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Spiritual Prayers to avert Road Accidents to be held


Public Private Drivers Association of Zambia (PPDAZ), President Josiah Majuru says the association in partnership with Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) and Zambia Police has organised a one day prayer service to be held tomorrow, Saturday September 22, 2018.

The prayer service will be held at Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA), in Matero Township.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Communications is expected to grace the first ever prayer service to be organised by Transporters.

Mr. Majuru told ZANIS in a phone interview that the prayer service is aimed at seeking God’s intervention against road accidents that continue to claim lives in the country.

He noted that measures put in place by government to reduce road accidents are yielding positive results.

However, Mr. Majuru said prayer is one of the interventions that has not been included among the measures government is implementing in averting accidents.

He explained that accidents occurring on most parts of the highways are spiritually caused.

Mr. Majuru stated that spiritual matters can only be fought or resolved with prayers.

He expressed optimism that holding of a prayer service will contribute in averting accidents associated with spirituality.


    • Prayers will be a waste of time. The accedents will keep on happening because most drivers in Zambia are either incompetent, drunk, or hooked on Sweet sweet codeine!

    • Prayers will be a waste of time. The accidents will keep on happening because most drivers in Zambia are either incompetent, drunk, or hooked on Sweet sweet codeine!

    • Nonsense. That is not true. I still pray everyday even though I have 2 certificates, 3 degree (including a PhD from ivy league Western univeristy).

    • Nostradamus at 1.4 you are wrong. Zambia has more than 5 righteous people. In fact more than 9 million righteous Zambians exist. Do not ever reduce our God Jehovah to your nonsense.

    • This is why Zambia is increasingly becoming a laughing stock of the world. Accidents in the country are rampant because you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing. There are no spiritual forces causing accidents that you want to start binding. You are disorganized and it has nothing to do with spiritual forces. If you try to pray, God will tell you the same thing. Get organized. Set up clear road traffic signs on all roads in Zambia. Make sure all vehicles on the Zambian roads are roadworthy—especially commercial vehicles. They need to pass a fitness inspection. And YOU HAVE TO BE VERY STRICT ABOUT IT! Check the tires, check the horn, check the breaks, check the lights, check everything. If a vehicle fails the inspection it can’t go on the road. If you find a vehicle that…

    • (continued)… failed inspection on the road, arrest the driver immediately, fine the company heavily. Then make sure that every driver who drives commercial vehicles has a valid commercial driver’s license. If you find anyone driving a commercial vehicle with no valid driver’s license, send them to prison. That should also include the ones who obtain the licenses illegally. If you find a drunk driver, commercial or not, arrest them immediately. And clamp down on corrupt traffic police who allow unfit vehicles to be on the road. Also require all commercial vehicles to have Speed Limiters inside that show to the passengers, in case of a bus, how fast the vehicle is going, and makes a warning sound if the driver exceeds the legal speed limit. If it’s a bus, post a sign in the bus that…

    • (Continued)… tells the passengers to immediately notify the police and the driver’s company to let them know that the driver is over speeding and has triggered the Speed Limiter. Please stop this prayer nonsense on things that you can do yourself. God will do for you what you CAN’T do for yourself—but God will NOT do for you, what you CAN do for yourself. Enforcing traffic laws is not God’s responsibility. It’s YOUR responsibility. So get to work.

    • This is an assumption that the people travelling in these vehicles do not pray? What is the logic here? Have these numbers skulls been on Nakonde Chinsali road ??? Some of these roads have unexpected potholes poor road signage and pathetic paramedic response on the highways etc all man made issues that need pragmatic approach. Yes we pray but we still die due to poor hospital facilities and lack of medicines .. we won’t pray these problems away while our leaders are flying and driving in very expensive sophisticated vehicles

  1. Prayer is not a solution to such accidents. Drivers and the users of the roads must start respecting traffics laws and abide by them at all cost. Make sure the vehicles are in roadworth, otherwise there is totally nothing God can do. People are are just too irresponsible on the roads, forget the prayers and channel your energies to education drivers about the importance of abiding by traffic laws period.

    • Prayers for intervention in things that demand common sense! Had God wanted ‘man’ to be so useless and 100% dependent on him to live on this earth He’d have filled the inside of the skull with water or jelly and not a brain!

    • FuManchu, Most P.F Cadres like Sharon, Kudos. Oval head, Mushota -aka Titus Musankwa, Thorn in flesh,Mbanje Nkakes, theres too many to list here, DO INDEED HAVE WATER & JELLY WHERE THE BRAIN SHOULD BE. HOWEVER SHARON, & MUSHOTA HAVE SEPTIC TANKS FOR CRANIUMS, & RAW SEWAGE WHERE THE BRAIN SHOULD BE.

  2. If prayers can stop accidents then there should be no more accidents after October 18th. I command , sorry commend you in the name of the Lord.

    • How insanely embarrassing it is to hear they believe God can stop the accidents, when bad drivers got their licences through corruption or drunk driving!?

  3. Is there something like spiritual killings on African Roads? I called it drunk Driving coupled with poor infrastructure. If the president was driving, with his drinking problems, well, I rest my case, I let you guys do the thinking.

    • For a human to believe that there’s an invisible magic man living in the clouds, who has control of everything and who created everything, they have to be dreamin”

  4. There are three things that cause road accidents: The vehicle road unworthiness (even though vehicles are are increasingly coming with heightened safety factors and safety margins); the driver’s stupidity, carelessness and incompetence; and the state of the road. All three of these mobility dimensions can work either singularly or in unison to cause an accident. In the Zambian, case, it is mostly the human factor (i.e. the incompetence and stupid disregard of the physics of the vehicle–the disrespect of the vehicle’s “safety envelop”) that has led to too much road carnage.
    I suggest you keep God out of our stupidity. T God has already given us wisdom to control and manage all the three factors but we keep bothering God with our stupidity once we get inside a mobile metalic…

  5. Drivers on our roads are incompetent, arrogant,no road courtesy. Everyone is in the right of way. Prayer,yes but we need more stiffer laws for useless drivers

  6. What a nonsensicle waste of time. Any properly educated person will tell you that the causes of road accidents are bad roads, bad driving and unsafe vehicles. Its either of these or a combination of all.

  7. Prayers on Sunday, Today until Monday draw up policy to introduce highway patrol on all major High and Freeways in Zambia. Arrest and prosecute reckless individuals male or female, government, military, police or civilian. Even God shall love this one.

  8. While the rtsa man is there, find out if any accident has been caused by a dirty engine. I say this because when I get my vehicle examined for road fitness, the do not check my suspension, steering system or my brakes. However they check my engine and want me to present it clean, and you ought to see the roads I drive through to get to rtsa

  9. Zambians you dream too much. Somethings are not spiritual and what needs to be done is mount roadblocks and impound unfit vehicles. But trust me am a Christian and belive in God Almighty, but I don’t think this calls for prayers. Stop corruption on the roads and make roads safer by mending potholes. Not everything calls for prayers. Act on the problems not ignoring them and then going to knee down then what. In Zambia we becoming lazy and wanting miracles all through our lives.

    • To the Zambian people and most of them mention God and christianity it’s a subduing antidote that casts intelligence to think rationally to the wind! Obedience to the verge of stupidity takes over and meekness becomes the order!

  10. Prayer is good for someone who believes, but its folly to believe that holding prayer sessions can evade accidents. If a driver is under the influence of some form of narcotics, driving an unroadworthy motor, or driving on a road full of potholes, prayer is worthless. Five bodies should get converted first before they can invite masses for prayer. 1. RATSA should stop issuing licences to unqualified people. 2. The police should not allow unroadworthy, and overloaded motors on the roads. 3. RDA should maintain the roads well by working on them regularly. 4. The government especially the supervising ministers responsible for the said bodies should keep their eyes open and speak against corrupt practices. 5. The church should stop planting the notion in drivers that if we pray, or allowing…

  11. For the prayers to be meaningful, “sanctification of drivers” is a must: drivers should be qualified and obey posted traffic signs. Where there are no posted signs or the road is bad, drivers must use common sense and diligence; drivers must not drive defective vehicles. Think of how many defective vehicles are on the roads everyday in Zambia. It is no secrete, I have seen defective police vehicles conducting road patrols and at police road blocks. I have seen a number of defective government vehicles on the road. What example is the police and government drivers who drive defective vehicles giving to the public. in short, sanctification should come before spiritual prayer to stop accident. Very small fraction of accidents are spiritual.

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