PF has been winning By-Elections using Social Cash Transfer funds-PAC

Andyford Banda
Andyford Banda
Andyford Banda
Andyford Banda

The opposition People’s Alliance for Change has charged that the ruling PF has been using funds from the Social Cash Transfer to win by elections.

PAC President Andyford Banda said the PF’s perceived popularity has been fueled by the use of cash from the Social Cash Transfer scheme.

“PF has been winning by elections just as much as the government has expanded SCT to all the districts which actually doesn’t exist. Sooner or later, our dear humble leader will find out how induced these election wins have been just as he discovered on SCT,” Mr Banda warned.

Mr. Banda stated that the news of the theft of Social Cash Transfers is an embarrassment to all Zambians.

“The only bad thing about these headlines is that they make us look like beggars and that since aid has been cut we will suffer. Unfortunately, our people got us here.”

He said Zambia should have started working swiftly towards self sustainability.

“If we want to be self sustained we have to work towards self sustainability. We can’t just be doing nothing about it expect to achieve self sustainability. By the way it won’t happen overnight it’s a process. Yes it’s frustrating that we have to find ourselves in such a mess.”


  1. The fact that Cash social transfer is used to buy PF campaign regalia with full blessings of Edgar Lungu is indisputable. Some of the money is being used to buy off UPND councilors to induce by elections. This is what you get when you have president who was debarred by LAZ for stealing

    • Andyford Banda…..which name be this now! Sounds like a soccer team ‘Andyford Football team’
      Now we have every jim and jack opening their mouths about social cash chakuti….just keep quiet Mr Andyford sir…dull opposition if Lungu hands you a brown envelope you wont say anything

    • Not true. The issue with SCT is misappropriation and not corruption or elections by controlling officers. Where are you getting your facts from? Why not just publish the evidence if you have.

    • Zambians by nature are beggars. They beg even from strangers. Even those that work beg.

      When it comes to the government, it is worse. They beg in public without shame, like we saw when Lungu was begging Turkey to help pay back loans.

      Instead of beg, beg, beg, beg, beg, try work, work, work, work, work !

    • Interesting how the PF first denied the revelations by Africa Confidential, now that the cat is out of the bag, they unashamedly admit “misappropriation”. Shameless losers!

    • Let’s be realistic here people. The misdirection or the theft of the funds has been traced to Zampost who were contracted to transmit the money.

    • It’s we Zambians to blame, you can’t put people with no clue of running a government in power. What did they end up doing? Bring back MMD die hard whom we voted out. It just kills me to see Dora talking rubbish after insulting Sata to his grave. Sata is turning in his grave to make these guys fail. They are stupid and not patriotic. Lungu has no Say it’s like he is scared of something.. They will finish this country before We wake up.

    • @1.3 Indigo Tyrol
      Best comment so far describing Zambians….beg beg beg beg…i know my friend you are very right. Even those that have enough and drive very expensive cars…they still beg….just whats wrong with us Zambians. I think Zambians should learn how to work work work work work….now they’re blaming it on the Chinese because China man dont have time for kitchen parties…chilangamulilo….overnight prayers…watching soccer all day and drinking. And we wonder why Zambia is so backwards.Have you ever seen a Chinese man abandoning work so he or she can go to a kitchen party….only Zambians do that and after that its beg beg beg and steal SCT

    • Had we had an independent ACC, we would have asked ACC to check for any link between these programs and the presidential fund, which is purely for him, and no one has visibility.
      Asking ACC now doesn’t make sense, as they have already been given the instruction not to dare..

    • How can you misappropriate money that is not yours without informing the owner of the funds and the recipients not receiving anything …its not like you are going to return the not try to soothe yourselves you shameless rats …its fraud and fraud is corruption…corruption has become so ingrained that some dunderheads think its part of their culture and not a crime. You seriously think Western Union can simply misuse money I send to my grandma in the village for other things just like that???
      Wake up from your folly!!

      No substance in this narrative. JUST work hard or smart to emerge victorious like one MCS, or whine and think shallowly like in this verbatim and your u.s.e.l.e.s.s party will end up like parties in the likes of, NCP, HP, NAREP, UPP, NDC e.t.c.
      MMD defied the tomfoolery of UNIP to teach KK a political lesson. So iwe Banda, stop laying to the innocent people of this land. These tuma window shopping political parties awe sure. Aisha, kuwaya wayafye. Rejectamentas mentality.

    • What goodness have you DJ7 to tell us yourself? Please tell us and help us out of our embarrassment but please not the Dora way of denying without any backing info. We need data not just saying ‘not true’.

    • Ya, the “President Edgar Lungu fires Emerine Kabanshi over cash transfer scandal” story has really touched the nerve of the Zambian community. As at
      September 19, 2018
      151 comment
      I wish these numbers could be translated into action to stop further decay in the system and prosecution all involved.

    • Why should he only talk when he has something good to say?? You think this is PF rally where you worship thieves and lazy incompetent leaders just good at dancing dunna reverse.

  2. Of course they are. Including fattening themselves l. This is nothing new. Lungu was a broke drunk before stealing Presidency but now his worth millions and tasila even quit her cleaning job in America because she knew her thieving dad will siphon funds for her.

    • That one even came in broad daylight to chase my wife who was trading at Chanda bar along Kafue road & now she’s busy building her own whatever!

    • @Enka, they were giving the chitenges out like sweets. You did not even have to prove that you were a PF member. I have a chitenge and a T-shirt as keepsakes. You never know – ebay….

  3. Andyford, Iam reliably informed that money is easily accessible at Nkwazi house. Ask ECL will confirm this. Just find a way to get there.

    I am now wishing that we could have left Guyscott to be our president…………

  4. Is this clown called Andyford Banda implying that he didnt know about the Social Cash Transfer until the donors woke the opposition up? What is the value of all these so called opposition parties in Zambia kanshi? Personally I dont see any relevance believe you me.
    Let me also ask this question, why has HH been the only president of UPND for the last 12 years after Mazoka died? Worse still, what value has brought and added to UPND considering that he has been failing for more that 5 times? Certainly there is something very wrong with UPND members!!!!!!

  5. This country is cursed with 1.d.iot.s for opposition. It’s very clear that zampost which had an MOU with the ministry decided to pay pensioners, vehicles etc and that’s where the problem is. Now this twit decides to blame his losses at the ballot on SCT?? Why not wait for the Audit by AG and investigation by ACC/DEC and make a comment then??

  6. Our opposition parties are very useless!!!
    If that is the case,then PF shall continue winning because cash social transfer has not ended,it will continue!!Moreover,what about a mayoral by election in Lusaka City where PF won,was it because of CST?kkkkkkkkkkk….dream on!!!PF IS SIMPLY LOVED BY MAJORITY ZAMBIANS ESPECIALLY THOSE IN 6.5 PROVINCES-HENCE WINNING THOSE ELECTIONS!!!Many of us do not see sense in current opposition leaders,hence continued voting for PF!!!

  7. PF cadres are very good at diverting attention. What has HH being president for his party got to do with the stolen monies by the PF morons. Be serious for once. this is not about individuals but about Zambia iwee kolwe.

  8. Everyone can note that tu under 5 have suddenly woken up after reading this misguided statement. You are really under 5s. So you mean, this is dull statement were to be true, does pf only have one source of funding? Just this one? We will see then if come the next bye election they will fail to buy party attire, like some party has been failing since lusaka mayoral.


    At a Campaign rally in luapula, Kabanshi distributed money and over 2,000 cell phones, among other gifts to the voters in the name of social cash transfer benefits.
    “Ba Lungu bali bomba. Bali mupela ulupiya uwabalanda kuno ku Samfya, impendwa ifikile kuli 17,000 abantu bali pali social cash transfer. Ukufuma apo banamayo, mwe bali 2000 nalimiletela ama phone, namutampa nokufola ama K1,000 mwebali 2000. Bushe kukaba umuntu ukeisa mipela impiya efyo baLungu balemipela? Takwakabe aini
    “Social cash transfer nalamipela naiimbi ikeisafika 23,000. Eh kumitemwa bamitemwa baLungu (this is how much Mr Lungu loves you).
    From this you can tell that SCT programme reached the unintended, which is what Andyford is saying.

    • The thing with SCT is the same happening to FISP, unintended beneficiaries.
      The SCT was/is being used as a campaign tool. To woo voters into voting for the PF, names of individuals coming from the ministry of community development are changed every now and then targeting areas were they’d be by elections. Intended beneficiaries are then K100 a month or an excuse that funding hasn’t come. Because of how frequent the names change civil servants find it easy to steal. By the way if the intended recipients don’t get the money, that’s misappropriation/misapplication.

  10. Opposition has gone to the dogs or vice versa.There are a lot of issues that are affecting the citizenry which need opposition intervention but the opposition is in a slumber and in state of docility.This is the weakest government which can easily be kicked out if we had strong opposition parties.There is no one who can provide opposition like that of Sata.The rest of the opposition are just full of personalities without providing real issues.It is a big shame that those who are government-in-waiting cannot reposition themselves owing to luck on views on real issues.PF has messed up the nation and there is no one to provide checks and balances.To take something from vultures and wild dogs,one needs to be violent.There is no need to negotiate with thieves.

  11. Empty…ati opposition. Don’t just open and close i,t put it to good use. Ulepusana nomulandu bushe tauleumfwa ifyo ilyashi lileya???

  12. some of us are not interested in party politics but in the welfare of the people of this country and the future generations to come. we don’t care about who the president is and from which party for as long as that somebody will be able to do the right things in the interest of the majority especially the poor. Ba PF don’t just care about winning elections even when things are not right and people are suffering from all sorts of preventable problems. Morals are important in life.

  13. Ba kalaba
    That is childish spilling beans when you think you now need milage. Be man enough fyabupuba Biggie. You should have said this kale kale not now that you want bukateka very very stupid go go Lungu.

  14. Anyford I hope you don’t have any skeletons on your closet because just now you will under investigation or some obscure Mr so and so from Kaputa will suddenly have enough money and time to take you to court for defamation etc etc.

  15. Now this makes sense. By-Elections totally win by cheat and corrupted means. The U.K. government gave the PF this money and today they are complaining about how corrupt this government is. The concourt is under the feeding spoon of PF but they say general elections were free and fair! Patricia Scotland where are you with the commonwealth delegation?

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