Community Led Total Sanitation national legal advisor Michael Musenga has called for reinforcement of the public health laws to ensure compliance and non-violation of the laws in order to improve sanitation in Sinazongwe District in Southern Province.

Mr. Musenga says the reinforcement of public health laws in the area will help promote cleanliness in the District which has had very poor sanitation which he said had affected e to violation various sections including residents, traders and the business houses among others.

“Through Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) legal enforcement program, public health shall be promoted in order to improve lives of all residents through improved sanitation in the District, “ he said.

Mr. Musenga said reinforcement of the laws was the only sure way to capturing disease outbreaks adding that a legal enforcement team under CLTS shall be formed towards reinforcement purposes.

He has since called on all Sinazongwe residents to embrace and respect the keep Zambia Clean and Green by complying with it as it was law failure to which they would be prosecuted and continue risking their lives with possible outbreak of diseases such as cholera.

He said that the legal enforcement team in the area shall start by educating the residents through various sensitization strategies on the existing laws and importance of keeping the environment clean and green after which those who will not be able to comply shall face prosecution.

The CLTS legal advisor said there were various offences stipulated under regulation number twelve of the local Government act which people are required to be aware of such as throwing of liter any how, urinating and defecating in undesignated places, destroying of public infrastructure and many other offences that attracted various penalties.

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