Civil Society for Poverty Reduction welcomes the firing of Emerine Kabanshi

Minister of Community Development and Social Services Emerine Kabanshi
Former Minister of Community Development and Social Services Emerine Kabanshi

Minister of Community Development and Social Services Emerine Kabanshi
Former Minister of Community Development and Social Services Emerine Kabanshi
The Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) has commended President Edgar Lungu for relieving Community Development and Social Services Minister Emerine Kabanshi of her duties.

CSPR Executive Director Patrick Nshindano says the move by the President is key towards addressing the revelations of alleged abuse of donor funds meant for the vulnerable and poor people in the country.

Mr. Nshindano told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today, that the corruption allegations against and the consequent freezing of donor aid to Zambia will negatively affect the most vulnerable people in the country.

He explained that many poor people in the country depend on the social cash transfer scheme which they received bi-monthly for their livelihood, and having it frozen by donor aid means hunger for the vulnerable in society.

He explained that many vulnerable people are on the social cash transfer scheme, adding that this is why withdrawing of funding will also affect
the country’s determination to reduce poverty through its various aspirational targets that have been put in place.

And Mr. Nshindano has called for strict measures to be undertaken towards curbing corrupt activities in the country, adding that issues of accountability must be observed at all levels to avoid such happenings.

He expressed concern that it had to take the head of state to institute investigations on the alleged mishandling of donor resources in the civil service.

He further called on the law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate the matter and ensure that all erring officers are brought to book and prosecuted accordingly to serve as a deterrent measure to would be offenders.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nshindano also notes that the alleged abuse will further put a strain on the government’s fiscal policy as government will now have to cover up by scouting for resources to fund programmes under the social protection for the vulnerable in society.

President Lungu has given Secretary to Cabinet Roland Msiska, seven days, to take decisive action towards curbing all malpractices in the administration of the Social Cash Transfer programme.


  1. The guardian confirms that Kabanshi is just a scapegoat because the aid money was used for arms and buying off UPND councilors to defect.

    What ever PF say the opposite is the absolute truth.

    More revelations coming as the CIA and M16 launch their investigation of the PF crooks iff shore accounts including money used to buy properties in South Africa.

    Watch youtube video Lungu and Kaiser are thieves.

  2. I can not wsit hear that Lungu and his stooges assets are frozen and also their families given a travel ban to add more pressure for Lungu to resign.

    This is what happens when you steal votes.

    Lungu must go I have said it many times

  3. This wanzelu stooge
    How old are you….? You sound so premature sometimes. Are YOU sure that councilors CAN BE BOUGHT…? THEN what KIND OF A POLITICAL PARTY is UPND if you can have members who are so CHEAP ? For your deliberately MISCONCEPTIONS,
    Turn to SHAKESPEARS wisdom for understanding. Every man is born with political instincts as though every man has a right to CHOOSE their political style and standard. They support and vote AT FREE WILL.
    Wanzelu I understand you are 50 year old grayish hair burry who should understand Zambian politics.
    So that the language who SHARE when UPND flops on Elections.? Mind you UPND is an NGO which for ANGLO-AMERICA to come back in Zambia ONLY for OUR mineral resources.

  4. nshindano to kabanshi?

    are you two related”

    is one of you from the rival village/clan?for succession reasons one is glad to hear that the other is at alter being sacrificed

  5. i suppose CSPR was aware of what was going on, what did they do to stop it? why wait for someone to be fired for you to condemn their actions?

  6. ubomba mwiibala alya mwiibala. this is what happens when you involve a lot of women in leadership position
    tabaishiba ukwiba they still a lot at once, just like a bemba proverb says ” ubupupu bwamwanakashi uwisha ichalo’ or “the corruption of a woman brings down the Nation” this proves that female spices are more wicked e.g a witch, female mosquito, lioness, Emerine, Dora etc. now imagine if 50% were in parliament or in government leadership…

  7. The former Italian Ambassador could have been the best option for this Job. looking back as to what she initiated to feed the children in rural schools in Zambia were President Lungu went to sign the deal in Italy.
    I wonder why Lungu overlook such motivated hard working people like her…! what a shame, Africa twasebana!!

  8. The directive from Government to clean up the Ministry is welcome. It was lack of oversight that led to misapplication of donor resources. It is possible that local resources were also misapplied and that the quantity would reduce donor resources to nothing. It is time for greater accountability. It is time for greater transparency. It is time for integrity. It is time for a new beginning.

  9. Its a real pity that our Minister was found guilty without any investigation. A person is innocent until proven guilty. The question I want to ask is who made the decision to pass the payment of the Social Cash Transfer to ZamPost. Was it the minister or was it a policy decision or what. ZamPost is not under the Administration of Ministry of Community Development but Transport and Communications so there was an ministerial transfer of responsibilities and the responsibile Ministry should also answer as they should have overseen. To fire Emerin without completing investigations is a betray to her hard work. Now Truth Hates has again declared a gender perspective intended to form a division between men and women by saying “the corruption of a woman brings down the Nation” this proves…

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