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US reaffirms its unconditional support to Zambia in all economic sectors

Headlines US reaffirms its unconditional support to Zambia in all economic sectors

United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote
United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote

United States ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote says his country remains keen to supporting Zambia in all sectors of the economy.

Ambassador Daniel Foote states that as Zambia is an all-weather friend of his country, it’s his government’s resolve to continuously give out foreign aid to all sectors.

Mr. Foote cited the health sector as one of the areas were his country has relentlessly been providing funding.

He was speaking this to Journalists yesterday shortly after President Edgar Lungu’s Address to the 3rd session of the 12th National Assembly in Lusaka.

“We are motivated with the Presidential address to the nation today. Americans will continue to help Zambia with funding in all areas of the economy and that is the resolve of the US people and government, “ he said.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Foote says President Lungu’s emphasis on corruption fight was motivating and encouraging.

“ the revision of the anti-corruption policy of 2009 will lead to the prosecution of corrupt individuals regardless of their standing in society, “ said the US Envoy.

Ambassador Foote further said corruption fight is cardinal as it leads to the quality service delivery to all sections of the society.

The ceremonial opening of the third session of the 12th National Assembly was held under the theme “working together to achieve vision 2030”.

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  1. Mr Daniel Foote is a very good US Ambassador and am sure Kainde hates him!!This man knows how to work with a Govnt of the day.While UPND is wishing Zambia evil,Ambassadors are coming out one by one in support of Zambia to shame tribal creatures camped in UPND!!WELL SAID BOSS!!!Am sure soon even UK High Commissioner shall speak out in support of our Govnt and put to shame HH’s new fake medium “Africa confidential”,which reported lies that UK Govnt have stopped releasing aid to ministry of education and community development!!!Lets wait and see.
    Plus i wonder why the SDA church appointed HH as an Elder because this tonga man is a liar,evil,celebrates when others suffer,satanist,tribal,etc.THANK GOD THAT THE CHURCH ALSO REALISED HOW EVIL KAINDE IS AND DROPPED HIM AS A CHURCH ELDER!!!Just…

    • @Njimbu;I agree with you regarding Africa Confidential. I am of the idea that LT is being fed false information by someone pretending to be with AC. I did my own snooping regarding the story titled “UK suspends aid to Ministry of Education…” What I found was that only LT carried the story citing AC and none of the affiliates of AC had the story. I went even further to check on the UK DFID website and there is absolutely no mention of that.
      LT next time please check your sources and stop feeding lazy people who don’t know how to vet stories Fake News!

    • When Biti was deported the same nimcompoops supporting the US here today were stating the opposite when the State Department issued that warning…today they are praising unashameably.
      Moreover US will continue to support you beggers as they have stringent controls to their aid packages ..very difficult for thieves like Dr. Chilufya to steal..a typical example is the Millenium Challenge account which even after so many works there is a lot of change left over in dollars in the account.

    • @Njimbu even Patricia Scotland is kicking herself for having trusted a cheap thug like Under 5 Kaponya (HH)
      Gay Jay in his usual childish, evil, satamic, immature, under 5 nature has failed to comment properly on the headline above. Instead he goes to remember some crap article about Biti. We now know how UPND operates. They are evil and Zambians hate them.
      We objectice Zambians and the 50% + 1 supporters of the PF will show them again in 2021. Africa Confidential is now discredited just like Under 5 thug

    • Gay Jay “what do you know about LT bogging policy?” Wake up from your docility hahahahaha useless kid.
      You are blocked for claiming to know about wildlife, football, international refugee law, US policy on the ICC prosecuting its citizens, civil society and macroeconomics.
      LT policy doesn’t allow for shallow Under 5 boys to litter their site with soiled diapers of under 5 knowledge.
      By the way how’s your bungee jumping, rope SHlTlNG, grave yard sleeping Chief Mukuni?

    • There goes Mr. Bonehead into rant about Hakainde…how can Patrica Scotland be kicking herself for freeing a leader of an opposition party arrested and imprisoned in maximum prison on a petty traffic charge? This is the issue with you empty tins ..you can not take responsibility for anything, you have no shame even talking about 2021 when some workers like those at ZAMPOST have not been paid for 2 months. You think i give a monkeys about UPND…if you have nothing to respond with best you shut up.

    • I dont mind being blocked..i will survive if they want their website to full to the rafters witg halfwits like you and that young lad …who can not engage or debate about anything without mentioning HH or silly UPND so be it. I mean there are bloggers here that specifically come on to respond to other bloggers without even reading the article..it reminds we of Zambia today without any independent news sources.

    • @NJIMBU, one thing you do not understand is the man is a Diplomat. Diplomacy is just about that. When his bosses call him from Washington he tells them how corrupt and finished we are. Think big bwana. Have u forgotten how one of the world’s top Diplomats by the name of John Kerry declared Kenyan elections free and fair, all in the name of avoiding civil wars when in fact the elections were not? Anyway, ni pa Zambia. Stomachs speak.

    • Here’s how the Under 5 kids think:
      1. Kainde and UPND spread False News to Africa Confidential. They think other reputable media organisations will pick the Fake News without checking facts
      2. Upon hearing the Fake News about Zambia’s corruption and failing economy Investors lose confidence in Zambia and pack their money away
      3. Starvation and hunger fall upon Zambia
      4. Zambians revolt and riot due to hunger
      5. Amidst the confusion, UPND uses small media outlets like Africa Confidential to posture itself for the Presidency
      6. UPND sneaks into State House
      They’ve tried Kainde’s nephew Lloyd at Zambian Witch Doctor. They’ve tried gay homo Fred Mmembe to be their King maker. They’ve tried Clayson Hamasaka and their debt to the Boer mercenaries and Anglo Americans is still rising…

      SO LET’S ROLL.
      I thought the phrase all weather friend was an overstatement but I am fine with it. Who does not want to be friends with the wonderful world of the UNITED STATES. Going forward, instead of material aid, we want project oriented ‘aid’. We want American like infrastructural cooperation. How I loathe the term, aid. Cooperation sounds better.

    • @Mr Kudos, You are as amazing as your “logo.” Really a picture tells more than a thousand words. You just wake up and start insulting Jay Jay instead of showing us how unreasonable his posting was. I am sure you can do better.

    • The Truth is Zambia is in maningi trouble. Only an imbecile like Njimbu would fail to see the real threat and coming troiuble.
      In fact, if there was no problem, there would have been no need for Ambassador Foote to “reaffirm its unconditional support to Zambia”. So the re-affirmation just confirms that there is a real problem and threat to Zambia. Zambian politicians have been very untrustworthy and dishonourable starting from Lungu. Wake up Zambians!

  2. @Njimbu, yes Mr Daniel Foote is a very good US Ambassador but the CATS he represents looks at everyone in Africa as a dog.

  3. “Americans will continue to help Zambia with funding in all areas of the economy and that is the resolve of the US people and government, “ he said. Zambian will continue sucking American d!cks

    • Why should they? Why doesn’t Zambia help America with all the resources we have? Are we Zombies? The Chinese deported from Kenya might have had a point.


    • You want to given aid to build infrastructure…what are you going to with your money you are taxing people? You are going to increase your wages and procure Jeeps, overpriced Fire engines and Ambulances…just laziness always have solutions when its using other peoples tax money.

    • Mmm mmm gay gay grow a brain. At least some reasoning cortex. You merchants of death. Guess what? You wished LPM dead, he died. You wished RB dead, he held his grounds. You wished MCS dead, your wish was granted. Now you wish ECL dead, so far he has shown resilience. Show me a country without taxes and I will show you a country with 4 elections in event where only 2 were adequate. Extremely ignorant and low grade blogger. Thank God this is not lucifer’s MAST or ZWD. These chaps who wish bad things for the country are nuts. You obsession against LPM will skin you alive.

    • I won’t even mention upnd cadre Gay Jay who was the other day trying to comment on “US policy on ICC prosecuting its citizens”
      A month ago Gay Jay was trying to comment on “International refugee Law”
      Gay Jay will simply say “what do you know about US foreign policy wake up from your docility”
      Gay Jay gets the title of a broad and general topic and asks everyone else “what do you know about this topic”
      He’s a lost Under 5 boy like his ‘god’ father (HH)

    • Yes continue labelling everyone a UPND cadre …and FYI the US is not a signatory to ICC but that is not easy for a noisy vessel digest.

    • I thought you will be saying you dont need the west as China gives you money ? Instead you are shamelessly being proud of begging ?

      Next time when the west says something listen as you can not survive without their hand outs….

    • When it comes to another country literally putting food in your mouths and cleaning your sewers you dont complain about sovereignty…immediately that country quizzes you it becomes a problem…shameless dingbats!!

    • Jj and like lilo are champions on Lucifarian platforms like the mast and zwd. There poor souls that pants for double h seem extremely distraught at the fact that the reincarnation of Cambridge Analytica spirit in the infamous Africa Confidential has recently been busted. Levelheadedness is natural phenomenon for mature LT contributors. We discern low grade hateful commentaries from these extremely dangerous individuals. Just listen to jj’s whines just on his IP add. issues. The maligning hardline agenda preps for 2021 polls. We know these filthy spirits of disappointed goons.

    • Thorn in the +×÷% – there is nothing in your comment just spewing tommyrot…i guess you are the type of “bloggers” LT encourages commenting on everything but the article.

  5. Trib.al Lazy Jay Gay, tri.ba.l Spaka, did you quote Africa Confidential? What say ye now?

    This Africa “Confidential” is really embarrassing itself, how can it rely on Past Mmembe as a source of “confidential” information about Zambia? Isn’t Mmembe the disgrac.ed fo.ol whi thought he was lird of Zambia, king maker, and failed to pay his taxes, pointed a thick corrupt finger at others while he was the Chief Corruotion himself?
    Ndipo Mmembe really scre.wed Tribal Hacka and chewed his money! Where is trib.al Hacka now? Trying to hold on to a crumbling directionless party, and facing contempt charges!!

    • Look at these lost theives….last time the USA condemned bitis deportation the same ambassador was bad , now he is good ??

      Don’t worry…nkongole does not rot….it gets bigger…

    • People with unequivocal levels of fairness call evil when they see it and gives credit when and where it is due. We condemned Havana’s ambassador when he messed up on our land, CUBA head and understood, in response they gave us an upright ambassador. We lauded CUBA’s understanding. All that time you spelled and chanted doom to Zambia. On the issue with Biti, did your asz ever hear US ambassador utter a word apart from that one who acted out’a ignorance?

  6. Those wishing Zambia to face bad relationships with Super Powers are enemies of this Country ,mother Zambia.They should go and make their own Country in Dundumwenzi.You Satanists.Zambia is a Christian Nation,God bless our beloved country Zambia.Your evil propaganda on social media won’t take you into State House,even China is laughing at your shallow thinking of under 5 Politics,shame on you.

    • China is laughing at you…your greediness and your perpertual need for debt…its like a addictive gambler who always returns to casino and is happy that the house gives him the best suite in their hotel to sleep in so he doesnt go home.

  7. China’s threat is real and the Americans know that. Britain has also revived her interest in Africa cooperation efforts following brexit. Debt in itself is not bad, what is wrong is the misapplication, abuse and theft of resources which should otherwise provide solutions to our economic quagmire.If the 14 billions was prudently used why should we be worrying about paying back the loans? Why should we ask other countries to help repay our debt? The answer is simple, we have not used these loans prudently and now we are scared of what the lenders might do to us. I envy Rwanda and Tanzania, how are they managing while we are failing?

  8. Why do Zambians always dance to aid and think it’s a god given right? Aid in all sectors is the same as giving up your sovereignty. First, they tell you that you are under siege by the Chinese and then they tell you that they will continue to supplement your finances in return for what? Why will they not reaffirm unconditional support on trade and technology? We have what they want…High-grade Uranium, we can sell it to you to balance our books but you want it for next to nothing.

  9. If china had colonized one country at any time, there would have been a country where Chinese would have been their official language.

    • In Kenya there are classes for Mandarin…ZNBC with Chinese is introducing Village TV for rural areas in Zambia think about the long term strategy behind that..

    • Gay gay, those lies are not official representation of what is obtaining. Stop laying. You lie like serpent. You sound like the A.C. source of rumour and falsehood.
      That’s Cambridge Analytica style of misleading stunts and misinformation.

    • So what do you think Village TV is there for? To educate and empower you..really laughable…FYI in China they would let you run a toilet let alone a radio station…you are just monkeys to them or muddy dirty people that need to scrubbed. ..all weather friend says Lazy Lungu what a docile gullible man.

  10. Good point and thinking Ambassador Foote There has to be a pivot, a strategic re balance and renewed focus in economic and social priorities areas for Zambia in substance given the enduring US interests In Zambia and the region in particular There has to be a sound and forward looking strategy towards Zambia and Africa more so
    We have seen the expansion of US interests across the continent in recent past beyond the traditional areas of support the Good ambassador has mentions areas such as trade and investments ,governance ,security and conflict prevention Such forms of support and corporations to Zambia should never be sacred down and in fact they should be…

  11. There you have it folks, especially the the PF rats…..lungu and PF can not survive without handouts from the west….so next time the west interferes in your affairs don’t get hysterical beacuse you accept handout from them…

    • But just recently you were advocating for the withdraw of aid to Zambia. But now the ambassador says the opposite you change the goal posts. My if God has plans for HH to become president he will. Not the way you’re trying to force matters. ..such can only land you in a mortuary fridge.

    • I now understand why your madam cheated on you iwe ka ndanje. I will now reveal who you are iwe bwalya. You were crying to me in libala when you found out she was sleeping with a well know politician. I now blame u and not her. Any woman with a man like you who lacks integrity and objectivity deserves to be cheated on. You are a real bootlicker and a disgrace to your kids and family .

    • Much as you may be against or differ in opinion with Ndanje, please avoid bringing in his kids and family.
      We can differ on topics, but the kids have nothing to do what Ndanje does here. they are victims.
      You are the so-called strategist, so treat people accordingly.

    • Animo Farm, it is bleeding Hagain! I meant to say it is peeing in its pants Hagain! It may die of Heart H-attack! This tribal H-organization that is against its country is surprising! TRIBALISM kings.

  12. “Ambassador Daniel Foote states that as Zambia is an all-weather friend of his country, it’s his government’s resolve to continuously give out foreign aid to all sectors.”

    all-weather friend
    “A friend who helps you every time. Either in a happiness or sorrowfulness.“

    We appreciate your hard work and want you to know it doesn’t go unnoticed.

    • You appreciate charity…small countries like Rwanda are negotiating removal of tarriffs on specific items so they can import goods to the US and China hence create employment and attain growth…in Chambia everything revolves around begging and loans they talk of mutual relationship without any knowledge of the meaning of the word. I mean even you deep down if you had a friend who only comes to you for debt ..you will stop answering his calls….nothing all weather about that relationship.

    • Thats all you can do cry about me telling lies and name call…grow a pair and engage me objectively not like that young silly lad who logs in around mid afternoon.

  13. rather, Such forms of support and co-oporations to Zambia should never be scaleed down and in fact they should be stepped up
    We know that America can afford to trade within itself and still perform but the Chinese cannot and will need Africa and others to support theirs but a closed up thinking for america on africa is very dangerous in the long term
    America needs Zambia and Africa in its trade and relations for its long term performance The strategy of holding back and leaving the vacuum will only alienate and will only arm the other Brics economies in the longterm towards the global and Us

  14. In his speech to parliament the corrupt theif says there will be no load shedding but only power rationing…???

    Like how state house calls corruption…ati social mobility….

    • Too bad he will still be president cone 2021. By that time the Alright will have taken over Britain. Their first task will be to deport all non whites. Too bad some will be adversely affected.

    • Like lilo
      Ardent hater. Hate code spaka ver1.0
      Your heart is heavy, are you a co-writer of an AC dirty article on our land? Do you have a hand in that discreding piece of fake news? Are you a partaker of an effort to discredit your land with impunity? You are a curse to Zambia.

    • You have crashed all forms of independent media and the President literally cowers away from Press conferences when Facebook pages like ZWD and others thrive you complain profusely …I mean President Lazy with his whole govt was in China for 10 days to date not even one minister has updated the nation in what transpired there…absolutely absolutely nothing to report absolutely nothing even a child reports after attending a friends birtday party ..its beyond laughable…it unbelievable it like they never left the country.

    • Ndanje please realise that even hardcore alt right politicians in civilised countries are better than any current african government at the moment. Change in ruling party does not mean change in laws and civil service for our friends. Whilst your wet brain is used to political patronage in governance and shady laws to suit current government, our friends arw way above that hence certainty even when david cameron resigned. Why u think lungu cannpt resign on moral grounds even when he has failed this country?

    • #16.3 Thorn in the flesh

      Why would you think I had anything to do with AC, am I the only blogger on LT who opposes lungus rotten morals ??

    • Thorn in the flesh

      After you see #16.6 , maybe you are in a position to tell us what lungu meant when he said

      ” there will be no load shedding this year , there will be power rationing ”


    • # 16.7 ndanji

      My apologies….I will refrain just like how the dirty tribalists seem to be refraining ever since I also used tribal insults…my apologies ndanji.

    • #16.9 Like lilo
      I am impressed
      So you have a soul
      Thought, sorry, couldn’t come from your conscious. How I wish double h could say sorry to Zambians.

  15. Zambia is open to business an relations on mutually and like you ave positively said in the above statement Very Positive and well spoken

    • Define mutual relationship? Dont be shortsighted and credulous as Lazy Lungu who merely reads things without any understanding.

  16. Call him as President lungu He spoke well though He is the President and must be respected He is handling well the Geopolitics Zambia is presented with

    Coming back to the topic of Good ambassodor foote

    Economic stagnation could potentially arise from Chinese debt diplomacy and that could potentially harm the US The Chinese debt diplomacy, cheap infrastructure loans, with conditions towards Africa and Zambia is simply to shut out opportunities for US and Business You can simply watch and see China is already pushing its earnings of USD 180 Billion dollars from Africa far much beyond its loans and Investments creating a situation where more revenues inflows FDIs and…

  17. and Jobs will accrue to China as opposed to Africa Zambia and Indeed the same looking US The US must up its game and create alternatives funding and programs from the Brics financing to help boost African countries capacity for economic growth and Zambia in particular US companies are key to the re-balancing and strengthening of the Investments climate more so the upping of US embassy in Zambia with more technical assistance in staffing to create capacity in these challenges Zambia is presented

  18. Makes me sad that a true Zambian can wish his country all kinds of ills. Wouldn’t it be nice to inherit a country that is got order? What do you gain by asking donors to stop funding your country? Chansoni sana even if you so much want to be president.

    • Lungu uses that donner money to pay his thugs to attack the opposition and trample on their democratic rights….and wants to be called President of a democratic republic of Zambia…

    • Like lilo
      That’s a cold lie. Your lies are as chilling as death caused by witchcraft practiced by a bitter heavy-hearted witch or a mysterious ailment.
      You have told and sold that story to unsuspecting audience on zwd over and over again. On LT we inspect your lies and cheats by challenging you to go to court and prove your decency. Ice cold liar.

    • I would rather have some one wish this country ill or tell us facts that hate rather than a government that actually puts us in an ill position and then refuses to accept that things have gone wrong. The only ones suffering arr your relatives you sad chap

    • #20.4 Thorn in the flesh

      If lungu did not have extra money that is donner aid to be paying police to curtail opposition meetings like how Harry kalaba was banned and cautioned for meeting his supporters recently , maybe we will enjoy more democratic freedoms of association…

  19. Spaka thanks for putting up a fight with these pf cadres they have literally brainwashed our poor people who have lost their critical thinking. There is a suggestion that voters should have a grade 12 certificate, just looking at njimbu’s post you wonder if he ever completed school. How do u get excited at words without any details or deals attached to it

    • Oooohh, you don’t know half of what that rat thinks….he was the one telling us that because lungu wears expensive jackets he must be a better leader the HH ….

  20. Animo Farm with all its propaganda is losing! Opinion polls UPND Tribal H-organisation trailing the best party to ever develop this nation in record time 37 – 90. It is definate, Hazaluza Hagain.

  21. Trib.al Lazy Jay Gay, tri.ba.l Spaka, did you quote Africa Confidential? What say ye now?

    This Africa “Confidential” is really embarrassing itself, how can it rely on Past Mmembe as a source of “confidential” information about Zambia? Isn’t Mmembe the disgrac.ed fo.ol who thought he was lord of Zambia, king maker, failed to pay his taxes, pointed a thick corrupt finger at others while he was the Chief Corruption himself?
    Ndipo Mmembe really scre.wed Tribal Hacka and chewed his money! Where is trib.al Hacka now? Trying to hold on to a crumbling directionless party, and facing contempt charges!!

  22. Lazy trib.e Jay Gay, GBM is so quiet these past few weeks. Was he the victim of trib.al ism? It was just a question of time, sooner or later thd trib.al chaps just can’t hold their mouths and anyway it is impossible to hide your true nature.
    This probably explains why recently Triba.l Hacks issued a statement condemning trib.alism, a statement from nowhere indicating trib.al trouble.

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