political attachment for financial assistance.

And the Chinese Ambassador has denied that Chinese companies operating in Zambia have taken over three State owned companies namely ZNBC, Zesco and the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

Mr Li affirmed that Chinese companies enjoy warm relations with the three companies through various agreements where the Chinese companies are offering support in areas such as infrastructure and technology.

Speculations have heightened that due to the debt that Zambia has contracted from China through state owned institutions like the above, the Chinese government has taken over as Zambia has failed to settle the debt.


  1. There is a lot more than we are being told here ladies and Gentlemen.

    China is in it for themselves

    That’s right be very afraid.

    This man is only
    Saying what he has to
    Say – not that it’s the truth.



      In this world the only time you will get to know your true friend is when you are in need. You, usually tend to have bitter lots squabble at every chance they get when a hardworking fellow excels. CHINA is not only Zambia’s all weather friend, it is also an hardworking nation. Destructionists are on rampage tryna disrupt progressive agendas. Don’t mind this version of ZWD.

    • The President of the Republic of Chambia, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Cde. Li Jie, and Prefect of the Communist Party of China in Southern Africa has spoken! Nice Speech Sir!..but that cunning look…. its like the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov meeting the Trump Team

    • This must be serious ladies and gentlemen! Imagine for the first time Mushota is not being sarcastic! Not in my wildest imagination that this Lusaka Times Cookie actually is more Patriotic to Zambia than to Scotland. Can’t ki butata!

  2. For even the rotten tomato called mushota to raise concerns clearly means something is not right. We ask the vain and pompous pf members to put tails between their legs for once and accept they have messed this country. Be men and take responsibility you erectile dysfucntional buffoons

  3. The question is out of the 53 countries that China is loaning monies to in Africa why has Zambia been singled out and making so many headlines?

    • Zambia has been singled out by a desperate opposition party that has been losing elections. With today’s technology anyone can create fake stories and make them look real.

    • Ndanji

      You mean UPND media team is so strong ? Respect to them if they can change world opinion from the confines of opposition….

    • It´s because Zambia is one of those contries borrrowing carelessly and worse still the bigger chunk of the money goes into the pockets of politicians and their surrogates

    • Even zuma and Mugabe were still winning at the ballot box……

      Some of us a high level media gurus , we don’t need ZW who only have 30 % accuracy in their investigative reporting..

    • @IDEAS; (BadIDEAS) Because of TTONGA TRIBALISM and CHILDISH Mentally-Disabled propaganda, that is why Zambia has been singled H-outu! You Ha so dull you can’t figure this one Ha-outu?

  4. Have you heard HH?from now please Kainde stop your nonsense and stop promoting “racism against chinese people”.The Chinese Govnt means well for Zambia or any other african nation.THE AMBASSADOR HAS PUT EVERYTHING CLEAR NOW!!THANKS SIR FOR SHAMING HH AND HIS TRIBAL CREATURES HAVE RUN OUT OF IDEAS ON ISSUES TO CRITICISE PF GOVNT ABOUT!!!OWE CHI KAINDE-SHAME!!!

  5. The situation of the west suspending support for aid programmes because lungu is using the aid to finance Chinese loans is like a real life situation I was faced with……me and my wife used to support my wife’s mother , but she in turn used any money she had to support a younger daughter who was living with her man wjo both did not seem to want to work…I deduced that I was in effect subsidising laziness and stoped supporting my wife’s mother…..this is how the west is seeing China and Africa , only corruption is added to the lazyness….

    • @spaka I hope you really did not stop supporting your wifes mother.How she spends her money is her business not yours.You support her because she is your wifes mother full stop. As for the West and their attitude to china, they are being hypocrits because they do not care for Africa either.The only people who can care for Africa are Africans ,as soon as we realise that, we will stop changing slave owners like underwear.

    • ex-moma

      Thanks for the concern..That is what makes us proud Africans…..but it is a situation where now I pretend not to see my wife supporting the mother….who in turn uses that same money to support the daughter and boyfriend who don’t want to work……I hate lazyness. If I have extra I willingly give.

  6. China has seen Zambia as the weakest target. There is no way Zambian is benefiting from their tenders. Bama Chinese paliba akaso. They will make sure Zambians are getting minimum wage.

  7. China will always be the major giant in international development and economic interests in other countries. Zambia is a tiny little bit of cake to be consumed. Mukwa trees, Mukula trees, copper, fish , and humans fileya. …

  8. Done. ZESCO is gone. He did not say China was not taking over ZESCO. He in the Chinese way gave you a born to play with. China has not taken over. No one said they have already. Ambassador has more courage than Lungu. He addressed and took questions from the press. Lungu is still in hiding.

  9. The 94 year old PM Dr Mohammed of Malaysia recently cancelled Chinese Project Loans amounting $23 Billion becoz Malaysia’s Debt is no longer sustainable. Why can’t Zambia emulate Malaysia? The Zambia Chinese Debt is rumoured to be $8 Billion. This is pushing Zambia into a Debt Trap or Bankruptcy. So Cancel the Project Loans to prevent Bankruptcy. Simple!

  10. The devil is in the details. Honestly, do we expect the Chinese ambassador to disclose their international ambitions, which are taking over the world as a super power. They have started by enslaving Asian and African countries with debt with a view of taking over strategic national assets and amass billions of dollars in the event that this debt is not repaid. If we failed to repay the 7 billion that was eventually written off, how do we expect to repay the over 14 billion which is double the amount? Only skeptics and visionless misfits can fail to read the magnacata that is splashed on the our economic walls.

  11. That boy ndanje is a sick boy. He lives in cuckooland where he thinks he is a successful white farmer kiki. Do not believe him. Even when their president comes out in open at parliament to say that there is debt crisis, ndanje will still blame hh and upnd. Some one is effing his wife ati hh and upnd.

  12. 12 You have what you want to believe and I have what I see physically. Have a good day and keep on praying that the ultra right group doesn’t ever form government in UK.

  13. Zambia’s DGP is at 25b and credit at 9b. How does this become 60% of the countries GDP in credit. Well maybe if there are other credits we do not know about. The only crazy thing is that of the 9b 7b is Chinese sourced. If it was IMF or World Bank as it were before IPIC no one could have said you have sold the country. The worry from other countries who could have wished to lend Zambia is that they can’t because China has the biggest share unless they come with a big gift as India has done will Zambia be attracted to them.

    It’s important to note also that we the people of Zambia are to blame. When the first bond was to be administered by Zambian Clive Chirwa wanted to make a big future out of it. All his ideas represented what every Zambian is good at, talking and talking. Any…

    • “…The only crazy thing is that of the 9b 7b is Chinese sourced. If it was IMF or World Bank as it were before IPIC no one could have said you have sold the country. ..”

      The West would never let that debt from them grow to that…

  14. money borrowed and given to the Chinese to do the work has born us something we can point at. Let’s stop being lazy and compete with these guys. They have brought competition which to beet them we have to improve our philosophy. You hate the new guy in your class because he is very intelligent and you can’t beat him. You accuse him of cheating and aircraft. Come on guys let’s pull our socks.

    Why are our old markets the same since independence? Chisokone market just as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be until a foreign agent is given to work on it. We don’t have a progressive philosophy and that’s our biggest enemy.

    By the way let’s stop looking to the regime of our time. These guys are job seekers and their primary effort is not looking after your family…

  15. because they have their own. Guys if we are to be regarded any serious in the world we have to excel at what we went to school for and not in the quality of politician we have. In a nation where individuals work hard they won’t fall because Tramp has become their president.

    Let’s take each and every thing we are involved in seriously. Farm seriously, study seriously, invest seriously. If you can go and have business right their in China. You may ask how possible? There are plenty of Nigerians owning business in China. This crying baby thing won’t help us. Nigeria has the highest GDP now in Africa because her citizens are relentlessly working. They have the worst politicians but those guys are hard working at anything they do even on crooked things.

    God bless my lovely country…

  16. Why the Secrecy? Why not State how much Zambia has borrowed from China,to finance which Project, Loan Repayment, Term, Arrears etc. The lack of Transparency is causing all this speculation. Is it true that Sri Lanka has defaulted on its loan Repayments and that the Chinese govt has taken over the Running of a Port or Harbour? If true then there is nothing to stop the Chinese govt from taking over ZESCO, ZNBC, KKA etc should Zambia default on its Chinese Debt Repayments. U can hide the Fire but u can’t hide the Smoke. The writing is on the Wall.

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