Shibuyunji District Commissioner Jairos simukoko says government is saddened by the rate at which school girls are falling pregnant in the district despite putting in place measures to curb the vice.

Mr Simukoko has described the situation as sad and alarming because it is government’s vision to educate young girls as they are the future leaders.

He observed that The Seventh National Development Plan and Vision 2030 can only be achieved if no one is left behind.

He stated that despite sensitizations going on in schools, young girls were still getting pregnant.

Mr Simukoko has since appealed to traditional and local leadership including parents to do away with cultures of marrying off young girls as it is against government’s agenda.

He has warned that law will not hesitate to take its course should anyone be found wanting.

The district commission stated that district statistics from educational authorities show that the number of girls who become pregnant increased from 78 in 2017 to 85 in 2018 during the period January to August.

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  1. The only measure is to give condoms to school going children so that they indulge with full protection. Whether you like it not they will still going to experiment with their genitals which results in early pregnancies



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