Chinese National detained for allegedly shooting one of his workers accidentally

Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga
Deputy Inspector General of Police In charge of Operations Charity Katanga

Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga
Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga
A Chinese national has been detained in Kitwe on the Copperbelt, for allegedly shooting one of his workers accidentally, an incident, which sparked a riot in Chimwemwe township.

The detained Chinese national has been identified as Gao Em Ming, aged 42, of Lubambe Centre, Parklands area.

Both Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga and Police Spokesperson, Esther Katongo have confirmed separately.

Mrs. Katongo said the incident happened when the Chinese national who was at the counter started playing with his pistol and in the process fired and the bullet wounded Roydah Mumba, 18 in the ankle.

Meanwhile, two suspects, identified as Rachael Mpundu, aged 16, and the other yet to be identified, have been apprehended in connection with the riots, in which the residents of Chimwemwe looted two Chinese-owned shops.

This was last night, during which police had to fire tear-gas to disperse the rioting Chimwemwe residents.


  1. Lungu says ” it doesnt matter what colour the cat used to catch mice is” in response to allowing China to take advantage of us as zambians. So, in other words lungu is saying he does not care if the chinese kill our own people so long as they keep lining his pockets with kickbacks at the expense of poor zambians. That boy lungu is pompous and a very arrogant chap. Even after his government has been caught stealing in broad day light, he has the audacity to go on an ego rant on the copper belt. It seems lungu only grows balls to address issues when he is at airport, because he knows that he can jump on plane before he is asked any further questions by the public. What a failure and embarrasment to the whole africa he is

    • Why are the Chinese suddenly being entertained so much? Zambians should just entertain themselves otherwise the true scale and reason for the Chinese invasion of Zambia will be known and realised when it’s very late.

    • The thing is he shot the person, to prove whether it was accident or not an investigation needs to be done … To start including accident in the alleged act is nonsensical and meant to sway public opinion and belief to this storyline in the media. Do your investigations imwe ba kapokola ninshi kanshi …. Muletunasha nomba. In your statement you should have just said Chinese arrested for allegedly shooting his shopkeeper. Period then after investigations tells what u have established. So I can tell u without a shadow of doubt the conclusion will be it was an accidental shooting ….next question what was he doing playing around with a gun around his workers ??

    • Sad incident. Accidents with firearms happen. Some of them involve deliberate shootings e.g. Charmaine’s girlfriend an UPND MP and operative now in prison. Please follow the law to deal with it and do not follow CHILDISH behavior of UPND which I know as professional as you are you will!

    • LAZY bum little tribal illiterate hooligan bully chairman of the online tribal gathering masquerading as a party son of a polygamist father who never taught toilet training to his tribal son pooping in public HAGAIN needing my help giving him a diaper.

    • When some of us are telling you that it’ll get worse with these Chinese, you don’t seem to believe it. The Chinese in Zambia have been emboldened by corrupt clueless Lungu, who has been the beneficially of this corrupt partnership. Just last week or two, some Chinese nationals killed a Zambian in the Mpongwe area, and Kampyongo started making apologies to China as they arrested the killers. If anything is not done about this, more Zambians will die at the hands of the Chinese. They’ve no regard for the Zambian laws, and do not respect the Zambian people. If you shot a Chinese national accidentally in China, they would lynch you. And if you were to go to court, you would be locked up for a long time. But in Zambia we’re expected to take it from the Chinese without complaining? I’m…

    • (continued)… not surprised that some Zambians now feel they have to start protecting themselves, because Lungu doesn’t show the desire to protect them.

  2. and whoever comes here to support the PF in light of the recent revelations of theft of public funds, you can go and jump off the highest building in zambia. M****** mwe

  3. Ask any kaponya on the streets, the biggest crime a Zambian can commit today in Zambia is to rob or harm a Chinese…direct orders from kapoyongo. While they the Chinese treat Zambians like crap and do as they like.

    They are the paymasters of PF After all.
    There is nothing the poor citizens can do.

    • Sharon…you’re off your meds again. Please take your meds and go to bed. You loony toon. Take your meds to calm your creepy obsession with UPND and HH. No one is talking about UPND or HH here. Was your ex husband a Tonga and he left you for a younger woman? Get out of here.

  4. The version of the same story by the people of Chimwemwe is different from that of the Police. The bugger shot the girl intentionally. She has been turning down his sexual advances so he has always been accusing her of cash shortages. When she challenged him to report her to the Police he got annoyed and shot her. This is what annoyed the people. From where did the Police get the story of the accidental shooting? This lie can save the Chinese for now but not forever

    • They will shoot you down like slaves as your dull corrupt leaders have sold you…in Kenya and East Africa they dont mess about.
      How did that national raise $250k for an investment permit to come and open mere retail shop in Chimweme all the way from China?

  5. Why allow a foreigner to own gun. I think they don’t deserve a gun especially that we don’t know there back ground. What does the law say on gun ownership by foreigners?

  6. Let us not waste talking about hh. He will never be president of Zambia

    Let us identify someone who can stand on PF ticket in 2021

    I am an Easterner who does not at a TRIBE or regional

    Let us be Patriotic and save Mother Zambia.

    Stop wasting time on insulting either hh or lungu

    • He is unelectable and a Tribal Warlord Thief. You Ha – right. He is just wasting our time. He will NEVER be president. Maybe a Paramount Chief of the Tribal Namwala.

  7. So how did you conclude that it wss accidental? Was he playing with a loaded gun whilst pointing it at his staff? How does a foreign national even get a gun licence?

    • Am also wondering, what kind of man plays with a gun around a woman, reminds me of Mr gray in 50 shades of gray, some dominant and submissive stuff, i guess China has become the dominant and zambia the submissive.

    • Divide & Rule – I have never seen 50 shades of Grey…as regards to the Chinks its only a matter of time as these guys are signing off all kinds of things; imagine you have a former door bouncer in China by the name of Bowman all expenses paid for him!!

  8. we are tired of this. I am umbraged at the behaviour of Chinese nationals. I hope there can be a serious government which can ameliorate this burden. We need to find the veracity of this story.

  9. The young lady should sue this fellow big time, hoe does start to play with a gun at work or maybe trying to discourage would be thieves…..sue him, there’s no excuse for this

  10. Roads for Rats Sparks Uproar in Parliament – Daily Nation, 22 Sep 2018

    There was an uproar in Parliament yesterday when UPND Bweengwa Member of Parliament, Kasautu Saiti Michelo, said the phrase One Zambia One Nation had changed to One Zambia One Chipata and roads were being made for people to sell rats.
    The lawmaker said it was disappointing that the slogan ……had changed to One Zambia One Chipata and roads were being constructed in areas where people sell rats.
    Mr Michelo, who was contributing to the debate on President Lungu’s address to Parliament, said it was sad that some areas were being denied development and that the slogan One Zambia One Nation had seemingly changed to One Zambia One Chipata because of people of “Malawian origin”.
    ………..this generated cheers…

    • UPND is CHILDISH! Look at its MPs! Wow, very low and illiterate! I am not surprised because all the TRIBAL UNION of UPND is like Under Five itself. The witch hunt and hatred UPND has is based on the fact that the President is not TONGA and on nothing else! Glady, HAZALUZA HAGAIN.

  11. A Chinese is more at home in Zambia than a Zambian citizen. The detaining of the culprit is simply a diplomacy gesture to allow the dust to settle. Mention one Chinese national who is serving jail sentence for a number of crimes they are committing, the best the government can do is to deport them with apologies to XI. All weather friends my foot! Our Zambian daughter or sister is at pain!

    • TRIBALISM in Tongaland and some close alliances is in the BLOOD. Please Zambia is above that. That is why we cannot entrust the presidency in your tribal hands. You Ha pathetic.

  12. Contd………..this generated cheers from the opposition (UPND) occupied benches…….. upnd for you. If they came into power, the Nsengas and other “rat eaters” are scheduled for extermination, much like the Jews under the Nazis and their Hitler.

    • The only thing you have to fear is fear itself. Uncle please don’t divide us because you want to cling on to power. We have nieces and nephews from all corners of zambia that we are keeping in our homes.

    • Please dont mind this repulsive empty vessel…all he does is spread his bigotry …just treat it like dog poop on a side walk. There is absolutely nothing he contributes here but hate…just a cruel and wicked as%%%%%*.

  13. Kapyongo is giving Gun Licences to Foreigners.
    Armed Security Response Teams use ARMED POLICE OFFICERS.
    This is Gross Negligence by Kapyongo and his IG who seem to have Presidential protection.

    • Who is the UPND MP who killed someone with his gun which was given to him by “HH?” The guy killed an innocent man while he was with Charmaine who CHILDISH nominated for a position in the TRIBAL UPND. Childish. TRIBAL THINK tribe and Ha being exposed. They have very short memory span just like CHILDISH himself.

  14. Playing with his pistol?
    Had Gao Em Ming been caught molesting the poor girl I’m sure Charity Katanga was going to say “Roydah Mumba was accidentally raeped while Ming was playing with his d!ck”

    • Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      Mr Kudos, is that really you or I’m day dreaming? Hopefully more people gather their senses and realize this Lungu government is up to no good with their cozying up with the Chinese. Good on ya mate!

    • Only when the Chinks start grabbing their children into slavery and prostitution will it sink in..with these dull chaps as they can not see beyond their noses!!

    • Not sure if I have been dreaming or not.
      But it appears Mr Kudos has been redeemed and reborn.
      Of late, most of his comments are sensible.

      However, scumbags like Sharon still remain corruptly lost and living in the Fantasy.

      Viva Mr Kudos – Abash Sharon!

  15. Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    I bet the teenagers who have been arrested for rioting will receive stiffer and longer sentences than the Chinese shooter. The shooter will walk away without any charges since the police have already concluded that it was an accident, even before investigations have began.

    Man how long can Zambians put up with this? Not only are their country be auctioned off to the Chinese at give away prices, they are being treated like second class animals. This is worse than colonial times or slavery. We need men and women prepared to sacrifice for the good of the country by mounting demonstrations. Gone are the days when the civil society, the trade unions and the student unions would paralyze government by mounting go slows and demonstrations if things like this happened.

    • If the Chinese man was just playing with his gun as police have casually put, i expected police to say that the zambian teenagers arrested were just playing chidunune with police.

  16. Deport him. That’s after charging him for assault by negligence and possession/use of firearms in public. The sentence can be passed in a fairly short process without even involving politics or any of the states involved.

  17. Sharon needs to be suspended from here, always off topic and spewing hatred for a fellow country men. Her writings is nothing but bitterness, she must be very unhappy with her own life

    • Sharon seems to have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Her obsession with UPND, HH and the Tongas is real bizarre and strange. It doesn’t matter what the article is about, she’ll start talking about those three entities.
      We’ve tried to help her understand that not everyone on this forum is UPND, or supports HH or is Tonga, but she fails to understand that. She never contributes anything of substance, but is constantly in a bitter, aggressive, defensive mode. I feel sorry for her. Hope she gets help.

    • Sharon needs serious salvation and redemption.

      To help her redeem herself – how about we do the following for 1-week and play her game.

      For every article that comes out, we instead all talk about Sharon instead of the article.
      Let her test her own medicine,

  18. Playing with his pistol really! Since when do we play with loaded pistols for that matter? He intentionally shot the poor victim and he must be tried an on attempted murder. Let us send a strong message to these dwarfs now that we have a chance. Zambians must not be living in fear in their own country because of foreigners. Zambians that is your country and you will never be as free elsewhere as you maybe in your own country, wake up, foreigners like playing with guns!

  19. Black Africans have no pride, no shame, no honor, or self-respect. It’s a disgrace. The Black Africans are allowing the Chinese to disrespect, murder, and abuse them. To include allowing themselves or their countries to be bought off for a few dollars (like a prostitute) or for bad loans (that they will have to pay back with interest). The Chinese are taking over Africa, while stomping on and spitting on Black people all over the world.

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