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40 years, Africa still outside Security Council – Lungu tells UN


Zambia has expressed profound concern that Africa has continued to remain outside the United Nations Security Council 40 years after a resolution to reform the Security Council to make it truly representative, democratic and effective was placed on the General Assembly agenda.

President Edgar Lungu told the United Nations (UN) that after four decades of Africa calling for the reform of the Security Council, the Continent has not moved anywhere closer to the agreement with the Council on the fundamental question of universal importance.

President Lungu told the UN Member States that the reform of the Security Council is not only a matter of common decency and correction of historical injustice but also a subject of restoring the dignity of Africa.

President Lungu noted that little or no progress has been made on the reform of the Security Council despite world leaders having called and agreed on the early conclusion to the negotiations during the Millennium Summit in 2000.

President Lungu recalled that in 2005, during the world Summit, global leaders expressed concern at the slow pace of progress on the reform of the Security Council yet progress has remained to be slow.

The Head of State said this on Tuesday when he addressed the 73rd United Nations General Assembly in New York whose theme is: “Making the United Nations Relevant to All People: Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities for Peaceful, Equitable and Sustainable Societies.”

President Lungu has reiterated Africa’s position that the Continent should have two Permanent Members in the Security Council with all the privileges and obligations that come with the status as well as having five non-Permanent Seats.

“Africa currently remains the only Continent that does not have representation in the permanent category of the Security Council. Next year, 2019, will mark the 40th anniversary since the item of reforming the Security Council was put on the agenda of the General Assembly. I wish to reiterate that Africa remain steadfast and united in its call for two Permanent Members in the Security Council with all the privileges and obligations that come with the status and five non-Permanent Seats. Not only is this a matter of common decency and correction of historical injustice, but it is also a question of restoring the dignity of Africa,” His Excellency President Lungu said.

President Lungu stated that Zambia also supports the call for Non-Permanent Seat for Small Islands Developing Countries (SIDCs) whose challenges he said are unique.

He stated that it is imperative that Small Islands Developing Countries’ perspective should be incorporated as a new dimension to the UN approach to international peace and security.

The President stated that as the United Nations will be celebrating its 73rd anniversary next month, its relevance to the people it serves should continue to be magnified in the promotion of international peace, cooperation and development of sustainable societies free of hunger, poverty and disease.

The Head of State said that he is coming from a Continent that should having been standing tall and moving towards rapid human security, economic transformation and infrastructure development yet Africa’s economic structure has changed very little.

He explained that the effective implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the African Agenda 2063 presents huge opportunities for the Continent to revitalise its economic growth and further accelerate transformation.

“My Government is nevertheless, committed and determined to overcome the economic hurdles by creating a diversified and resilient economy driven among others by agriculture, tourism and the energy sectors supported with a robust infrastructure development. My Government also recognizes that to deliver inclusive and equitable development to citizens, we need to strengthen mutually beneficial partnerships in the context of South-South Cooperation and with our development partners,” the President said.

And President Lungu has told the UN that Zambia has in the recent past increased its participation in the UN peacekeeping operations and has become one of the major troop and police contributing countries in redressing conflicts around the world.


  1. Priorities priorities priorities Lungu ,54yrs now and we’re still trying to get to our villages coz of no roads and still using pit latrines in Chibolya.
    UN security council nations are far ahead landing crafts on Mars and .

    • Beggars can’t be choosers! I keep saying African men are useless, selfish and corrupt who have no plans to develop Africa with its rich resources.
      They have no clue about wealth building. They run away and settle in countries where white men have developed their countries for their women and children and call it success. They have no sense of giving back to the community or even the schools they attended to make them better and yet expect the world to respect you?

    • I visited one of the Porschest neighborhoods in Lusaka with jaw dropping mansions and luxury European cars. The person I was with who lives in the area was complaining about how often he had to fix the tires of his Range Rover because of the bad roads on his street that the govt can’t fix. I looked right and left at the impressive mansions and thought to my self; surely this neighborhood is full of rich people who can fix their own roads by either sponsoring it financially, or sponsoring time.
      My point is try to fix your own communities instead of waiting for the cash strapped govt.

    • Lungu thinks UN can allow weak and thugs people like him and kaizer in the security council, did he even hear what Donald Trump said or he was hangover sleeping

    • Africans have failed to run their own countries. Why should they be given to run the world? Mr President, please don’t make a fool of yourself.

    • Good address at the global level, a topic that will make you be heard, but when you disembark from the plane on Friday just think”Corruption first” and “develop Zambia” first and forget about security council.

      While its great to make that leap in forward thinking, we still need to fix our daily issues now, forgotten for the past 54 years

    • He was the highlight and made other leaders appear not knowing their craft.

      Quiet frankly he stole the show.

      Well done my president.

      I see him being the next Secretary General and follow Koffi Annan. He was composed and was the envy of all other countries.

      Ladies and Gentlemen you should be proud – we have a gem in a President.

      I watched the whole thing so I’m
      The right person to give you a good feedback

      You heard it from the horse’s mouth.

      I hold a PhD.



    • Don’t mind this utterly Lazy Lungu …wasting time at the UN, what would you want on the security council? He is there wasting time when the economy is going down back home and corruption is the norm. The lazy chap just wants to be a passenger sitting on the table even simple discussions in the UN involving Israel and US he advisers his UN Rep not to attend.

    • 1.2 Olivia – why must tax payers pool money together to rehabilitate neighbourhood roads, isn’t that double tax.

      If the government stops taxing them for 5 years on the basis that they fix and develop their own neighbourhood roads your point could be valid.

    • @Eye-of-Horus; it’s called social responsibility. Even the USA advertises to its citizens to adopt roads to fix and maintain. They encourage their citizens to volunteer at their local hospitals, shelters and recreational areas and guess what they pay their taxes.
      The other day someone here suggested that govt should give jobs to all graduates so the can pay back their student loans. Surely what kind of thinking is that? How many jobs does the GRZ have in Zambia or USA for that matter? Entrepreneurship and investment should instead be encouraged so private companies can employ citizens.
      Ask your brothers and sisters, wives, husbands and friends to volunteer at their local hospitals. Ask them to throw trash where it belongs. Govt can’t or won’t do everything for you whether you pay…

    • Zambia has expressed profound concern that Africa has continued to remain outside the United Nations Security Council 40 years after a resolution to reform the Security Council to make it truly representative, democratic and effective was placed on the General Assembly agenda.

      KIKIKIKIKI……Lungu Lungu, what are you talking about when Zambia is not democratic.What true representative when you are buying councilors who are true representatives of the people, and you cause a by election.Start from home in your country to make things straight. After all you just be sleeping and no contribution in the same Security Council.Malabish

    • Just imagine Zambia being on the security council …can they seriously vote against China or US or EU when they are drowning in loans and their budget is supplemented by those countries.
      Lazy Lazy Lungu just come back and fix your mess….you only talk when you are abroad!!

    • I opposes this. Africa as a result of the leaders and the people themselves who put those leaders there need to put their own house in order. How can you get a Security Council Seat when you can’t even provide dustbins in our towns and cities?

      If India a nation which has been denied a SC seat is making strides to improve its economy etc but has accepted the situation why should we Africans be concerned about being denied a seat?

      It appears African leaders are more concerned about this for reasons best known to themselves. The people on the ground want good governance which has been lacking since we gained so-called Independence. Sad State of Affairs!

    • @1.9, Don’t mind this utterly Lazy BUM illiterate Insolent TRIBAL hooligan Bully son of a polygamist father Gay Jay pooping in public. Please dress him in diapers like my little child. CHILDISH. Jealousy down Animo Farm will NEVER address that gathering. He can address the dung produce in Namwala.

    • @ 1.7, Mr. Kudos.
      These are two important sentences I used: 1) “Good address at the global level…” 2) “…leap in forward thinking..” What is in these sentences that is not objective?
      Please, understand, I don’t play any of cadre business when I see something that is worth my credit, I do so. The reason you see me against PF is that there is just so many cases PF is doing bad and against the Ordinary Zambians. To me fight against corruption and poverty, and bringing development is the top priority than becoming UN security member. Are you not one of those who did not say a nice word on Kofi Annan death? What difference will ECL make?

  2. Lungu let’s work on spreading the impotent Zambian companies regionally like Kenya and South Africa have done before we dream of global UNSC power. Learn to crawl before you walk.

    • This man is a lazy man wants to enjoy first world life at the expense of the poor even flying to NY he has chartered an aircraft…his friend in Tanzania jumped on a commercial airline, he has increased his salary yet the economy is a mess and some civil servants have not been paid for months. I mean how can he even contemplate sitting on the secruity council with countries like China and US who use their taxpayers money to fix his toilets and roads..he has no shame even being there the lazy ignorant sausage.

    • Lazy BUM illiterate Insolent TRIBAL hooligan Bully son of a polygamist father Gay Jay pooping in public. Please dress him in diapers like my little child. CHILDISH.

  3. Let us use our resources to develop our nation.Members of security council now contribute a lot of money, therefore,there is no need to ask for seats.Maybe ask on behalf of other rich African nations.

  4. just 8 miles from his state house people drink from shallow wells next to pit latrines infecting them with cholera, infact that same chawama where people were dying of cholera is where this same lungu was MP, he found them drinking contaminated water and left them drinking contaminated water up to today and you are talking about the security council ???

    Corrupt theif….

    • These comments above explains clearly why Africa still lugs behind. We need forward thinking Africans to enable us to go to another level.

    • @Oval: You couldn’t have said it better. If Lungu was Asian or South American, the populations there would be in full support. Look at the comments above, look at Dudelove’s answer!! Instead of focusing on the content, they want to kill the messenger just because they don’t like him; BUT FORGET THAT HE’S ZAMBIAN ABD AFRICAN JUST LIKE THEM!! Since the fall of the strongmen in the 90s, the west is manipulating our political systems by sponsoring a wave of opposition political parties that lack patriotism-and we call it democracy. Result?? A divided continent that’s easy to manipulate both by the west and China.

    • Zambians like to soothed with lies not telling them the truth …I mean gullible cadres like Zambian Citizen, thick as porridge never been further than Nakonde never seen a proper clean city before wants to debate about patriotism when the selfsame leaders he is supporting are increasing their salaries even backdating to New Years Day 2018 when people are drowning in taxes and poverty…you have a govt awarding GRZ contracts to Chinese firms and begging them for 20% of the cost to be awarded to locals imagine how silly that sounds…and this dingbat is here preaching about Patriotism …how laughable.

    • There goes master of conspiration theories…… The west is busy with their own problems, stop cheating yourselves that everything bad on that continent is because the west is pulling strings.
      Get out of that mentality. Day in day out, you see ordinary Zambians suffering, not getting paid…
      eSwatini Gate..which you blindly support …..endless list, and you are busy preaching about the west? honestly? You are not being serious, man.

  5. Permanent UNSC members pay hundreds & billions in UN dues. Will Africans pay that yet they’ve no clean water ,some classrooms are under trees and simple diseases are still killing them? Does Lungu know where AIDS funding comes from or how Britain cut its aid to Zambia ?

    • That is hard work…he wants the UN so he can have another trip added to his calendar and run away from responsibilities …what else can Lazy do? I mean he can not give a press conference, he can not delegate, he can not face a journalist from BBC or CNN to assure potential investors like Emerson of Zim…he is just a mere figurehead like the Queen of England.

  6. The Real Olivia pope @1.1 you have hit the nail on the head! Will African membership of the security council help develop the continent? Forget it.Why are developed countries developed? Zero tolerance on corruption and plunder

    • …so when these big companies bribe their way through Africa and use systems like tax avoidance, trade mispricing etc to steal from Africa it’s not corruption?? They tell you your leaders are corrupt and you believe them yet they embrace these companies??

    • Zambian Citizen

      They tell us our leaders are corrupt because their companies bribe our leaders up sell our countries down the river…..lungu authorised tax payers money to buy 42 trucks for $42 million at a 70 % mark up profit on our money then goes the next month to beg the IMF for a bailout , WTF…..Mother.fuker…

    • That’s the corruption we are supposed to reject. We allow them to dupe us. They use our raw materials to develop their economies

    • @Spaka: You see how skewed they have made your thinking?? Illicit capital flows out of Africa is over $100bn a year and that’s not corruption to you except $42m you want to pin on Lungu who has no hand in the procurement system in Zambia?? Thinking driven by hate and ignorance….

    • Zambian Citizen

      $100 billion illicit capital flows out of Africa ? And who is to blame ? Remember lungu and pf signed a deal with mopane mines for them to pay electricity at no price increase for 40 years just for campain funds before the general elections , now what do you call that ?

      And we are told that lungu gets quaterly reports from all ministries , you mean a big tender like $42 million was not in that report ? If it was not lungu is not fit for purpose , and if he saw that 42/42 and did nothing , he was part of the corruption…

    • Spaka its clear now that your thinking is below pa. Your hero lpm govt gave those incentives to mopani. Mind you its only lungus govt which has managed to dismantle the curtails which started in early 90s. We know why he is so much hated by the elite thieves.

    • Ba Spaka, sad your knowledge of the history of this country is very poor. Must we start teaching you?? When did Mopani sign power contracts?? Oval understands exactly what is happening. Sad, ba Spaka…

    • Imwe …..who are trying to cheat ? That mopani deal was renegociated by PF in 2015 a year before the general elections , who are you trying to cheat ? Was PLM there in 2015 ?

    • You think people are in the dark ? We all remember in 2016 after the power price increase mopani threatened job cuts because they had signed a deal with PF in 2015 that gave them no power price increase for 40 years …..signed in 2015 a year before the general elections …..we all remember lungu intervening to stop the job cuts and mopani revealing their campain funds contributions prior to signing that arrangement in 2015 at the height of campains…..

  7. Africa should just watch deliberations on TV. Even hh there is nothing he can say . He will just be talking about denkete.

  8. This is what he chartered a plane for, N!gga should have just stayed home and look into the corruption scandals rocking your govt. Chimbwi no plan

  9. But why charter a plane when we are singing austerity measures to resuscitate the ailing economy???? He should have jumped on the South African Airlines to lead by example. He should have travelled in the economic class.

  10. i dnt even see the importance of belonging to UN! this organisation can only preside over Africans countries and usa and other powerful nations!! MR PRESIDENT jst improve ur own Afrikan security council coz 40 yrs is enough to know that u are not welcome in that UN security council!

  11. Before you can tackle Africa’s problems, you need to look closer to home Mr Lungu, you can’t be solving Africa’s problems when we have much bigger problems

  12. USA contributes $9b annually equivalent to the Zambian debt. And then you have a Mr lungu from chawama compound parroting mugabe and gadafi rhetoric just to be heard also

    • What else can he talk about? Even conflicts in DRC it had to take pressure from US for Kabila to step down..meanwhile this lazy tin Edgar was busy rolling out the red carpet for him when countries like Botswana were telling him blatantly …even sending the Presidential Challenger to Kinshasa.. to do what?

  13. Lungu has chartered a plane and the hotel cost for this trip is in the region of $3 to $4 million.

    With that money thousands of street kids would have been put through primary education, or the many rural schools without class rooms would have had class rooms…..but for lungu those are not priorities ….

    • Austrian President and his ministers used the standard economy flight for the meeting. Actually, the foreign minister was in business class while the president sat in economy class, can ECL sacrifice that?
      Nope, he wants a chartered flight?
      And yet Austria is richer than Zambia….hee..hee

    • Wether hh or any one , spending millions on a usless trip while street kids can not go to school and some rural schools have class rooms under trees is unacceptable …..

    • Everything this president had done if it were HH they would be worshipping him day and night like they do even when he goes to the toilet.

  14. “…Africa currently remains the only Continent that does not have representation in the permanent category of the Security Council…”

    Please, can somebody educate the “visionary” Endemically Corrupt Leader that South America and Australia are NOT represented in the Security Council???

  15. “Security Council. An important division of the United Nations that contains five permanent members — the United States, Britain, China, France, and Russia — and ten rotating members. It is often called into session to respond quickly to international crises.”

    To respond quickly to international crises. How long does it take us to respond to a local emergency.

  16. Is it really necessary to attend these meetings when there is so much poverty in your country? What is Zambia gaining from this meeting? The $4m that has been wasted on hiring the plane could have been used to mitigate cholera especially with the rains round the corner.Let us not be like Equatorial Guinea where the vice president carries over $1.5m cash in brief case where ever he goes while 90% of the people are abnormally poor. No filling station in the country but the president is in the suit in US for the UN meeting. SHAME indeed.

  17. Cant see what value an African country like ours, for example, can add to the UN Security council other than more travelling and subsistence allowances for the chosen representatives who will most certainly be PF cadres at best or Lungu’s distant relations at worst.

  18. If African leaders will sell to or allow foreign entities to take control of security sensitive institutions in the country like Zamtel, Zesco, etc, do they honestly think they can contribute something to the security council of the un.

    Maybe you can ask the U.N to start a drinking Club for delegates, & the possibility maybe high of you President Jonathan being elected head of this drinking council.
    Jona please be serious for once! You DON’T have a clue about security, with a Home Affairs Minister responsible for trying to bring down Helicopters carrying Opposition politicians.
    While you are @ it, have your officials payed back cash illegally drawn after dissolution of Parliament??
    U.N will not entrust such serious posts with Drunken Violent, & Corrupt Kaponyas.

  20. Parochial thinking. The French president made more sense speaking for what needs done in Africa by all than someone who wants to go shopping at Tiffanys rather than be at the UN. So Zambia has increased contributions to peace keeping missions. Do you know how these peacekeepers live? I was in Liberia when these brave soldiers lived like cattle in rooms meant for one but catering for ten or more. This was to save money to send back home. They get almost nothing while on mission. The money goes to the govt. Imagine waiting a whole month to send $150 by Western Union and go back and toil in the hot tropical forest?

    Remember that SA was on rotation at the UN. Most of the time was spent sleeping in meetings, on camera. Shame that someone thinks asking for a seat was a brilliant…

  21. Zambians Dont Even Know What They Are… Most Of The Comments tells Me Why Africans Cant Develop. We think Lungu is Zambia, ECL is just doing His Job. Good Job Presdo safe flight back..

    Great Son of The Land!

  22. Africa is so obsessed with the UNSC. Why can’t they just aim for the ECOSOC reforms, that is the place where development is discussed. UNSC is just so minimised to peace keeping operations and global security. Whoever wrote this speech for Lungu just does not understand global politics and what we are supposed to pitch at such events. Security Council, Agenda 2063, comeon guys, this is where we are supposed to “wow” everyone by stating what we are doing right and end the presentation with a pitch which says “COME TO ZAMBIA” and enjoy paradise on earth. But I guess we have nothing to say.

  23. Mushota…… Do you see how empty the hall is when African leaders are speaking? African leaders just address their own crew…The rest of the world won’t listen to people who can’t lead themselves.

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