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Zambian professionals are cowards-Trevor Simumba


Trade Consultant Trevor Simumba making a presentation during the launch of his study “He Who Pays the Piper” which focuses on Chinese debt.
File:Trade Consultant Trevor Simumba making a presentation during the launch of his study “He Who Pays the Piper” which focuses on Chinese debt.

International Trade Expert Trevor Simumba has charged that many Zambian professionals are the biggest cowards the country has.
Mr Simumba said Zambian professionals should be ashamed to have continued watching as politicians used public funds to buy votes and live a life of luxury.

“To all those asking me to help the Government I say what? Are you sure,when I started warning way back in 2012! Many of you said I was just too talkative. I was called all sorts and vilified publicly. Even my own family members fought me just because they were benefiting from the PF largesse. Now even with a contract, there is no money to pay suppliers who now are owed over K13 billion,” Mr Simumba wrote on his Facebook page.

“Kwacha is depreciating quick, donors withholding aid so by the time some of these people get paid, Kwacha would have lost another 20 to 30% in value. Now that you have messed up the economy, stolen beyond sanity you want me and others to come help fix the mess that you have created through selfishness and arrogance?”

He added, “Many so called Zambian professionals are the biggest cowards we have in this country. They should be ashamed to have continued watching as politicians used public funds to buy votes and live a life of luxury.”

“Never. We will meet you and all your minions at the ballot box in 2021 and I will personally campaign across the country to ensure you never ever have an opportunity again to steal and abuse public funds. Enough is enough.”

Mr Simumba said now is the time for the Zambian opposition to unite.

“It is time for all Zambian opposition to unite. Zambians are not fools or docile. We will act at the right time just like we did in 1991, 2001, and 2011.”


  1. Yes we are …. we accept with open arms and fully accept why we allow the Bowmans and Freedom sikazwes to lead us without question

    • Trevor is so can Freedom Sikazwe, Kaizer Zulu, gremlin Amos Chanda, Bowman Lusambo , Ronald Chitotela and Stephen Kampyongo be the main advisers to the President?

    • My oveezealous young brother Simumba is dead wrong in opinion and intent. Most Zambian professionals are rational thought leaders. They are not malicious to easily curve into some ranting competition. He is certainly over selling himself in a wrong way. Zambian intellectuals know when its warranting. Best wishes.

    • Animo Farm on the paylist of the master of HH. He is a real coward who sells African nations! Little brain posing like a big brain just like HH’s.

  2. Ranting will not help you at all. Just join a political party and come out in the open that you are a politician masquerading as a trade consultant fimofimo. What exactly do you know about governance iwe kapala? SCT has been stolen, we need this money to be paid back. We need men and women of valor who will say try me an see what will happen. Trying to sound logical after a calamity has taken place is reverse thinking and wont help. If you are UPND just say so and we will support you.

  3. Agree with you SIR! Team work will kick out these crooks. Let us unite, be honest and remove these guys from power. We do not need to wait for 2021, even now we can do it.

  4. My brother dollar is trending at $12 because of lungu

    If pf fails to remove EL we shall go flat out till u5 wins in 2021.

    Pf . Do the right thing LUNGU-MUST-GO

    Lungu and the chanda boys must GO

  5. The only problem is that we go to school to pass exams and what follows is none of any ones business.In other countries,professionals act as think-tank.Their decisions are respected and revered.Here most of professionals are politicians owing to cheap money that is found in politics.Money in politics does not attract any tax like a person who works.Hence a bandwagon of professionals opt to join politics than offering economic solutions which will not be respected.Even if a body of professionals is formed,their vibrant ideas and opinions will just be on paper.Look at the funding for research and development in our higher institutions of learning.Very pathetic to say the least.But we spend much of the money on campaigns that add no value to the nation.It is a big shame indeed!!!!

  6. Starting with who? No, no, no, it is not true that professionals are cowards. Professionals shoulder a special responsibility to uphold professionalism, ethics, integrity and secret. There is nothing professional about attacking Government using unreliable information. The story about road projects was political rhetoric without devoid of objectivity. Regarding debt, the World Bank has spoken: there is no debt crisis. However, there is room for reducing the debt burden to a more manageable level. The World Bank has been joined by distinguished professors. There is room for improvement. But infrastructure development is needed to kick-start growth and consumption. As for theft by servant, that is a matter under investigation. More heads will roll.

    • ‘However, there is room for reducing the debt burden to a more manageable level’.
      Does it mean the debts are not manageable? When debt is not manageable, it is a crisis! simple.

    • The formula for debt management is complex. It is based on proportionality in relation to GDP. The actual figure can be plus or equal to 60% or 50% or 30% or 20% or 10% depending to the nature of debt. Debt categories vary from private to public to domestic to foreign debt. A mix of these categories depends on Government policy. The policy is contained in the National Development Plan, the Political Manifesto and other political considerations.

    • Dr. Makasa, good point. This boy has no integrity, professionalism and he sells African countries for a living just like dull HH.

  7. Simumba you are right. I am ashamed to be a highly schooled and actually educated Zambian national. There is virtually no vigorous debate on any issue here. I was still in the USA even on that September 11 2001 when the planes hit the twin towers. The University of Arizona organized a presentation on the causes of that and if it were in Zambia the presenter would have been arrested. Check the man called Norman Finkelstein. I attended his presentation while at Cornell, the Jewish bastion and the guy stood his ground. In Zambia the space for free speech under PF has been decimated. They send you hounds at your house or radio station to literally kill you because the puppet masters ran the vicious show. So yea man you got a point.

  8. @Dr Makasa. Freedom of information is ingredient for development.

    How do you say its unreliable source of news. Do you mean African Confidential

    Lungu and Kambwili closed the POST not knowing you cant hide information in an information AGE.

    Bwana Makasa if you are old coming from unip era things have changed

    Lungu is building structures everywhere and his aide can even buy plots at chaminuka in dollars . They think its secret

    Very soon you will see them at woodlands police

  9. It is well that Trevor seeks to be a ‘united’ voice. This in itself is noble, the problem with this approach is that whilst seemingly credible it might backfire largely because for once he is ranting. We know you have a member who appeared to ‘support’ the party because he had some contracts but after doing the work he wasn’t paid…yet this does not call for such a face book outburst. We call on you to show what role you played in 1990,2001,2011 when you came up with a formula that leads to the opposition wining. Even our own feeble hope of finding a winning opposition have failed infact its so pathetic because even those sent to pay MP candidates give them half and eat the rest…

  10. Our Zambian professionals are not cowards. They have hard to bare the burden of PAYE taxes, support a whole nation with forward progress, while politicians and civil servants loot. Then Simumba insults them. They could have easily left the country for greener pastures. Blame all Zambians, not finger pointing.

  11. Spot on my bro. We are really cowards. The sad part is that almost in all fields and the constitution making process is a prime example. More than 50 years after independence and the constitution has continued to be a source of tension, it is lacuna after lacuna and yet a lot of money was gobbled and time spent in the last countrywide consultative process. We are back on the drawing board not primarily because there are new developments but that the professional didn’t do a good job.

  12. @Super delegate
    No Sir
    The Zambian system is rigged and completely ignores real experts based on ethnicity, regionalism and racism. We have Zambian REAL and not charlatan constitutional lawyers who have participated in crafting constitutions in countries like Kenya, South Africa and Tunisia, yes REAL Zambians but because they belong to non favored regions they are ignored. Imposters write constitutional documents which are really lousy and we turn blame the educated. Well look at the effects of non-educated cadres and the results are what we are reaping. So hold accountable those who use the mis-educated non-schooled sycophants who run the show, then you will understand why Americans prefer the electoral college to majority vote when it comes to president election.

    • FZICA na fimo fimo i hear you my brother,but how do we fold our hands and watch the rot which in turn affects not only our professional lives[some of your brothers my friend we have seen wisked away by the long arm of the law for after being manipulated by politicians], and our wallets as a lawyer this may be our opportunity when sanity returns to make politics very unattractive to these “Jhonny fly by night or Grab and run characters we now call Leaders,let us come up with a constitution that takes away “the trappings of power”,let the likes of Kapata,Kampyongo Chitotela and the like go back where they came from and leave room for real Leaders out there and they are many.We should revisit our laws,we owe so much to our children,their childrens childrens children to sit and fold our…

  13. My thought is that Zambian politics have been reduced to an activity for the corrupt, greedy, selfish, no self respect individual who cares nothing about the Zambian population, but only cares about accumulating more money than everyone else. That in itself is one of the reasons many professional well intent zambians will not participate. Think about the conduct of our leaders and their cadres who feel that dancing to anything is good campaigning.

  14. Zambian professionals have excelled in their fields/disciplines world over. I am proud to meet some of them overseas and locally providing leadership in their fields. And it does not mean that all professionals must abandon their disciplines to participate in politics. They are making great contributions in their fields. We need engineers, economists, lawyers, teachers etc. We have seen professionals like Luo abandoning the labs to be kneeling before men without serious papers. Of course those who wish to join politics should be supported unlike what happened to Prof Chirwa. Even medical doctors like Dr. Canicius Banda who wish to run for political offices should make their own choices.

  15. Mr Simumba just join .
    We know you as a fig tree laying down.
    It’s time to join your bandwagon. Even on this blog signs are awesomely talking for itself because blood is thicker than water.
    Apparently your relatives have already welcomed you.We have read your comments and articles since 2009 . We know you.
    So joining your bandwagon will prove that you’re not Educated coward..?

    • Yaa nstii,zoona ba kamba ifyo fine fye,what happened to the Zambia that i knew?Very very sad ati “..blood is thicker than water?”Where did people who think like this come from or they have been within our ranks all alone?Anyway,the Zambia i know will reclaim itself,continue sir in your stupid vanities as we seek people who share higher values…

  16. Simusa and the rest of you, have you heard of a word economic crunch and economic boom? Every country goes through these phases including the US and Japan. So to try and deceive yourself that Zambia is in economic crises is a child’s play. Just think about this, how do you spend you monthly pay in a year? You will find out that its nothing to do with anybody else but yourself, you make priorities like having several girl friends, drinking every day of the month, spending lavishly and above all, always on the road burning gas unnecessarily and when your pockets run dry, you try and heap the blame on innocent people, please give us a break!!! If most of us hadn’t traveled the world over, maybe we could have fallen prey to your lies but thank God we know who difficult it is for our friends…

    • And from which hole did this one come from,twa chula pa fula fimbuli file lila nafilaba ati file lya fyeka?God help Zambia,paipa pana, ifi puba fya fulisha

  17. contd
    If most of us hadn’t traveled the world over, maybe we could have fallen prey to your lies but thank God we know who difficult it is for our friends to survive in the so called developed countries. No dollar, you simply die!!! In the developed world, there no hard cash in someone’s pocket its all on cards and this must give you a picture of how hard it is out there. So Simusa, stop cheating yourself because life isnt about hand outs.

  18. Tell us comrade! It’s true. Most of us are lingering around the bottom two rungs on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Still motivated by fear. Not fit to be managers!

  19. Political life is too. Professionals are too busy with chosen career. Maybe after retirement when can’t engage in normal earning business. Ask vj

  20. I have never heard Trevor Simumba say anything positive about the current regime. The few times I have interacted with him at a personal level, he comes across as an arrogant, know-it-all, all-knowing-person, who hardly gives you a chance to say anything when you have a conversation with him. His statements about cowardly professionals hardly surprise me because he always puts himself above everyone else. But Trevor must remember that there are a lot of patriotic professionals in this country who are doing a lot for the country without having to blow their own trumpets. It appears he is so determined to see the current government ousted that I wouldn’t be surprised if he is among those writing negative stuff about his own country.

  21. What kind of professional speaks like that?

    Trevor Simumba is the one who is not a professional. Trade expert talking none trade issues. That’s evidence of unprofessionalism, but of a cadre!!

  22. The heading with ‘Zambian Professionals …’ The article says ‘Many Zambian Professionals…’ That is how fake news works. If you just read the heading you think you have read the article and down the tubes of fallacy you go. Ala bwafya… so many professionals don’t even read!!! Yea – I SAID IT!

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