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Donors asked to unfreeze aid


FILE: A class meets under a tree in Mwalubemba village, Zambia
FILE: A class meets under a tree in Mwalubemba village, Zambia

The Vision Ambassadors, a non-profit making organisation with focus on uplifting the lives of the vulnerable and poor people in society has appealed to cooperating partners to rescind their decision of freezing aid to Zambia.

Vision Ambassadors National Coordinator Misheck Kombe says freezing of funds will negatively affect the livelihood of the poor people in the country.

Mr. Kombe says donors should give Zambia a benefit of doubt especially that President Edgar Lungu and his government have already showed commitment to recover the money.

Speaking to ZNBC news in Lusaka , Mr. Kombe said he is confident the situation will be normalized hence his appeal to Zambia’s partners.

President Lungu on Wednesday relieved Emerine Kabanshi as Minister of Community Development.

This follows revelations of financial misapplications for the social cash transfer scheme in the ministry.

And President Lungu has called for immediate administrative changes in the ministry of community development and at ZAMPOST.

Meanwhile Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube says the alleged abuse of resources meant for the social cash transfer is an assault on the fight against poverty.

Mr. Ngulube says those who will be found wanting should be taken to court and account for their actions.

He says it is wrong for government officers who are entrusted with money meant for the poor to abuse it.

Mr. Ngulube has told ZNBC news that the action taken by President Edgar Lungu over the matter should serve as a warning to those in public offices.

He said the investigative wings should do a good job so that both senior and junior officials that are involved can be brought to book.

Mr. Ngulube said government should not allow civil servants to frustrate well intended programs like the social cash transfer.


    • TWO WRONGS dont make a right

      All these donors should still send aid to Zambia

      Go to Manda Hill, Acades, East Park and see all roads everywhere done properly, and you think Zambia is doing badly?

      Nonsense Zambia is BETTER now than it has ever been

      These are FACTS Ladies and Gentlemen NOT fictions

      We are NOT Zimbabwe and NEVER will be because we have President Lungu whose is one of the best Leaders we can ever have

      IGNORE the accusations from the Hungry fame media persons



    • Please freeze ALL aid to Zambia.

      The poor people do NOT benefit from aid.

      The money goes straight into building mansions by Lungu, his ministers, and corrupt civil servants.

      We thank the west for being responsible for once, whatever their motives.

    • I know Mr. Kombe personally, and in 2015 he was on the PF campaign team so his statements are really not doing much because his master has been embarrassed. Keep the aid frozen, actually lets get more donors to freeze more aid because the intended recipients are not even benefiting.

    • Edgar made K22 billion in 12 months -2015 to 2016. It was a miracle. Can this great leader of this great Nation his excellence the humble hard working president teach us how to make this miracle money?

    • These are simply hungry chaps who survive on Donor funding …just ignore the hungry hyenas let’s see how Maggie will balance the budget tomorrow. That’s the only way these lazy cadres will understand how the budget is supplemented.

    • They shamelessly can steal from the most poor, steal ARVs meant for AIDS patients, steal from fire victims by getting sub-standard fire tenders at $1m each. What a shameful Govt.

      Maybe they copied from their small god Lungu, a convicted Widow swindler.

    • LT Please Block this Jay Jay He is just a f00l who doesn’t offer anything worth reading to and continuously defames the President. Ban him !

    • @Jay Jay is right.
      Why your donors never built school for those kids in picture? How many years those NGOs been taking those pictures which bring them $20 million a year?
      PF are better thieves than most NGOs.
      Burn donor money.

    • Donor Money Makes Zambians Lazy, stand up to your grounds. Why should we always depend on Free beez?? Get serious and put up strategic plans to recover from this NO MONEY FOR CORRUPT ZAMBIA.

    • Now the Kwacha has even nose dived against the dollar …the investors have got cold feet because of PF corruption and mistrust; we live in a global village you dull foools called cadres. Anyway either way win-win for me if the kwacha depreciates as I deal in Euros and Sterling!!

    • 24 hrs has passed and no useless articles from PR guru Sunday Chanda putting a defence am sure you were eating together with your dear brother..shameless creatures…where is that boy Antonia Mwanza?

    • 24 hrs has passed and no useless articles from PR guru S Chanda putting a defense am sure you were eating together with your dear brother..shameless creatures…where is that boy Antonia Mwanza?

    • 24 hrs has passed and no useless articles from PR guru Sunday Ch@nda putting a defence am sure you were eating together with your dear brother..shameless creatures…where is that boy A Mwanza?

    • Remove all these donor money, it is the poison. Clean out all donor money, out out out…
      Look at Ba Emerine Kabanshi she will go in records that she stole donor money. An innocent woman.

    • The money to the Cash Transfer Scheme should never be unfrozen without a major reform of the system. The money was being used as campaign tool by PF, paying relatives and Pf Cadres on the pretext that the money came from the President. This is the same way they are now renting some Churches by giving them slush money supposedly from the President. The Scheme was also used to buy people like Kombe to sing praises to ensure that Zambians remain docile.
      The Scheme should be taken from Government altogether and given to Church mother bodies, World Vision or CARITAS to identify bona fide beneficiaries and use a Bank for monthly disbursements and to ensure disbursements to recipients are accounted for. If there are no reforms, it will be like throwing money in the Kafue river. They will be…

  1. More useless people saying useless words.
    Donors please do not unfreeze. All the mo money is going into building private mansions and expensive cars. And no one will be prosecuted or dealt with because the corruption starts at the top. If you are really interested in helping Zambia then please do not give money to PF. It’s better you work with reputable organisations like world vision.
    Pilato was spot on when he sang Koswe mumpoto. Giving PF money is like putting groundnuts in a rat infested pot and expecting the children to find them after they come from school.

    • These chaps in these charity organisations survive on donor aid more than their recipients …similar to those Pharmaceuticals companies who will never allow marijuana based medicines which cure unlike their useless treatments that keep patients on their expensive drugs.

  2. Donor funding should not end up the pockets of corrupt leaders who think they have a right to funds meant for the underprivileged. Government should institute measures to protect public funds and those found guilty of misappropriation must be called to account and prosecuted, regardless of who they are. Government ought to demonstrate taking stern action against ALL the culprits. The donors are justified in suspending funding to these programme if the funds are going to be embezzled by officials charged with management and disbursement of said monies.

  3. Look at fo0ls from the opposition above-amazing!!!Whether donor go with their aid or not,still your Kainde cant win especially in 6.5 provinces!!!This issue will be over within a short period of time and funding from donors shall start.Wishing poor Zambians hell is evil.Culprits must be caged and president Edgar Lungu did a good job by faring leaders in the affected Govnt deparments.Now its up to ACC to do their job too.Am pretty sure that within 1 month,all will be well to shame the devil in opposition!!!The Chinese crusade which was so active last week has passed now.So even this issue will be over within few days!!
    COME 2021 NI PF CHABE!!!

    • There is a common saying in Zambia; “umulandu taubola”. The crimes t hgat PF have committed will not go unpunished. If not in this life, then in the life to come. Atleast we can be certain of that. Though Njimbu and his friends may feel confident that they will get away with it, we can all be sure that they won’t.

    • @Njimbu: Who is interested in your Fu…cking Kainde? We are interested in OUR money which we are over taxed and which we DO NOT want to end up in YOUR pockets. I have no interest in the Kainde you continue to use to divert attention from your thievery. The British want a refund of their money and where do you think you will get the money to pay them. Your Great Leader will soon be dreaming up new taxes having forgotten that you came to power on the platform of lower taxes and chasing the Chinese from Zambia. You can fo..ol some people sometimes but you cant fo..ol all the peope all the time!!!

  4. There is no smoke without fire, so the old saying says. For the President to fire his Minister in a ministry at the centre of plunder of money meant for the poor, that goes without saying; there is fire. Now, firing someone is not enough for deterrence. The culprits must face a long jail term to serve as a warning that plunder or corruption does not pay. Further, all assets suspected to be proceeds of plunder or corruption should be forfeited to the state. This should be the same in all cases, including the former Air Force Commander and anybody else to be convicted for plunder, corruption, etc.

    • This Lazy man rushes to fire a minister without concluding investigations…he should have suspended then fired but because he knew all along and was sitting on the report. Why was he meeting ACC and DEC chiefs yesterday when the submitted the report months ago ..this is the reason he runs away from the office to travel…the office is full to rafters with pending reports needing action…and someone has the audacity to state that its an insult to call him a thief and an utterly lazy President who is a tool for corruption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The next government should bring in Scotland yard to trace where the money has been stashed.

      And then we can cage the thief called Lungu, and his side kicks.

  5. Edgar Lungu is the best thing that happened to Zambia. He is humble, able, God-fearing and a Great Leader. He has brought so much development to Zambia and on behalf of the Zambian people, we love you. Like China, we ask that parliament changes the constitution and makes you life President. China has done it and is developing why can’t we? The UK has the Queen for life, Russia also has Putin for life and they are just fine.

  6. So we can not exist without aid?
    What of the billions in trade, what’s the point of all the scarring of the land in copper mining?

    No, I am not simple minded. This calls into question the sovereignty we value and would die for.

  7. I am sure after one month all will be well, @Ngimbu dream on, all economic forecasters point Zambia financially, in very big deep trouble, and even promising more financial scandals to be unearthed very soon. Next is the ministry of education where an estimate of tens of millions rumoured defrauded. Weather forecasters also estimate we are headed for a draught year, with a bankrupt GRZ, and donors pulling out, you are vomiting all will be well, you think China is your mother to feed your population?

  8. Donors will not resume their Aid until the Fraudsters are arrested and jailed. We know that a fish rots from the Head Downwards. The soiled Napkin must be changed b4 Zambia is destroyed. The writing is on the Wall.

  9. @Titus Musakwa you are the people that have been bewitched and you don’t know what you are saying because it is not from the brain. Best President in corruption, you could said.

  10. Doctor ”Do you have any history of mental illness in your family?”
    Patient ”Yes, I have an uncle who has continued voting for thieves in government”

  11. It’s procedural to freeze or suspend when something wrong is detected. It has happened all the time in all Govts and other entities. What is tragic is the conclusion that some hard-working public servants stole the money and they are being crucified in this social media age even when the investigations are incomplete.

    What if the money was diverted, misapplied for perfectly understandable reasons? It is extremely difficult to stick to budgets when resources are very tight.

    • Whether or not the money was misappropriated is not the main issue here. Free money is always vulnerable to misuse and everyone knows that – even the donors. Naturally, you will cherish the money you have sweated for more the one that just drops into your laps.

      I’m personally glad this is happening because it will teach us to be self-reliant at last. We cannot continue to beg. The best thing we can do now is to tell the donors to keep their money and put our heads (and hands) together to find solutions to sustain our lives without donor funds. Necessity is the mother of all inventions.

    • If at all the money was misapplied for “perfectly” understandable reasons why were the donors kept in the dark? They should have been informed.Infact ‘permission’ should have been sought from them to ‘misapply’ those funds and Emmerine Kabanshi would still have her job

  12. This idea of relying on donor funding for intricate things like social security and welfare and health is our undoing! It is like asking your neighbor to be in charge of buying your family’s underwear. Two things will happen: one of them is that you will be asked to show whether you actually bought the underwear and if you are wearing any…

  13. That donner money is what lungu uses to make the poor dance dunnuna reverse , he lies that it him and pf providing when in actual fact he is clueless and can’t provide . He is given that money, steals with his gang , then makes the poor dance dunnuna reverse to vote for him…..

    Don’t give him.

  14. That donner money is what lungu uses to make the poor dance dunnuna reverse , he lies that it him and pf providing when in actual fact he is clueless and can’t provide . He is given that money, steals with his gang , then makes the poor dance dunnuna reverse to vote for him…..

    Don’t give him.

    • These guy even brag to the poor that its Lazy Lungu himself empowering the poor with that money yet its funded by Donors…let’s see how Maggie will balance the budget with stones.

  15. Can the police start trailing Lungu before he runs away? Lungu is headed to jail. Tasila and Dora will be his cell mates. That will make him to tell where the money is.

  16. true mbeba na kolwe don’t just conclude issues without having adequate information about it and don’t wish evil to the underprivileged people your
    pocket can’t manage to feed them all only government can do so.

  17. Jay Jay is absolutely spot on such a shame this time and age Zambia at 54 years depending on donors, people wake and smell coffee. I am so saddened really I am see a class meets under a tree in Mwalubemba village, Zambia, useless MPs depending on cap- in- hand.Mr/Mrs MP seeing this should resign ASAP. Please don’t block Jay Jay. There is a saying ” Truth Hurts”

    • Loliwe – My point here is that we have ignorant cadres questioning why Donors are interfering with govt’s decision to set up a pointless luxury national airline. I always respond to them that one third of the budget is funded by so called “corporating partners”. A neighbour can not funding you to be putting fuel in your 4 litre Jeep when your kids have no books and shoes.
      Even this LT that blocks people was initially funded with Donor Dutch money as specified in the “About Us” section yet is blocking people ..even blocking mentioning Sund%y Ch@nda!!

  18. Kombe is a serious thief also ati
    “Vision Ambassadors National Coordinator Misheck Kombe says freezing of funds will negatively affect the livelihood of the poor people in the country.”
    What difference does it make. Donors send money for the poor you steal it leaving the poorwith nothing. Let them keep their money they also have vulnerables in their own countries and you want to steal when they donate.

    • Am sure Kombe has a donated Toyota Hilux and an inflated expenditure bill that’s why he is crying loudly no more out of town allowances until this is sorted my Mr Coordinator …you can coordinate from the office.

  19. I think the so called presidential fund was also skimming from donor funding. My my Chanda kabwe your coffers are about to go dry.

  20. Jay Jay one of my student at Oxford university asked me this question What are MPs for in Zambia , my answer was embezzlement. They send their children abroad for education, I worked hard for myself my father passed away when i was eight yrs, i had to fend for myself here I am at Oxford University. Jay Jay my tears roll down my face. I am not bragging but, seeing that 2018 laughable indeed

  21. I Can not believe the stupidity of Mr. Kombe.The money is going to the wrong people and you want it to continue? How can a grown up man say such stupid things? How can a man like this be in charge of a reputable organization? MONEY MUST BE STOPPED UNTIL THE ISSUE IS FIXED SO THAT IT GOES TO THE POOR (THE RIGHT RECIPIENTS) PEOPLE PERIOD.

  22. But we started by telling off the donors to pack their bags and go. I thought when they withdrew the aid we should just have said “please take your money and go”. What has changed? Why start firing each other from the government at the instigation of the donors that their donor aid has gone missing?. Where is our sovereignty we have always sang about? Mr. Kombe go to china they will give you the funds mwee.

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