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Zambian rants about Missing Funds..wants explanation. What does “Money Went Missing” mean?



    • I love this woman! I agree we do not need complicated English words just tell us the simple truth who got the money,who signed for it,where did he put the money etc…

    • The money is not LOST, the Zambian mentality of TULYEMO is now catching up. This attitude towards taxpayer’s money is bad even if it’s borrowed form China.

    • I started advising PF in January. When your house get infected with bedbugs, keep everything in house, you close all widows. Fumigate your house with boom etc for 3 days. Open house, take all stuff out, clean house!!! B ring in only useful ones.
      Do same with PF government.
      Close the thing for 3 weeks! Close everything, including schools. Close Zambia, close it!!!

    • Zambians, we chose a president whom we knew is a thief, he was debarred for that reason. Why are we surprised money is being stolen from government? Ubomba mwibala, alila mwibala

  1. Nangu ifyakuchita fire abantu what is that going to solve. Bring all the people responsible to book and question them and recover the monies. If it means selling their properties if found guilty, do that. What’s the problem with Africa really? Governments depend on begging and when they are given they miss use what they are given. To add salt to an injury the so called leaders keep on denying that such things are not there. This is just too much.
    Please find real solutions not just firing people. This will take us nowhere.

  2. Continue ranting and yet when it.comes to fighting for what is right like the petition being heard you are quiet ndwiiiiiii

    • If she has a view and talk against her govt misuse of funds doesn’t mean she has to change the camp.what’s wrong with you ba UPND you think HH can manage the country like GOD with pipo of righteousness.we have a mandate to criticises the govt as our constitution right.the behavior of putting UPND like a holy glial is why we can’t let it lead this country it will just divide the country coz ored your thinking is a sign

    Remember when you were dancing DUNUNA REVERSE, & would even maim anyone who warned you of this P.F, Chigumula?
    If you think by ranting will, things will get better, you have something else coming your way.

    • Tapali fyakusebana – People stole money, leaders denied until the truth has caught up with them. They are in a panic mode to correct the mess. It happens everywhere. If you have alternative leadership, do it in 2021.

  4. You people are mad……now generations will pay for your dunnuna reverse

    You used to see lungu breaking out in spontaneous dancing in public even with no music….ati humble ?

    Not knowing the guy was thinking about the $billions he had at his disposal and would start dancing….

    Muzachi ona… time vet your leaders , some one barred by a professional body like LAZ for fraud should never stand for public office…

  5. Time to get the “monkies in the field” government out of office. What an embarrassment and betrayal of the trusting electorate by a greed administration. All should end up in Chimbokaila in 2021.

  6. ubomba mwiibala alya mwiibala. this is what happens when you involve a lot of women in leadership position
    tabaishiba ukwiba they still a lot at once, just like a bemba proverb says ” ubupupu bwamwanakashi uwisha ichalo’ or “the corruption of a woman brings down the Nation” this proves that female spices are more wicked e.g a witch, female mosquito, lioness, Emerine, Dora etc. now imagine if 50% were in parliament or in government leadership… always it has to take the president to institute the investigations where is the Anti-corruption commission? whatever action you take now its too late. lets go back to the GA’s report and also the procurement of fire engines. so you lied to the all nation and the world when you said the there is no corruption in your government, last month…

  7. Bola ya shupa?? Just what the hell is going on? Govt should explain and inform the Zambians what the truth is. It is very confusing when one reads this and that allover

    Someone needs to standup and explain and the best way to do this is by way of a press conference on a Saturday morning like tomorrow. Some of us are very tired of what we are reading

  8. But when CK and Savior were and are whistle blowing you are busy issuing negatives about the disclosed information. You even insult them. What is wrong with we people in Zed. Instead of providing support to our opposition we keep blasting and ill-pointing. Now see what we are going through as a country of copper producing giants. Economically we are doomed due to the damage this has caused and the perception. Let our beloved anointed Lungu clean up the mess. Lets weed the bad eggs in order to bring back our hard earned reputation. We have now suffocated the economy and investor confidence as PF but remember not all in PF are corrupt and is not a one man show to address these vices,Lungu has no connection in all this nonsense big ups for his action but please lets not exaggerate. My advice…

  9. opposing players to provide solutions rather than capitalizing. We need each other more than ever in these difficult times. Lets learn from others as we try to bring sanity in all sectors. We need ethical leadership and this can only be achieved by bringing the perpetrators to book and do justice. One day it will be the party in opposition that will be fighting graft when it comes into power and the same treatment will be subjected by them. Hence we need collaborative effort and not to take advantage of it. We need each other.

  10. Edgar Lungu is the best thing that happened to Zambia. He is humble, able, God-fearing and a Great Leader. He has brought so much development to Zambia and on behalf of the Zambian people, we love you. Like China, we ask that parliament changes the constitution and makes you life President. China has done it and is developing why can’t we? The UK has the Queen for life, Russia also has Putin for life and they are just fine.

  11. We were going to vote for UPNDIII, but the Head is unwanted by the majority Zambian.he has lost five times and 2021 will his sixth loss.Privatization Story is still fresh in the minds of Zambians and this will pull him down in 2021 want or not it is vividly coming unless you have no eyes to see.

    • The scientist who invented the bulb tried 1000times and each time he was asked why he continued trying? He answer was, each time I fail I learn how to avoid the same mistake. On the 1000 times, he succeeded.
      Are you sure HH lost the last elections? by how much? How many votes did he gey in Lusaka for e.g, in %.

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