Tuesday, June 18, 2024

And now Sweden cuts funding to Zambia after Social Cash Transfer scandal


Sweden has confirmed that it is also freezing funding to Zambia over suspected misuse of funds within Social Cash Transfer programme in Zambia.

Sweden through its development arm SIDA is freezing support along with Finland, Great Britain and Ireland.

A statement from the Swedish Foreign Ministry said Sweden supports cash transfers to the poorest and most vulnerable in Zambia through the Social Cash Transfer programme.

It said increasing evidence suggests that a cash transfer is an effective means to combating poverty.

“The poor and vulnerable get increased possibilities to make economic decisions over, for instance, minor investments in their household or towards increased productivity in their farming, buying more nutritious food or to pay for school fees. A high proportion of the beneficiaries are women,” it observed.

It added, “After strong suspicions concerning misuse of funds within the social cash transfers, SIDA and the other donors have frozen the use of funds. Problems within the programme were discovered during the spring of 2018, but not until August were there suspicions of misuse of funds.”

The Swedish Foreign Affairs Ministry noted that the Zambian Office of the Auditor General is making an investigation into the matter and that SIDA is carefully following the developments.

“There are not yet any reports on the amount suspected to have been misused. The agreement between Sweden and the Government of Zambia on support to the Social Cash Transfer programme, covers a total of 165 MSEK for the years 2016-2018. Out of these 130 MSEK has been disbursed up until now.”
It says corruption is a societal problem that hampers development and makes it more difficult to combat poverty.

“SIDA works actively to detect corruption, acts on all suspicions of corruption of misuse within our contributions and supports anti-corruption in our cooperation countries,” it says.


    • Let’s not panic.

      These donors have over reacted.

      Honestly and from the bottom of my heart, they will regret this.

      Again, thy are cutting the funding based on hearsay and whistle blowing which is unprofessional and unethical from their part.

      They should be ashamed of themselves



    • Funds for good causes are being siphoned and embezzled in a blatant way it’s unbelievable. It’s not the 1st time and certainly won’t be the last. Greed drives these hyenas! They can’t take it with them when they die!

    • A few days ago it was ” this is fake news”. That was the response from PF bloggers. Today it’s “we don’t need the donors” or “they are overreacting” or some silly thing like that. Bottom line? People support politicians blindly. Even when it’s clear as daylight that a certain individual is crooked, they refuse to see it.

    • Let me go out on a limb and appeal to people across the political divide. As a neutral.
      1. It’s ok for you to belong to your respective political party/affiliation
      2. But it’s not ok for you to put your political party above your country. You can be PF or UPND, but we are all Zambian. That’s the one thing we all share and therefore the fate of our country will affect all of us in some way. Directly or indirectly.
      3. As zambians it is our duty to do what is right and oppose what is wrong
      4. PF record is frightening. We need to see this and act. To be PF, shouldnt mean you support individuals. it means you embrace the ideals on which the party was formed. Same as being UPND. When people in your party are not doing what is right, it’s your duty as a Zambian to speak out.

    • Are these Donors friends to Bishop Mambo who went accusing Constitutional Judges that they are corrupt based on hear say, which got him into trouble in court. And he had to admit he had no facts and evidence to prove so.

      They need to make the case strong and prove PF wrong. On the other hand corruption breeds in Zambia.!!!

    • We come to lusaka times because we view the site to be quite objective in its reporting though not always.
      But when you see the number of likes and dislikes on mushota today then you know something is wrong some of the comments by this blogger are very offensive and LT needs to do something about this.

    • When people see the president & his PF00Ls stealing & getting bribes from Chinese, they join in the stealing frenzy. Everyone in LSK wants to have a house, block of flats & range rover & jeep cherokee.
      Lungu needs to stop stealing & receiving chinese bribes.

    • @ shu shu shu. Unlike you guys, the donors follow their taxpayers money to ground. They went to the target and noticed the money had not arrived. Either the target population is lying or there is embezzlement. That is why they have to stop the transfers until either one of the two is confirmed… Pa Zed cadres would start beating the complaining victims.

    • Lungu is the best leader in Africa, there is no corruption, he has eliminated shanty towns and built modern buildings, we have free wifi in major cities, all roads in rural areas have been built and I can proudly say Zambians enjoy a standard of living that is the same as Sweden, in fact Swidish immigrants want to come and work in our restaurants and clean our streets. Well done Lungu

    • I bet you with the Zambia Army its even worse for those who serve for the UN abroad…its just that soldiers can not protest.
      Lazy Lungu is likened to a bus driver who gives the controls of his bus to the conductor so he sleeps or enjoys some drinks when the bus crashes he works up and start asking what happened…you think a big dull boy Bowman inspecting offices makes them efficient..really laughable …you need policy changes.

    • Everything is under control! Well done Mr. President for turning our country around. It is progressing well. We should also make LUSAKA METAL EXCHANGE and stop taking our cobalt, diamonds, gold, emeralds, copper, uranium to a market outside Zambia. They market should be in Zambia and let them come to buy there. Continue to build good roads. Let’s ask China to build a better rail line from Livingstone to Kitwe, extend it Zambezi, then from Mongu to Kabwe, then to Nakonde, and then to Chipata. We will be game and Hazaivotela Heve Heka.

    • As long as that ugly thief Kabwanshi remains in that office, the freezing will be soon be made indefinite! Zambians have no culture of accountability and that is the problem.
      Kabanshi steals and facilitates the theft of funds but Lungu thinks she can steal make good the theft that took place with her blessings – that is unacceptable. The thief cant clean her mess.
      Just go and get money from the Chinese!!

    • @Max @Mulenga Mwamba – understatement of the year. He admitted it – ubomba mwibala….. need you go further? I bet the whole village was added to the list – nge nsoni shili kwi?

  1. All this WhatsApp fees , door to door With holding tax directives now make sense.

    The government has been cornered to pay their obligations.

    This will get ugly

    • The money for the Cash Transfer Scheme has been embezzled to finance luxuries, relatives and cadres. The little that was left over has been given to PF party supporters as a gift from President Lungu. There is absolutely no objectivity and no targeting of the vulnerable. The Scheme is actually considered as campaign funding by PF.
      If the Cash Transfer Scheme has to work, it has to be taken from Government Ministry and delegated to a non-partisan respected NGO like World Vision or CARITAS as long as they ensure that their employees have no political agendas. All in all The Scheme is an economic disaster for Zambia and a lottery for PF.

  2. Not until we stop using silly jargons like ” misappropriation, misuse, and reconciliation ” corruption will carry on especially in this government where the leader does encourage to eat mwibala and keep seeds. Its getting ugly for real… i am happy its voters paying the price! Next time vote wisely.

    • And until heads start rolling or we see action on Auditor Generals’ reports and controlling officers heading to the filth of our Zambian jails or paying back only will sanity be restored! Growth in individual investments for personal gains outpacing community and public good should always raise red flags in a struggling economy!

  3. Thanks Sweden i’m loving this one two punch against Lungu and corruption. Let’s all keep punching hard to make Lungu and company wake up from self induced blindness & delusion.

    • How is Lungu involved in this one?? These functions are executed by a team of civil servants not directly by the president. Remember the Kapoko/MOH scandal when even that time funding was suspended??

    • @5.1
      He is the head of the public office in question. He is the chairman of cabinet, he appoints those folks around him. He must have mystery shopper in every department for over the top information about what is obtaining in those ministries. Doesn’t he receive reports on what is happening especially wrt finances in public offices unless he is in the thick of it? Eggs must roll when they get to bottom of this. Like Mushota has put it, let this rumour be investigated. Like he did to CK, let eggs roll, 2021 is fast approaching.

    • @Thorn: The problem is the civil servants. I am not protecting Lungu but we must point the gun in the right direction. Did Mwanawasa know his doctor and Kapoko were stealing and turned a blind eye?? No. These are just bad elements. Ofcourse, systems have to be strengthened. Lungu is the only other president who demands quarterly reports but these bad elements continue to frustrate such efforts. Hence a need to reform systems and personnel.

    • @Zambian Citizen you speak very well and observe good practice being activated. KK never hesitated to set aside erring officials sometimes to a fault. This one is using MMD’s “bring evidence” mantra to maintain the status quo and add bureaucracy to boot. However, bureaucracy in its abusive form is easily about putting in process for all to see, not for actuating its intended purpose. How many Auditors reports have we had? There was an earlier report alleging that social transfer had been diverted from NGOs to the Post Office by a Ministry head. How does that work with quarterly reports? Is a strategy in place to seal loopholes in such a change? Asking for a friend…

    • @Kalok: It’s not enough to have headlines daily accusing people of corruption, get a pat on the back from donors while the criminal justice system acquits them due to lack of evidence-Levy/Nchito/Post style. Right now, our ZP doesn’t have capacity to clamp down on white collar crime. ACC or DEC are equally inept. FIC for example will highlight a malpractice but it’s ZP or DEC or ACC with the investigative powers. So that effort is back to nought if these institutions cannot be reformed and strengthened.

    • I doubt that. Kambwili was fired for corruption and is in court. That’s why he exposed his fat belly in public so that he can dupe 1.d.oi.ts like you that it’s political!!

    • Citizen, in all honesty can you justify Mr. Lungu attitude toward corruption?
      1. When the FIC report highlighted trends of money laundering in grz, what was the presidents response? The chief government spokesperson came out to intimidate the FIC and threaten them
      2. The auditor general report has been highlighting irregularities year after year, but still no action
      3. If Kambwili was sacked for corruption why is he not behind bars?
      4. How can you justify buying a scania for 1million dollars
      5. It is the duty of government to put systems in place that curb corruption, and punishes the vice. Any civil servant will tell you that this is not the case. in fact corruption is driven from the top. This is what civil servant will tell you
      6. The ZAF commander was fired for alleged…

    • @Journeyman the speculator:
      1. FIC collects data or intelligence but the constitution gives the investigative powers to ZP, ACC or DEC. The problem is the investigative ability lacks capacity.
      2. AG reports also fall under same problem, ZP lacks capacity to tackle white collar crime.
      3. Kambwili is in court for creating fake companies to steal public contracts.
      4. If you had counter quotes to prove Scania fire trucks dont cost $1m, i will believe you. It was a public tender and all who were able participated. Albion quoted $1.3m.
      5. The war on corruption will only be effective when it is institutionalised and the relevant institutions upgraded and modernised.

    • Ba citizen bamunyina the case of the fire trucks please let’s not give falsehoods. it was one of the case studies in the FIC report. see page 16. it clearly says that the trucks are actually worth 30% of the purported price in the tender. The money that GRZ played for this trucks has been traced to some dubious law firms etc. My brother, let’s not try to pretend. This info is in the public domain. It’s just sad most zambians are too lazy to read. The FIC report also says a named politician linked to the supplier was bought some luxury cars by the supplier. It’s all there baba

    • On FIC report and auditor general report…ago they just collect data. That is a blatant lie my friend. Read the FIC report and you will see in bthe preamble that they say clearly that they AANALYSE the data and recommend action measure. Don’t take us for school kids. This is the same crap Dora was trying to sell us. Citizen, read the FIC report and them come back and try to tell me more crap. I have actually read it. Have you?

    • Ati “war on corruption will only be won if it is institutionalised relevant institutions upgraded”? Really?
      So whose job is it to institutionalise the fight against corruption? Isn’t grz. How long has Lungu been there? What has been the trend? It’s been getting worse since Lungu. The numbers are there to prove it. Again I invite you to look at the FIC report. The stats show that corruption has been growing since Lungu took over.
      And the claim that the anti corruption fight needs the institutions to be upgraded is laughable. All you need is an honest leadership committed to root out corruption. The rest will follow. We saw it with Levy and partly with Sata. What’s the difference with Lungu? He is corrupt. chapwa

    • Non of my points above are speculation. But in typical PF spin doctor antics you want to spin a web of lies to obscure the truth. Your spokesperson Dora was on public media refuting the reports in Africa confidential that donors had cut funding. Today t h e truth has come out. Where is Dora? Silent as a grave. Guys let’s have some integrity. Why defend the indefensible? Is it because you are benefiting from the wrongs? Are you also building blocks of flats and so all these things are speculation to you?

    • So does FIC have power to investigate and prosecute?? It’s tiring sometimes to argue with people who don’t understand things. What did Levy achieve with his anti-corruption cameo?? The guy made headlines globally but failed to achieve his main objective when FTJ got acquitted after 8 years of persecution. Good leadership?? Even Levy himself became disillusioned with the whole process that was full of finger pointing and no convictions. Let’s not waste time with useless anti-corruption crusades that are hijacked by greedy individuals wanting to enrich themselves!!

    • Citizen,
      If you didnt see the results of Levy’s anti corruption fight, then you are beyond blind. The rest of us saw it. That is why Levy has become the benchmark for fighting corruption.
      Ati “people who dont understand”. Boss, FIC clearly recommended certain actions to be taken against corruption, including the fire trucks issue. Nothing was done. Now… the investigative wings(DEC, ACC, Police) belong to the executive. And guess who is the head of the executive arm of government? He has seen the FIC report along with the rest of cabinet. Why have they not ensured that action was taken by relevant institutions? Or why havent they fired the heads of these institutions for failing to take action???
      On Chiluba: We all know that Chiluba was acquitted because of the interference of…

    • Benchmark?? What did that benchmark achieve?? If Levy is a benchmark, why did he leave a weak ZP, ACC and DEC?? He had 8 years to convict FTJ but failed. Instead he pumped resources in a task force that was gobbling $20m per year and recovering $1m!! Hyenas like the Nchitos became super rich through this task force. Fire trucks-all procedures were followed. All bidders were in the $1m range. Those complaining should have published counter quotes to prove their claims. The public would have seen the “theft” but years later no one has proved that.

    • Looking at how vigorously you defend the purchase of overpriced fire trucks – inspite of evidence and the FIC report – it is very tempting to make some conclusions and judge you. But I won’t
      Looking at how you seem to despise Levy- universally acknowledged by very reputable people and institutions as one of the best leaders this country has ever had – I am really tempted to conclude on your character. But i won’t
      Looking at how you seem to support FTJ a known thief, with evidence in the public domain…..extremely tempted.
      In the end my friend, you have chosen to be identified with the wrong side of history. I hope you will reconsider before it’s too late

    • I am not defending the purchase of the fire trucks, I am simply saying to prove they were expensive, the complainers should have showed the nation cheaper quotes. FIC can’t justify the price because they are not a procurement agency. Levy had a huge chance to make a landmark in this corruption fight but he messed up. He chose to unconstitutionally remove a sitting DPP and replace him with those Nchito hyenas to appease the public and gain popularity. Had Levy chosen to channel all those resources into reforming ZP and creating specialised crime fighting units, Zambia would be advantaged today. I am not supporting FTJ but supporting justice which Levy robbed this country with his selfishness.

    • Nop
      1. Neither FIC nor I need to be a procurement agency to investigate the actual cost of fire trucks. That is just lazy thinking. I know you are more intelligent than that. Just cross checked the prices with OEMs. Which any responsible procurement department would do. I encourage you to check the prices of scania of fire trucks and then come and present you argument. Info is there on manufacturer websites
      Some of us have, so we are not talking from without. If you don’t have the decency to atleast verify facts before defending, you will do well to be silent on the matter

      Levy was a great man. Chiluba was acquitted not because Levy failed. But because he died. It was the old crook, Rupiah Banda who impeded and dismantled the investigation after Levy died.
      You have no leg to stand…

    • You have no legs to stand on. Neither facts, nor ethics support your opinions.
      Banda undid everything that Levy did. That’s why we kicked him out. Sata tried to restore some sanity, but sadly he died too early. And then came Banda’s prodigee, Lungu. He undid everything Sata tried to do and for a seat in statehouse sold his soul to the devil(banda).
      And the lie that Levy unconstitutionally removed a sitting DPP is laughable. That is Lungu. He had a sitting DPP, who has constitutional immunity arrested!!! and them assembled a group of compromised, scandalized judges to remove him. Citizen, must be confused between who is Lungu and who is Levy

    • Who removed Mukelabai Mukelabai from office?? In a strong democracy, it shouldn’t take an individual to have a wrongdoer convicted; It should be the institutions in place. Levy had 8 years to do it but to prove that his anti-corruption crusade was a sham, it died with him and left no strong institutions in place. Mukelabai’s tribunal cleared him of any wrongdoings but Nchito’s tribunal found abuse of office issues that’s why he was removed. Try and live in the real world and not the lies you get from biased sources. What is constitutional immunity?? You are too deep in cow dung to see the truth, my man.

  4. When matters are this serious it’s best to keep idiocracy at a minimum. All these petulant bloggers with self created, delusional titles and directionless agendas need to keep quiet and stop spewing their intolerable garbage. Some of us grew up in townships and know first hand how such irresponsible corrupt practices affect the common man. They’re men out there who have to make the hard choices of whether to buy a little food to feed the family or send their child to school. This aid was meant to help the impoverished but the rot is so deep that any dollar coming into the country is fair game. We don’t need chancers who are here to line their pockets we need leaders who are there to serve the people and safeguard the rule of law. Unfortunately i don’t see anyone who fits this bill,…

    • Iwe ka Kudos, whenever we told you your Visionless Jona Pombe was a “Certified Mbava”, who embezzled a Widows cash without any ounce of remorse for someone whod lost a husband, you excreted delusions from your sick back p.ass@ge, & hurled insult after insult, with your equally brain dead girlfriend “Sme.11y Sharon”
      In tow was your support unit leader Smart Enterprise B.R Mumba “junior”
      Manje’ the Horse has bolted & you want to appear reasonable & relevant??
      [email protected]@!!!

    • Thieving never stays that way Kudos, hence your exposure. It is all Kubeba now, Zambia is not you backyard bala to be stealing from all day throughout the year to a point you start stealing from our vulnerable population. Shame on you and your likes.

  5. Is the pf going to blame hh for this? Has hh caused you to grow longer fingers and dip into public funds ? Good to see kudos has woken up and seen reality. So is Africa confidential telling fibs? Fibs means fictional stories to all those dumb pf cadres. Can pf government pay back this money. The donors need to seek legal action against the government

  6. While I condemn all those involved in corrupt practices, let me categorically state that this smear campaign against the PF government will not yield any positive results for those tarnishing the good name of our country. We all abhor corruption. The talk about corruption is not new in this country. All previous governments in Zambia have been labelled corrupt. The establishment of the Anti – Corruption Commission was meant to reduce or root out corruption. However, to eradicate corruption we need to improve processes and procedures in procurement and service delivery. Mere rhetoric and pointing fingers will not take us anywhere as a nation.

    • For your info Mr. Anus, Republic of Zambia has ratified UN Convention against Corruption almost 11 years ago (December 2007), amended ACC Act three times and you have courage to complain about “… Mere rhetoric and pointing fingers…?

      What are you, Chinese agent provocateur, certified !mbecile or beneficiary of rampant corruption?

    • @ 10, “Ba Mr A.nu2 imwe” Ikalenifye.
      The game is over!
      Its downhill from now on, silly imb.3cile P.F, Cadre

    • Am sure even you don’t believe what you are saying. The government’s that have been labelled corrupt are as follows

      1. Frederick Chiluba
      2. Edgar Lungu
      3. Rupiah Banda

      in that order

      Not corrupt
      1. Levy Mwanawasa
      2. Kenneth Kaunda
      3. Michael Data

      I can’t fully decide who is worse between Chiluba and Lungu.

    • Edgar will still beat Mental. Even when the president is sleeping Mental cannot win in Zambia! Everyone knows he is CHILDISH and tribal UPND is fighting a TRIBAL WAR not a substance based war. TRIBALISM is in TONGALAND.

    • Does not supporting HH make one a traitor. Don’t confuse issues. Who can rejoice at such news. ..to you it’s a chance for HH. But my friend people involved in this scandal have no party for they can belong to any party. It happened in the MMD government and it took the same action by the donors for the government to act. Don’t get excited because if the investigation concludes you may find that one of the culprits is your relative. I also condemned government for its failure to heed reports that this was not reaching the people it’s intended for.

    • It’s so sad to see technocrat lose their heads and start thinking with their hearts all because of supporting politicians they perceive to be closer to them either by tribe or whatever is driving all this. Historically, Zambia has had a number of politician come on the scene but none has had such bad influence as exhibited by HH. I normally don’t comment on political shenanigans but my humble conclusion is that HH is bad for Zambian politics and the earlier he exits the stage the better for Mother Zambia.

  7. Lungu won’t take anymore action after ordering an investigation. To him he has done something and that is enough. Don’t expect that dull coward to fire anyone. For now he will just remain quiet hoping that everything dies s natural death. He knows docile Zambians forget easily but this is donor funds and the owners are demanding an explanation. you can’t have a convicted thief for a president and expect

    • These are Wasted Lungu Years…yes to the lazy thing he has done his job and will distance himself and hide behind the usual phrase investigations are “ongoing and wont interfer” then no report will ever see the light of day.. like he did with the FIC Report, ZAF General Chemisa has disappeared just like that…unfortunately with donors it doesnt work like that they are not docile like us they account for every cent remember the Agriculture Union scandal were one of the thieves took their life that’s how donors bite on.

    • Dont mind him JUNIOR is an educated fooool but he is smart enough to send his blind daft cadres like Bonehead, Zambian Citizen, the young lad.. to jump in the pond and see how deep it is and see whether they are crocs in it.

    • Whilst he watches from the comfort of his office window rallying them with his silly makebelieve soundbites and nostalgic braggaadocio statements of the good old days of UNIP and free flights on DC10.
      No shame at all…no shame!!

  8. All over the world it is new about Zambia taken over by china and rampant corruption, what a shameful exposure, thank you to lungu for you derseve to be seen of what you are.

  9. @11 I am not like you who takes a dive each time HH boobs. We are real men who face any situation without flinching. Personally I am glad it has come to this so that those young people who have suddenly become a million times richer than people who have worked for decades can explain how they became rich. If Lungu is personally involved let it come out. After all they say you can run but you can’t hide.

    • Well said. It’s critical that we learn to look beyond UPND vs PF and think as ZAMBIANS, with the best interest of Zambia in mind. Please. This PF vs UPND is just ridiculous. I get sick of people who c asn reason above that.

    • “Mbanje Nkake”, another useless P.F Cadre, trying to appear relevant, after he’d been swimming in what he believed was a swimming pool despite being warned, only to later discover hes been swimming in a sewer tank all along, & is now smelling of 2h1T.

    • 15.2 I think you’re a very useless soul. I am a free man with integrity. ..not like who are always looking for things like this so that your party is boosted. I’m not a cadre but a very patriotic citizen. If Lungu is involved he’ll be exposed. Some of the people involved may turn out to be your relatives. The problem you have is you don’t want read the whole thing. This is a repeat of what happened in MMD government and action was only taken after the donors reacted. Just wait for the investigation. Who terminated the Zampost contract was it the UK or Zambian government? It’s too early to celebrate.

    • By the way Kaleni if you feed from HH’S loot I am a very independent individual who is not even known by any official in PF.

  10. Zambia needs opposition. Upendi under current leadership is just wastage of time.

    Sata is no normal but pf is still rocking.

    Remove hh . He is a political reject. He privatised and destroyed lives and memories are fresh. If it wasnt for tribal surport hh will be getting zero votes.

  11. To hell with you too! We don’t need your charity money with lots of strings attached. Talk to us on trade and maybe will listen.Africa first!

    • I don’t follow individuals like you…Ch!mbwi with a plan to go to statehouse. I standup for enemies of Zambia and you seem to be one of them.

    • People like FutureZed scare me! Unfortunately that kind of reasoning is popular in our Country. What trade when you steal the funds being given to you as aid?

    • Yes you should be scared because for some reason you guys think the answer to your problems is always vested in one person. Why do you have to wait for Europeans to tell you that you are corrupt? If there is corruption let’s deal with it but you shouldn’t always look to the west to tell you things, are you not capable of doing things yourselves? Seriously, let’s look at this from a neutral point of view(not from PF or UPND perspective)what good is budget support doing to Zambia?

  12. Which investigation, that is window dressing my dear, he is 100% involved in this corruption, only fools would be deceived by mere denials which are not backed by facts on the ground. How else would he have gotten so wealthy overnight? This expose’ is not new CK and the others have been disclosing these corruption, but what did you brainwashed pf cadres do, you attacked them like rabid dogs. All of you who are playing stooges and supporters for crimes against the poor majority are equally responsible for the state of Zambia right now. It is immoral to support wickedness. How can you call evil good, that which is good evil, are your brains become so corrupt?

  13. How on earth do we depend on someone else to feed our poor, take care of the health of our sick, through ART donor provision? It is better to forgo other things and take care of our basic needs than to rely on someone else to provide us with rations and medicines. What a shame!!! However, if it is really true that someone even diverted those donor funds, we still have

    Now the results of visionless are laid bare for all to see.
    This is just the begging. You will not see your wages for months on end, ba Makaka who were dancing Dununa Reverse, & it will be like Mobutu’s Zaire, which was the first UBOMBA MWIBALA Republic in Africa.

  15. And It’s just getting worse.. Now Lusaka City Council has purchased 7 tracks each one costing K2.5 million (US $250,000) that will be used by the police to remove street Vendors in Lusaka.. Zambians Zambians Zambians!!!! Does the power belongs to the government or the citizens?? If you know what is right, then it’s expected that we act according to how it’s suppose to be

  16. Thanks, SIDA,it was good while it lasted, you can’t give donor funding for ever,even a baby is weaned from breast feeding.kindly allow Zambia to grow.am sure Sweden has its tiny tiny probkems. Solve those.

  17. Now that UK,Sweden,Finland, Norway etc have joined the Bandwagon of freezing Aid what does Dora now say? IMF warned Lungu about the dangers of Corruption but he refused to listen. Now things fall apart becoz the Centre can no longer hold. May Chinua Achebe’s Soul Rest in Peace. Which way Lungu?

    • Mwansa
      That is the worst part of it all,our man is clueless, he will grind this country to a halt,right now he is in survival mode,it is about avoiding prison,and he is not doing a good job.This is time for him to at least pretend he is in charge by discarding dead wood,not our president he cant even fire Bishop Chomba

    • I dont hate Edgar Lungu…I would sit with him on table and share a drink talk about maybe just football…but lets be clear about one thing I would talk football to any Joe Blokes in the bar.
      Edgar has no leadership qualities and he is too weak and lazy. …he thinks he is also a passenger of the bus…we are not going anywhere with him, the sooner PF replace him the better for their longterm future or else they will just fade away like MMD and UNIP.

  18. I wish all donors would do the same to show them where corruption leads to.
    I only feel sorry for the common man who is the one who suffers. What a country???

  19. The buck stops with the boss. When reports (rumours, hearsays, allegations, call them what you want) come up the President defends the ministers that who ever has evidence should come forward. Whistle Blowers are within the system and he would do well to quickly investigate but he wants whistle blowers to come forward when they cant even be protected. Since January 2018 people have not been paid! Over 4 months ago he ordered an inquiry and they ignored him. His office just realizes that he had ordered an inquiry 4 months ago! 4 Months! And no report? like really?

  20. Great Kapoko did it at ministry of health,now Mc Pearson Chanda has done it at Zampost.Gen Chimense did it at ZAF ,Zidaba soko did it at RATSA and on and on.Poor souls are suffering in the compounds and villages. Cop-waste remains unpaid for 10 months ba Mwale minister of MLG…

  21. President Lungu said he wont join the west’s fight with China. Read in between the lines. Also government workers at top brass are crooks mwe kikiki.

  22. People supporting opposition parties think when such things happen it gives their parties a chance to form government tomorrow. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. You need to seize the moment and do a lot more leg work. Otherwise, Zambians have very short memory. They will forget about all this by Christmas.

  23. let this government learn to listen to the People once thy complain but we are always asked give us evidence,you ask the British and Co to give you evidence,shame.

  24. @Dada that is just your wishful think, what is happening in the country right now will rigger hunger and suffering for the poor people for a long time, you don’t suppose victims will suddenly forget the causer of their plight.

  25. Every country has a state of the nation address or a press conference as we used to call it in Zambia. But now we don’t have that. if the lines of communication especially from the president are blurred you can expect rumors to feel the void. Can somebody address us so that we fully know what is going on in this country!

  26. Edgar Lungu should remain President until he is atleast 80 years. I see nothing wrong with this able, humble and great leader of Africa. The west can learn alot from his humility and love of God. Under his leadership we have yearly days of national prayer. He is a leader trully chosen by God. He is a loving and caring man, I can even consider a father. We patriotic Zambians love you Edgar Lungu, please keep doing what you are doing, ignore the haters as they have been sent by the devil.

  27. It’s a war over China. They feel dumped and snubbed. Do you think China can colonize zambia when KK is alive. Look at KK’s silence.
    Open your minds please!

    • Reality is this thing has been happening. I know of a girl working in the department that disburses the money in Cash Transfer system. You should how comfortable her parents are. All of sudden they are not part of our average income community.

  28. “The Swedish Foreign Affairs Ministry noted that the Zambian Office of the Auditor General is making an investigation into the matter and that SIDA is carefully following the developments”. I thought it would have been more prudent to await the Auditor General’s report before implementing the embargo?

    • And allow more money to be embezzled? This guys are sophisticated. It’s not as as we want to make it here on LT. Namboard the predecessor to FRA collapsed due to the same sophistication.

  29. These people (donor countries) have more intelligence reports than we can assume. So they are merely being diplomatic by saying “SIDA is carefully following the developments”.

  30. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the time to remain silent or sample those that actually in other words are being pointed at as corrupt and have stolen from national coffers. There’s only important thing to do as a people with national interest;
    We ask Mr. Lungu and his team to leave. Step down in national interest and let the law take its course. These are not rumors at all. We all know the thieving that has taken root in our country. We all know the suffering of our people. It’s time to make amends to our country and let a Thomas Sankara to fix Lungu and RB criminal syndicate. We are not suppose to be watching our country being devoured by Lungu and his minions like a gazelle by hyenas. It’s enough

  31. I told you. These guys are pure criminals and you supported them. Zambia is now a total loss and an embarrassment all over the world. Lungu your “god given” leader is a thief. Lungu gave his daughter millions of dollars from ZESCO and then handed it to China. We have lost and Lungu has won. All this news would have been reported long time ago, but you supported him to strategically kill the Post. We got what we wanted, a criminal for a president.

  32. Words shall one day prove expensive to have been uttered in the name of Freedom of expression. Watch this space. Those in the habit of naming people and calling them by all sorts of adverbs shall have to prove their allegations.

    • PROVE WHAT? Was Lungu not barred from practicing Law coz he embezzled a Widows cash??
      PROVE WHAT? Is money not missing & unaccounted for@ Zampost?
      PROVE WHAT? isn’t it Madness & Piracy to over inflate an invoice, & buy Substandard go -carts, with a water tank welded on top, & dupe the suffering masses, such is a U$D 1Million Fire tender?
      PROVE WHAT? Didn’t Jona Pombe not get exposed for planning to build a Mansion costing Millions of U$D, when only a few years ago he was living in Lawrence Sichalwe’s garage?
      Prove what? We’re State House staff in Government vehicles not involved in smuggling Mukula @ night, only to be exposed by fellow P.F Cadres who were deprived of a Corrupt cut? Don’t forget once Widow cash embezzling Drunken Chakolwa Jona is out of office, the same…

    • Cont;
      is out of office, the same Cadres who were locked up for exposing the Mukula scam, will happily testify.
      You Pink Toe are similar to Jona Chakolwa, who when he gets informed “There’s Corruption in some Ministry /organisation, replies with a hangover sore head ‘bring me the evidence”, & only see seriousness once the paymasters shut the Tap.

  33. Donors should provide evidence to president but president has evidence barely a day of investigations and has fired some people without evidence. Nanga ma-fire engines upto now sure no evidence so that some people can be fired. Talk of sugar coating firing and sacrificial lambs.

  34. Miss-application of funds is a misdemeanor. Even the Judiciary in the Nevers Mumba case agreed. Further, investigation after investigation of this common audit query has proved that funds are miss-applied to better and more agent causes hence no need for criminal charges. But due to ignorance, few realise that funds could have been miss-applied to save their lives from cholera.

    However, anyone found to have stolen funds in the misapplication should be locked up like Kapoko & soon, Kambwili. The biggest lockup though will be for the oligarchs in UPND that pocketed our paratatals to use to buy their way to State House to pocket more and auction the country. No vote.

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