People should desist from over-relying on government for everything-Lusambo

Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusaka Lusambo during the commissioning of a a Solar Milling Plant
Lusaka Minister Bowman Lusaka Lusambo

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has reiterated the importance of the citizenry in upholding national values for a better Zambia.

Mr. Lusambo says there is need for people to observe the ethics, values and principals of the country at all levels.

ZANIS reports that the Minister said this during the official opening of the 2018 advanced Kaizen workshop in Lusaka yesterday.

He stated that by the country observing national values and principles, it will contribute to improved productivity in the various sectors of the economy.

Mr. Lusambo called for early dissemination of knowledge on national values especially to learners in various schools as well as in families and friends for positive change to be recorded.

He noted that national values are part of the Seventh National Development Plan (7 NDP) and as such people should have a change of mindset by people taking up active roles in creating a better Zambia.

“People should desist from over-relying on government for everything, individuals should also contribute to the change they want to see in the country”, he said.

Mr. Lusambo added that it is up to Zambians to take up the challenge of finding solutions for the country’s problems because they understand better what the country needs.



  1. Mr. Lusambo, it is Government and its members which should stop using and abusing for theirs own personal SELFISH and often illegal interest PEOPLES PROPERTY.

    After all, it is Government that has been elected by the People to serve the PEOPLES interest and is NOT the Government who has elected PEOPLE to be servants of your personal greedy needs.

    Please, stop with this patronizing stale slogans of DICTATORIAL regimes.


    • People started respecting that Bowman, then he mess up all that hard work to insult citizens.
      It’s really hard to clean out thuggish behavior from ex-thugs.


    • This is another of PF s fo00lish platitudes patronising the people of Zambia.

      It also follows that PF government should not tax people to fund despecable governmemt services and Lungu s begging trips.

      If people are forced to pay taxes then they should expect government to fund services efficiently.

      Lusambo is just dull character who is in politics to eat and get rich .

      He is positioning himself for presidency!


    • Lusambo ahould be made to understand that people depend on their government same way he himself depends on government for everything. Its fooling people who voted for you after fake promises, how do you change your language today just because you and your children are eating six times a day?
      Stop Lusambo provide for the people they depend on the government they elected kwamana.


  2. I cant get it…people should not over-rely on GRZ????? is that the message from Lusambo?? Yes, mindset should change and it it an expectation that should not be ignored..however, to achieve such a goal, government officials should set a precedent especially where you have a presidential press aide who publicly stigmatise people with HIV Aids and insult PF govt opponents !!! Lusambo, you are far much better starting it with your political inner-circle and address this issue before coming to mainstream Zambian society. Having good social economic policies and an ideological stance may help zambians grow a culture of resilience and self reliance. Inviting too many Chinese in the country will destroy suppress such efforts!!!!


  3. Bwana Lusambo aint you aware now that most people in Zambia regard government leaders as thieves, selfish individuals. The people of Zambia are looking at you with suspicion. You behave like you are the masters of every one but remember that nothing is permanent. We are warning you guys and you have sufficient time to correct your wrongs but still continue to be pompous. Do you think Rupia Banda and Dora Siliya, after this government changes, will be the same? Their cases will be redone until the people of Zambia get some justice.Worse still will be you guys in the system already. Build castles to protect yourselves.


  4. I don’t rely on the government, I left the country and rely on a progressive government in the country I live in. With my level of education I have a good job and everything else I need. People who are more educated than me in Zambia are languishing, pls boma creat jobs for these people.


  5. Is it because you’ve looted all the cash Boneheaded Lueambo?
    Why did you leave M.M.D??
    Wasn’t it to rely on Government, become a cheap Bootlicker, & help depleat the treasury, leading to the risk of China usurping Zambia??
    Just eat Cadre Lueambo, you will answer one day. The day is fast approaching,
    You are actually lucky you are NOT in West Africa, otherwise one morning you would have woken in your bed, with a soldier in your house, pointing his gun barrel @ your Corrupt forehead!


  6. One wonders what Bowman is talking about. What are the values espoused by his like! Do Zambians rely on the Government its the other way round? Majority of Zambians lack clean water and sanitation, they drill boreholes, wells, septic tanks and pit latrines. Lusambo and his cabal introduce borehole tax! Please Lusambo go tell your cabal that Zambians can survive and even live a better life without your lot!


  7. what Lusambo say is correct except that he is a wrong messenger to say it. He must do it first and urge others… I remember him fighting Kambwili and carrying a coffin depicting HH in his constituency….
    I wonder if he has become wise now or he wants to atone for his evil deeds….. ZAMBIA POLITICIANs like cheap talk…… Lusambo has a PULL HIM DOWN mentality…. WATCH the National Assembly debates…. VERY SHALLOW AND VERY ELEMENTARY…….




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