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Zambia headed for more troubled and disastrous times – HH


HH addressing a media briefing at his residence
HH addressing a media briefing at his residence

United Party for National Development (UPND) Leader Hakainde Hichilema has vowed to continue speaking for the majority.

In a statement obtained by Q-News, Mr. Hichilema says there is need to continue talking so that President Edgar Lungu and the ruling Patriotic (PF) can be made to account.

He has charged that Zambia is headed for more troubled and disastrous times ahead both economically and politically.

Mr. Hichilema has wondered how the President and other senior government can increase their salaries while they proclaim austerity measures for the rest of the country.

He adds when advised to consider cheaper loan sources the government ignores such advice.

Mr Hichilema says the economic disaster staring Zambians in the face will not spare anyone based on political affiliation.

The UPND leader’s statement comes in the wake of sentiments attributed to the Head of state while on the Copperbelt last week that government will not be listening to disrupters and time wasters


  1. ababemba balanda ati umwana asumfwa chinkula ( bembas say a child or a person that does not take wise advise is abnormal or the teeth had started growing from the top instead of the opposite) just investigate

    • BoZ foreign reserves are at an all time low of $300 million. Kwacha is free-falling at an all time low at K12 to the dollar.
      Yet PF00Lsh leader can charter planes & carry huge advance parties & delegations to China & New York.

      Levy Mwanawasa left $3 Billion foreign reserves & $0 debt & a surplus budget & positive Balance of Payment.
      Lungu’s PF00lish Govt has bankrupted our country, has only been relying only on perpetual borrowing from China. Even last month’s civil servant’s salaries was paid using money from Chinese loans.

    • It never fails. Every time Mr Lungu steps out the country, the delusional one comes out from the woodworks. Before days end, we will be seeing video postings of his motorcade in
      Dundumwezi among his sheeples, showing off his “massive” support by Zambians!

    • Truly baffling how Edgar Lungu, a man who was disbarred for stealing can continue on his visionless trajectory. Times are hard and Edgar should provide leadership and institure austerity measures on himself

      So suddenly Zambia needed to vote for aisha to avoid these extremely unfortunate terms used in the context of this troubled and disastrous cult Leader. Nothing sweet comes out’a his mouth. It is arson, trouble,xenophobia, terrorism, famine, riots, protest, walk out, antidialogue, roadrage, profanity, bigotry, panga for panga, court issues, mayhem, Armageddon e.t.c.
      Extremely unproductive, unfriendly and antiZambian traits. Sometimes I wonder what blood flows in double h’s arteries and veins. I must be president, he vows.

  2. ECL and Chanda boys have forgotten thier humble beginnings. Suddenly they feel almighty not knowing we woke up at 2am to vote and him in state house

    African Confidential is the game changer in this respect. For as long PF sticks to ECL we just have to back U5

    ECL and Kambwili shut the POST to keep in the dark. Little did they know you can’t hide anything in this

  3. I can only associate this face with doom. Now he doesn’t even need to say anything we know he wants to scare investors and thearkets so that he prophecy comes true. Smh… Whatever that means

  4. HH is a bitter person. He will not say anything good about PF and ECL. Satan1$m is haunting him. Which people is he speaking for when he is busy denting the image of this country. HH is busy grabbing land in mbaroste land.

  5. You love Zambians,so go to that state house or find time to talk to president Lungu.Both of you talk like parentsbwho want they children to live well.Forget about your presidential aspirations or that you are better than them.Yes,even better one can be lead.It is life.One day, if God wills, you will be a president of Zambia.Who are we to say no if God says yes?God bless you.

  6. When the woman you picked from the street for short time fantasy is sent to counsel you in your marital problems, it’ll be brainless courage for her to expect you to listen. Bwana Hichilema please shut up. Maybe the only thing you haven’t done which Edgar is doing is drink jemasoni, the rest you are far worse off. Look into your self and reflect on your life. On the day of Judgment which side will you be, left or right?

    • I always say, people who where on the Zccm negotiating committee are still alive and are not ashamed to give you a lowdown on how our friend behaved during the process. He never committed any criminal offence but we shall never forget his level of morality. He is the last person many would support to lead Zambia as a President.

    • … because he has equally done worse things that’s why he is not given the light of the day for headlines in the paper!

      This chap advised government of the day wrongly, sold companies to himself and billed government for such mind wrenching activities…

      ECL and his cronies have stolen and steal stealing… HH and his cronies Chiluba, Francis Kaunda, Velentine Chitalu, Shamutete, Edith Nawakwi, Elias Chipimo… they are so many…

      These guys should never rule this country and the ones that are in power should be kicked out!

      PF contract ended when Sata died!

  7. Every time I see HH’s picture in a newspaper or on a blog, I can predict with 100 percent accuracy that he has something nasty, dark, and grim to say about this government or the country.

  8. If the satan1$t has love for zambia let him not wait for 2021 to sort out problems Zambia has. He might not even be president because he has lost relevance. Let him dialogue with ECL and find a lasting solution. Even if he does not become president, Zambians will remember him for dialogue with PF and ECL.

  9. When you read that it is Hacks speaking you say after me “aba nabo!”
    Look here baasa, no state house for you and other trib.alists now or in the future, even if we kicked out the current ruling clique. Not YOU!

  10. There goes a prophet of doom-Kainde!!We are sick and tired of this tonga man!!HH can never wish Zambia anything good.I just dont know who cheats him that when things are bad then we shall vote for Kainde!!
    Look HH,whether things get worse economically and politically,God shall see us through.You cannot be our hope because you are not God!!There is absolutely no difference between you and those in Govnt today.If anything,you are worse than ECL!!Therefore,stop your evil politics of only wishing us hell and painting Zambia black to the outside world.WE CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU CRY AFTER LOSING FOR A RECORD 6TH TIME IN 2021!!!

  11. Mr HH which President are you referring to?since you don’t recognise him and what solutions do you have for this country with GBM and William Banda in your party?

  12. Here we go again…my house is bigger than your house. My presidency is better than yours. My European friends are better than yours. Someone needs to spray doom in his mouth.

  13. HH
    Now is a prophet.Anyway we have received your diabolical prophecy BUT WE DON’T WANT YOU.
    The only thing you know now is to prophesy ABOUT TROUBLES AND CALAMITIES, AS WELL AS entertaining AFRICA CONFIDENTIAL ..?

  14. The economic outlook in the long run looks sluggish for sure. The macro and micro economic indicators are beginning to present a crude reality that can not be disputed. The fact the donors have decided to withhold their support is further proof that even the budget to be presented this Friday is in limbo. You may not like the bearer of the message but the fact remains the same. Unless we vigorously fight corruption to the fullest, soon other donors will join the bandwagon and things will get worse. It is time for a reality check, the first step is to acknowledge that our economy is in serious economic doldrums heading into a debt distress if left unchecked. Be serious for once and call for an indaba to discuss and find solutions to this saga.

    • I agree with you here. What I do not agree with is the notion that until HH became president things are bad for Zambians. Some bloggers are also saying the Mwanawasa left zero debt. What role did Mwanawasa play in debt cancellation?

  15. @ Njimbu: You will die with hatred. God hears prayers of people who love even their own enemies. Those who extend a hand of love and peace to every one created in God’s Image. Even if you think HH is a bad person, and Nimbu you are a true Christian show love to him bwana God will hear you and save Zambia, but as long as you have harbored hatred it will never ever work. Yes I know there are true Christians in Zambia even among our own Ministers and MPs. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA

    • … if HH can bring back the lives of people who died because of hisbwrong advice from his belly…

      YES we will try him… if not, ulabeja bása!

      ECL out! PF Contract with the Zambian people ended when Sata died…

      HH potential contract ended before he even began!

    • Oh no! We know enough about him! We can’t do that! We can’t sell Zambia HAGAIN for the second time to make it twice for Hakainde and Mutinta and Charmaine.

  16. I wish HH can mobilize people all over our nation and tell them what he will do for this country instead going all over the world painting this nation as very bad and very evil! He has managed to tell people outside and inside Africa, all the bad things about Zambia, and blindly his people are now so simple minded that everyone is doing the same awful things of cheap and childish propaganda. Its a shame. How can he say We are doomed, when we were there when KK brought this nation to it’s kneels, when the west shunned Zambia and withheld everything because KK was supporting communism? It was bad by then, very bad than now, because of change. In a democracy no one stays forever, but being vile and evil just because u want to be a president is more devilish than even his master the devil or…

  17. Well said HH ,
    Yes we told them so…..ahhh that feels sooo good. It will even feel better in 2 to 3 years time….

    Now to lungu. The corrupt theif hikes his pay and goes and spends $3 million on a useless trip to the UN to talk about Mandela ? Really ?

  18. According to credible reports the whole world is headed for the worst economic disaster due to massive borrowing which is in hundreds of trillion dollars. Was this money borrowed by Zambia alone?

    • The USA owes trillions , but as eders say…

      ” when you see an elephant , which is an animal ,crossing a deep river, don’t think that the donkey can also cross the same river because it is also an animal.. ….”

      –spaka, most influential blogger.

    • Again that’s your opinion. Hope it doesn’t fail you as it did when you picked on the tarnished Charmaine for the Chilanga Parliamentary by election.

    • No ndanji,
      That is no my opinion but a proverb from the elders….to translate it for you….don’t think because America owes so Zambia too can of owe, the USA sends men into space ndanji while we have to import toothpicks….

      and just like in chilanga pf winning, Zuma and Mugabe were still winning weeks before the end….

  19. Haingila Hafuma hh,

    Infuko ifuma lyonse ubushiku. The man with all the solutions Zambia need. This is for big people not young and bitter chaps. You only wish for bad things what type of a man are you. You have closed your door let go off somethings you will see change prophet Haingila Hafuma ##GOVERNMENT WILL NOT BE LISTENING TO DISRUPTERS AND TIME WASTERS.

  20. Unpatriotic Party for National Downfall. There he goes again. Will he ever from his mouth say anything good about this country he desperately wants to lead.

  21. Adolf is alive!!! Indeed your claim to speak for the under represented is being effectively done by CK, Laura and 13 other presidents of opposition parties. When you are a doomsayer for the obvious its evident you look foolish. Start by dealing with those men you gave some money for an MP but they pocketed part of it and couldn’t tell you. Never mind you haven’t held a convention or for democracy in your own party…but that is your choice the end result Adolf is that come 2021 you will be defeated even by the likes of CK and for the man you so detest he will be back and yes people choose him over you….the core of your leadership is doomed

  22. Prophet of doom. Can you bring back you stack in foreign accounts. Our money from the sale of mines is still lying in your accounts. We needed this massive infrastructure in our beloved. twasebena pafula with our poor roads, airports, hospitals and others. Who told you that abalanda bakapwa mucalo. Go to developed nations you will still find beggars in the streets. So PROPHET OF DOOM STOP CHEATING THAT YOU WILL ERADICT POVRERY WHILE YOU ARE GRABBING LAND FROM THE POOR PEOPLE.

    • People focus so much on our friend’s involvement with the sale of mines, which was just the Luanshya mine if my memory serves me right, but, what about the sale of State Ranches which were dotted all over the country? Where these openly advertised for every Zambian to put in a bid?

  23. I gather that bwana HH does not listen to any advice. So If I were HH, I would instead collect all videos and/or audios of Sata so that I learn how to express myself politically.


  25. HH spell it loud and clear to the PF rats….so that when the time comes we can say……

    ” we told you sooooooo…….”

    Right now the rats are cornered with dunnuna reverse, they are like in a runaway bus that has lost its brakes and has a drunk driver …….

  26. On the day of judgement one will cry like the days of last five presidential elections for he does not show love to cover multitude of sins.The Bible says “love one another including your enemies, do not hate them.”
    Yet you are busy producing hateful speeches, HH you will leak your elbow God is watching day in and day out giving you room for change. Change and get to talk love in order to avoid calamity on judgement day.

    • One is warning you about the path you are taking ati “hateful speach ” ??? Really ?

      Calamity is soon upon you because of your depraved and immoral living , driving around in your air con SUVs while the masses can’t even afford 3 meals, hiring private jets to go a talk about Mandela while people drink from wells next to pit latrines only 5 miles from your state house with well desreving childeren unable at afford school fees and condemned yo a life on the streets , depraved are you sinners who do not deserve the mercy of God….not even the bible’s you carry in your back pockets to be readily pulled out upon disaster sticking the children of this beautiful country will save you….god has seen the humble beginnings you had on this journey to serve the people and looks on in dismay…

    • One is warning you about the path you are taking ati “hateful speach ” ??? Really ?
      Calamity is soon upon you because of your depraved and immoral living , driving around in your air con SUVs while the masses can’t even afford 3 meals, hiring private jets to go a talk about Mandela while people drink from wells next to pit latrines only 5 miles from your state house with well desreving childeren unable at afford school fees and condemned yo a life on the streets , depraved are you sinners who do not deserve the mercy of God….not even the bible’s you carry in your back pockets to be readily pulled out upon disaster sticking the children of this beautiful country will save you….god has seen the humble beginnings you had on this journey to serve the people and looks on in dismay at…

  27. Calamity, calamity is coming to anyone who does not appreciate instead hate others.Blessings,Blessing are coming to anyone who appreciate and in turn show love to others.

  28. For sure president Edgar Lungu has failed Zambians with his mediocre leadership but this does not necessarily mean that he is going to lose the elections come 2021.He is DEFINITELY winning the 2021 elections with a bigger margin than the last elections. WHY? In Zambia it is ETHINIC politics.No matter how good or bad a leader may be what matters is the tribe and this is what makes Edgar confident that he will rule this country up to 2026 despite failing the Zambian people.

  29. Calamity is soon upon you because of your depraved and immoral living , driving around in your air con SUVs while the masses can’t even afford 3 meals, hiring private jets to go a talk about Mandela while people drink from wells next to pit latrines only 5 miles from your state house with well desreving childeren unable at afford school fees and condemned to a life on the streets , depraved are you sinners who do not deserve the mercy of God….not even the bible’s you carry in your back pockets to be readily pulled out upon disaster stricking the children of this beautiful country will save you….god has seen the humble beginnings you had on this journey to serve the people and looks on in dismay at your ill gotten richers on the backs of suffering Zambians … parasites….you…

    • ….You promised the childeren of zambia but instead you are stealing and condemming them to a life of bondage for borrowed money …..


  30. Zambian politics is not about fighting poverty, social inequality, corruption,.It is about Tongas &lozis VS Bemba’s & Ngonis.It is not what one can call modern politics but rather ancient politics of brokenhill man era.If the brokehill man were resurrected today he would perfectly fit in well with the likes of Sunday Chanda, chilufya tayali, Hakainde Hichilema, Sejani.Atase Ifyabupuba fyeka fyeka!!!;

    • Very true….politics of self enrichment…however this is the worst leadership we have had….and will probably be the worst ever, God willing with better days ahead.

  31. The only thing this man wishes for Zambians is suffering. Every time he says something about Zambia, it is something to do with wishing for suffering of the people of Zambia. All this projections, dreams are to do with worse things for Zambians. Who is he ? Can someone be faulted by concluding that HH is indeed a satanist? What kind of human being is he who always wishes bad things for other people?

  32. The $3 to $4 million lungu has spent on this useless tripe could have provided a primary education for hundreds of thousands of street kids and orphans ….

  33. “HH WILL DIE A BITTER MAN” says tayali. Even when the economy may not be doing fine HH you are not an alternative, we are still looking for that alternative to the PF government, until that one is found , for now let PF continues we just need to encourage them to do better where they seem to be failing. Yourself you are really a Satanist, you take delight in the suffering of Zambians and not in their wellbeing, your prayer is always to see bad things happen so that you say I TOLD YOU., it will never work God will see us through like he has done always.

  34. The same PF blogger is just changing the name”karibaman””Njimbu””Dundumwezi Boy”….the sentence construction is the same whether they use Capital letters ,small case or mixed.
    This PF Zealot has a full time job commenting on LT.

  35. What I have noticed in Zambia is this during summer, the temperatures are to high for many to bear and this, in many instances causes a lot of baffons to stop thinking and just yap after begging for a bottle of cold water. Listen iwe, you woke up at 2am to vote for ka Satanist HH thinking he would dislodge President Lungu. Know what, we didnt sleep in PF but stayed awake to ensure we vote for ECL. Is it a wonder that your wamuyaya HH never sees anything good from President Lungu and the PF? How come, even foreigners who last stepped foot in Zambia are amazed at the massive transformative development taking place and yet you, the perpetual loser cant see this? What type of a person who only rejoices when he sees others fail and not give credit where it is due?
    NOTE: PF and President…

  36. contd
    NOTE: PF and President Lungu are poised for a landslide victory in 2021 and if you asked me why, I will just let you take a tour of mother Zambia and see for yourself that PF means business. UPND can do ALL permutations there is on earth, they will and cannot win the general elections. Even genuine UPND disciples know this very well!!!!

  37. The Green party president offers viable solutions to Zambia with intellectual yet simple language. HH on the other hand is always angry. We need a better opposition in Zambia. An intelligent one.

  38. Zambia doesn’t belong to any politician Zambia is beyond any party you need to be careful of what you say about Zambia.
    Zambia is beyond EL and HH , before you were born zambia has always been there , you will die Zambia will continue to exist .
    People who fought for freedom have gone Zambia continues now we have careless babies who want Zambia to suffer , sorry Zambia is blessed no curse on Zambia.

  39. Zambians, whatever language you use to describe HH or anyone criticizing government you will see sense when you stop getting kickbucks after PF moves out. The fact is you cannot get a loan to pay salaries, that is not sustaining the economy but a poor father’s thinking. Also remember that when caders talk and rise against donors they talk against the poor because their funding supports the poor throuh provision of the needed services. Loans from China are meant to support the Chinese businesses because more than 70% of borrowed funds go back in paying Chinese salaries and that more than 70% of equipment comes from there to support their industries. If bought locally it must be from their companies ensuring funds go back through their banks.If the remaining 30% does not benefit Zambian…

  40. This prophet of doom is a disrupter and time waster.
    Let’s be fair.
    What has HH achieved in his 10yrs as UPND leader?
    To be fair to HH ,the party Mazoka left is totally different from what he is in charge of now.
    HH has presided over the most tribal and xenophobic party in living memory of Zambia.
    The party is not competitive outside southern province.
    For 16yrs UPND has failed to get into Lusaka or the Copperbelt.

    So what has changed?

    HH acts like a Hyena…..feeding off carcasses other than doing actual hunting.

    • the moment hh opens his mouth its full of cowdung. I normally advise him to put his house in order where almost every member has trekked to pf kikikikikikikikikikik

  41. Whether its HH or anyone else to say it but truth is what he has said is what everyone can see except those who are blind and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. People should just prepare for the worst.

  42. We have seen this before. ..the MMD went to bed with western conglomerates in order to remove Kaunda from office. ..Kaunda had previously taken all foreign owned companies and nationalized them. 2015 after the election of PF, most mines declared a majority of their workforce redundant. Is it coincidence that KCM has not been paying taxe? Or were they promised that the taxes would be ignored once someone became president. Too many coincidences.


  44. The way I see it, all the Zambian government really needs to do is try to make sure everyone is fed, try to ensure the country is not plundered by rich mining corporations, and invest as much as possible in health and education. Anything else is a diversion.

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