President Lungu to blame for grand theft

Laura Miti
Laura Miti
Laura Miti
Laura Miti

By Laura Miti

When President Lungu addressed Parliament less than a week ago, he had known for months about the millions of dollars that have been stolen from the Social Cash Transfer programme and, as we are now hearing, from the Ministry of Education.

He also knew that donors had withheld critical funding because of the theft. Knowing all that, he still, in his speech, suggested that those speaking against corruption were engaging in baseless name calling. That they were generally driven by “narrow and selfish interests calculated to malign others simply because one has the platform to do so.”

He added that “the screaming headlines of corruption propaganda  may succeed to malign someone, but they achieve nothing in terms of uplifting the lives of the poor and indigent of our society”. (Yes, the president termed citizen and media protests against corruption, propaganda!)

It is my view that the reason we are, today, sitting with millions of dollars having disappeared from multiple spending agencies is because of the kind of the defensive stance the President displayed in Parliament as regards corruption.

The President has found himself, panicky, firing a Minister who he had assigned a critical duty to pacify donors only hours before, because he has routinely taken the side of those accused of shocking mismanagement of resources and outright theft.

He has vilified those who have asked questions, arrogantly asking them to provide him with evidence of corruption, which evidence has been set out in black and white in government documents like the Auditor General’s and FIC Reports.

Well, as with an undisciplined child who hearing his parents constantly  defend his errant ways learns that there will never be consequences for his bad behaviour, the  thieves in government read the memo from their President. It said, I have your back.

It became open season for those who wanted build blocks of flats and mansions, send children to schools they could not afford, live lifestyles way, way beyond what could be afforded by the amount they legally earned.

With the big boss fighting for them, a whosoever-will-may-come attitude toward national resources was institutionalised among the connected.

Simply, I am saying, President Lungu is responsible for this grand theft of public money that is being reported. He not only refused to address scandal after scandal, he just about encouraged the thieves.

The writer is Executive Director at Alliance for Community Action, a civil society organization that advocacy go greater transparency and accountability in public finance management.


  1. Of course, we have known this for a long time. Tell us something new. You.dont expect anything different from a man who promotes uwomba mwibala type of thinking

    • When Edgar Lungu practiced law, he stole from his clients until LAZ debarred him. He practiced -ubomba mwibala alila mwibala. A common criminal for president and the rest is history. They are now stealing from the blind and differently abled!!

    • Once a thief, always a thief.

      Lungu and his groupies are building mansions everywhere.

      Let us invite Scotland Yard to follow the money trail. You will find the missing Euro bonds and other loans hidden in foreign accounts and assets.

      Start with RB, Kambwili, late Nsanda, Chiluba.

      Citizens, let us not let this die a natural death.

      Lungu needs to be caged in the same cell as diseased Kaiser, Amos, Sund@y, and Kambwili.

    • Laura is spot on. You may hate her but she has hit the nail right on it’s head.
      As we bembas have so often said “a fish starts rotting from the head”.

    • Well written Laura, It’s a shame that a leader would encourage such theft. The arrogance of Lungu, people around him like Amos Chanda, Dora and all other PF ministers, lying to Zambian people is unforgiving. Lungu is truly to blame because he takes no responsibility nor does he show any patriotism for our country. This is why out of his Drunken carelessness; we are a laughing stoke globally being called CHAMBIA.

    • Continued…..
      If Lungu has ethics, he should resign. He has failed and should not attempt to stand in the 2021 election. He is a shame that even his daughter brags about building blocks of apartments on cash she fundraises from overseas. ON WHAT GROUNDS ZAMBIANS. ARE YOU THAT STUPID???? WE ALSO WANT TO KNOW WHERE TASILA GOT THE MONEY TO BUILD THOSE 2 BLOCKS OF APARTMENTS IN SALAMA PARK BECAUSE it’s UNETHICAL.

    • Well said Laura.

      Watch “Lungu and Kaiser are thieves “youtube video to understand the extent of Lungu s theft with the help of Kaiser.

      If Lungu genuinely wants to fight corruption he should start by firing Kaiser and Amos chanda and then cage them.

      Otherwise Lungu must go by any means possible.

    • Often times, people that haveba guilty conscience hate those that rebuke their evil deeds.
      The jews in the days of Jeremiah the prophet reviled and imprisoned him for rebuking their sins
      Herod imprisoned and then beheaded John the Baptist for rebuking his adultery with his brother’s wife
      The chief priests and religious leaders of Jesus day reviled and crucified him for exposing their hypocrisy.
      As can be seen from DJ7 and others, human nature, it seems, remains unchanged.
      Laura is speaking the truth. And some people are offended because it exposed their misdeeds

    • DJ7 what do you have , I can guess … Leave the lady alone at least she has a consistent position on issues. It’s about time you stood for mother land.

    • HH using Zambian money is remotely controlling and dictating what these small little sponsored gods are doing! These guys are using what has been used in other countries. TRIBALISM is a cancer and do not treat tribalists with kid gloves. When you lock up animal farm and you let it loose, it is at your own peril. UPND IS A COALITION OF THE WICKED. They are behind this. TO some extent LT is priding itself in it because of money involved when you have so many visitors to the ANIMO FARM SITE.

  2. Lungu is a thief who cant manage this country, The sooner we realise and get him out the better for us and our children! This nonsense about blind loyalty should come to an end for the sake of mother Zambia! All the gains we have made are being dununa reversed! Shame on you lungu. Ive come to hate that song!

  3. There you go useless activists serving no purpose but trying to please pay masters ranting .stop wasting time attacking Lungu.The people stealing are mostly juniors,you want the president to be controlling every department and you will be the same people who will call him dictator.He has ministers and institutions responsible and that includes yourselves but all you do is concentrate on Lungu this Lungu that .Take a leaf from Bobi Wine in uganda he is showing you how to speak for the poor then we shall then respect your purpose.For now shut up and stop speaking for HH who has no plan for this beautiful mother country but surrounded by people who also waiting to loot.

    • When their is a change of goverment you will be recalled back to bondwe no more Tbone.
      We can understand you a benefactor of these corrupt practices.Eat whilst you can.

    • @Angoni, so you have never seen CEOs taking a blame for the company not performing well even if its the junior workers not doing a good job? Or a football coach fired for the players not playing well. In the case Lungu is the CEO and under his watch, their is a lot of theft by his workers. He is not blame for his leadership incompetency..

  4. Impofu,ifilema and other disabled people. Really mwebantu let’s be there for these people. They need us. As for me I blame the president also because he has been shielding corruption. We need a president who can go further to wipe the tears of the poor.

  5. I don’t like this lady but hate to admit that she is right. President Lungu ignores accusations of corruption. I find him arrogant and stubborn. The only reason he has acted now is because donors bagwila pa chilonda. Oh by the way cabinet is too big among other things.

  6. The People who ate Donor Aid Money were following the President’s advice when he said “Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala”(He who works in the cornfield eats what is the cornfield”. The President further advised Political Leaders to eat what is in the Cornfield but “tabatila ati ulye nembuto” (Don’t eat the seeds). These People who ate Donor Aid Money are loyal to the President and are emulating the President and they have not eaten the seeds becoz the Donors are still in Zambia. As the Chinese say “a fish rots from the Head Downwards”. There we are Zambians. We have reaped what we sewed. We elected a thief and a Fraudster as President and he hasn’t disappointed. We deserve it. Cry the beloved Zambia.

    • @Jonny

      People have always voted wisely but PF has consistently riigged the results by physically altering them.

      Remember the chavula guy caught in ECZ changing results then Lungu whisked him away.

      Zambians and most African countries should go back to the use of unconventional means to boot these mafias out.

      Remember in Africa power is never handed over on a silver plata. It always taken

      Lungu must go.

  7. I totally agree with you madam, I don’t know you but heard of you. You have written the truth and provided good reasoning. I hope the president will read or be told and understand. I think we have a group of people in government who either don’t understand what they are supposed to be doing or they just think about themselves.

  8. You can not remove one thief and replace him with a MEGA privatisation thief who brought untold suffering on Zambians


  9. This guy called Lungs is a joke, he pretends as if he knows nothing, than what is he president for? Why is he so dump.

  10. If donors had not suspended funding it could have been ‘business as usual’ and Kabanshi wouldn’t have lost her job. The donors should not leave any stone unturned by ensuring that everything that happened to those funds is exposed and culprits brought to book. It should not end at dismissals but prosecutions too should follow

  11. Diverting, misappropriating or stealing money meant to ameliorate the suffering of vulnerable citizens is the worst crime anyone can commit. When I visit my relatives in shanty compounds and villages, I see nothing but desperation. It is upsetting to learn that money meant for them has been diverted, misappropriated or stolen. What kind of heartless people do we have in these positions?

  12. When are you going to get married? You need to find something meaningful in your life. I can see you are ageing from the photos. Is this the best you can do for yourself mama. That hate for ECL kill you. Find yourself a husband.

  13. The ugly satanic wench has spewed her hate for Edgar. Like they worked hard to label FTJ a thief, she is back to do that to ECL. This ugly witch is not an authority to call what happened theft; It’s the onus of the AG and the mandated investigative wings to give a final report and demanded by the president. As minister of finance put it, ” ….that the UK has withheld its financial assistance ONLY to the Social Cash Transfer Programme and the Education Sector Budget Support Programme. “SUPPORT TO OTHER AREAS HAS NOT BEEN AFFECTED…”
    I believe the forensic audit and investigation will put things in order not these biased self-righteous hypocrites like Laura.

    • @Zambian citizen

      You are still a useful id10t for Lungus PF! How useless are you?.

      Lungu has been caught with pants down stealing now decides to act.

      All what PF says the opposite is the absolute truth.

      UK has suspended aid to Zambia not only for social cash transfer but for other things as well. Lungu chose social cash transfer because the amount stolen their is little compared to money stolen from Education and Health aid.

      Trust me on this one. This is just but the start of exposing lungus corruption. There is more to come.

    • @Wanzelu or wamene alibe nzelu: How is Lungu involved in the day to day disbursement of SCT?? Unless a dull person like you who thinks the president sends secret messages to his ministers to bring sacks of cash to state house after 1700hrs. Besides the ministerial statement by Maggie in parliament clarified what aid was frozen and what is still running; I wouldn’t listen to a 2nd class citizen hiding in a foreign land who relies on Zambian Witchdoctor for information!!

  14. Here is strong cause to review of the immunity clause in the constitution. Edgar Lungu must be investigated for many wrong doings while he held office for which he doesn’t need protection under the law and must be held to account and prosecuted for aiding and abating wilful plunder of public resources. The law should not support open fragrant illegality! Its game up. This adds more fuel to the impeachment motion in parliament.

  15. President shoulder moral responsibility for national shortcomings. In certain cases, the moral burden can lead to electoral defeats. However, what is needed the ethical and legal responsibility. What are the dos? What are the donts? In a statutory body, such as post office or university, misapplication of resources is justiciable. Law enforcement must adhere to procedure, including hearing, defending, suspend, demotion, reassignment or dismissal. Above all, early warning systems must be institutionalized. How is possible that colleagues were completely taken by surprise? Were they not able to notice the opulence? Were they not capable of seeing expensive executive cars? These issues belong to the CEO as much as they belong to Executive Committee..

  16. Sensible and patriotic Zambians have spoken against this theft that deprived our own poor citizens of the last hope of survival. How can people continue supporting Lungu and his team who have openly mismanaged our resources? Blind loyalty should be made a crime in Zambia. We are now being laughed at by our neighbours because our leaders are stealing with impunity.

  17. Laura Miti is a known Kainde’s cadre,so why read her nonsense?
    In PF we trust just like Laura Miti believes in a tonga party upnd!!
    Go PF go!!

    • You trust in stealing…..You corrupt rat told us you see nothing wrong with lungu having $20 million in his account after 2 years ???

  18. He opened the floodgates of mass corruption when he decreed that “Ubomba Mwibala alya Mwibala.” Then he punctuated it by saying “Mwilalya kumo nembuto” kwati alewamya! I don’t blame him much. It’s the Zambians to blame for voting into office a LAZ convict! If he was not able to spare Widows and Orphans, how were you hoping to escape his charms?

  19. Let’s pose for a moment and assume the UPND are right that ECL take full responsibility.
    Why don’t they apply the same advice to themselves.
    HH fails 5 elections,why are you not asking him to resign?
    What’s good for the goose must be good for the gander.

  20. Okey all are thieves including chief thief Haakabolala Hamahafu who stole big time and deposited all the money from the sale of mines in offshore accounts. This time is smart guy and some few people want him to in that seat so that he can stole all the resources. Lauuuuraaa Miiittii will be the wife to this Haakabolala Hamahafu.

  21. I have being calling lungu a corrupt theif from day one, he does not attempt to deny this for good reason, we will be vindicated.

    Lungu and his gang will be proven to be the most corrupt ever.

    Lungu might get away with this for the first few years after, but we strongly belive the rotten state of the country will make future politicians campain on a promise to bring lungu and his gang to jail….

  22. It’s easy Arithmetic. Satan,the ruler of this world system,appoints his demon in the flesh to rule on his behalf. What is the outcome?Rule of demons,by demons and for demons.The outcome?Love dies and selfishness takes over to bear Pharisees in the pulpit who manufacture Christians, sotry, demons for……Simple.

  23. It is not Edgar Lungu who misapplied donor funds. If it was him he would not have fired Kabanshi.Let’s just wait for the final report to be ready

    • @Fan

      You dull PF creature!

      You think a thief can punish himself for stealing. Really?

      Ask thieves why they steal. They will all tell you its because they thought no one would catch them.

      If no one can bring Lungu to book in Zambia, do you really think he can stop stealing after having stolen a client s money?

      Lungu must go.

  24. HH sold the mines on NKONGOLE and after 3 months the new owners raised my from the mines to pay for the mines. If President Lungu is found to be guilty of stealing any money , he can not be replaced by a master thief because he will buy even your homes and make you pay as tenants. He sold to himself Kabulonga Lima Bank house and shares in Mosi/o/tunya hotel in Livingstone. So try him , Muzalila Nyeka..

    • Was HH convicted of any crime like lungu ? Lungu lost his licence because if fraud….I don’t think hh has been debarred by any professional body ?

  25. Sometimes it hurts when you are sent back before you enter a foreign country when you wish to do ‘business as usual’ so since you didn’t go for the workshop I hope you gave the donors back the per diem you took otherwise that is theft as well and the ‘log’ in your eye might see the ‘speck’ in a neighbors eye. So you begin to speculate ‘what could’ have been. In that moment your favorite past time hits home…so instead of pointing at the thief you decide to blame someone you don’t like because the fire tenders looked pink and not red. On the 27 you will be tried accordingly. Let us look at what these accused persons have done, let evidence be presented and then lock them up throw away the key if they are guilty….

  26. Civil society in Zambia is lost. Not even an iota of evidence that money was stolen. They forget a lot of Zambians are in business small as they might be. They understand the difference between theft & failure to follow a budget due to genuine challenges. Soon, they will realise the term misapplication, misappropriation of funds is the resource challenges they face in their every day lives. It is definitely not THEFT. Take a read of the Comptroller General’s (GAO) reports for the US Govt for starters.

    With that, their bums will be exposed to the sunny side for all to see who they sit for, for real. Their puppet opposition will lose even the little votes they had for stirring up hysteria.

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