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$200 million spent so far on the construction of the new Kenneth Kaunda International Airport


Two hundred million dollars has so far been spent on the construction of the new Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

This is out of the 360 million dollars for the project financed by a loan from the Exim-Bank of China.

Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela has disclosed this today when he inspected ongoing works at the new Kenneth Kaunda international airport.

And Mr. Chitotela has reiterated that the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport is fully secured and owned by the Zambian people.

He said reports that the Chinese have taken over the new airport are false.

Mr. Chitotela said the new infrastructure is also fully supervised by Zambian engineers.

And Zambia Airports Corporation Limited Civil Engineering Manager Philip Mubanga said the facility is now 85 percent done.

Mr. Mubanga said most of the works have been done, with only the installation of equipment remaining.


  1. According to reports , the $360 million cost of the airport was budgeted to cater for a 14 fold increase in customer numbers from the current numbers ?

    Was this an over estimation to inflate the price ? Or are we expecting ×14 more travelling customers ??

    Only wondering…

    • If $200 million has been spent and the project is 85% complete, you only need $35.3 million to bring it to 100% completion. Where is the extra $125 million going??

    • #1.3  Bridgette

      “Zambia will be a paradise when PF leaves office.We are proud of this Government.”

      Living on borrowed money is bad. Your grand children will still be paying back that money long after your roads have crumbled ….

  2. how do Zambian engineers supervise works without technical knowhow of design and structural requirements?Plan and narratives probably are in Chinese…sad state of affairs.$ 200m spent within China..with simply change in form of salaries for local casual workers hit the Zambian coffers.Would be ideal to receive funds,bid and rest done accordingly.

  3. You make a big airport and you expect people from Chazanga to be flying in and out of Lusaka like bees? This is a waste of precious money that would have gone to hospitals across the country with new machinery that have never been replaced. Schools lack basic equipment for teachers and pupils. How do you uplift the lives of the poor? Not through having a new airport! Govt’s priorities are very wrong and based on selfishness by the leaders. Atase!!!

  4. In other words the equivalent of building 2 stadiums the size of heroes? I was there last week and the amount spent doesn’t sound right????

  5. Chinese Xhenophobia and Western Puppetry and Masonry.

    How about the US$350m Lusaka Drainage and Sanitation Project in a small town of a few kilometers in radius. The Chinese would have done that in less than half this amount. But no problem with its high cost since its okay for your Master’s side to have thick butter all the time.

    No one outbids the Chinese. Just know that the cost of anything by your Western masters is way too expensive than the Chinese. Even interest from China is way lower than in the West.

    • Today I looked at a NuWave I had bought years back. The box read, “Designed in the U.S. Patent Pending.” Made in China. When I first came to the U.S. early 1990s we were excited and bought a lot of stuff so we could go and show in Zambia, from the U.S. When we got home, nearly everything we got was from outside, many from China! HH fuu Three Mansion will NEVER be president because his brain is small, as small as Larry Mweetwa’s.

    • No one outbids them as they use the same people who select to write the bids for them…and this is another Chink loan…look at examples of new airports in Africa that come with transport links…

  6. So are we still going to be walking mu mfula from the plane to that building? Or are the gates still being constructed out of the $100m remaining? Asking for a friend.

    • DO you want us to construct a covered toilet for HH? You will be happy, right? HAZALUZA HAGAIN! He is a Tribal in Chief of the Tribal UPND league.

  7. whats wrong with us Zambians,busy complaining that ndalama si simafika muma govt coffres and when they do.the money is disappeared.better we see projects and infastructures belt than hear of the money missing.the same pipo that complains too much youre the same bakawala bamushibila nsala

  8. That’s looks like an $80m airport terminal .Last year i passed thru the new JKIA terminal extension in Nairobi and it looks better with far less $$$ spent.

  9. I’m convinced some bloggers here are not Zambian at all. Sometimes it’s better to be silent that just criticise for the sake of criticising.

  10. So when they showed you the computer-generated design, did you think the real thing would look different? This is no Heathrow or JFK but it’s a start. You cannot compare it to the current structure. How quickly people forget that these are not PF projects but kicked off by the MMD government. If you put party politics to anything you do in Zambia then we are doomed to failure. Name one European country prepared to lend and actually assist you with building your infrastructure? You should be grateful. Europeans will put sophisticated technologies in your mines to take whatever they want out but you are busy complaining about trivial things.

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