Saturday, June 15, 2024

Increase budget allocation for women empowerment


The Zambia United National Freedom Fighters Association (ZUNFFA), has called for an increase in the budgetary allocation for women empowerment and programmes.

Association National Secretary for Women and Youth Affairs Bessie Chanda said there is need to prioritize women empowerment programmes as they are vital in reducing poverty levels in the country.

Mrs. Chanda explained that this is because women are a critical component to any country’s development agenda hence the need for them to be empowered.

She pointed out that women are also more powerful in driving the economy of the country despite most of them being marginalized and majority are in the informal sector.

Mrs. Chanda noted that even without being properly supported more women are engaging in various farming activities and businesses including street vending in order to sustain their lives and family members.

She said this is why there is need for government to increase funding to women empowerment activities so that more women can improve their living standards.

Mrs. Chanda suggested that government should put up plantations in all the provinces across the country where women can be encouraged to engage in established farming activities.

She noted that these activities can go a long way in improving their livelihood, adding that empowerment programmes should not be seen to be at macro levels only.

Mrs. Chanda further, advised government to also consider making education and health free for all Zambia’s in order to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor in society.


  1. Don’t increase funding, increase open opportunities at companies, banks, schools, churches, and all other economic dispensations. It requires hard work and focus.

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